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Publication Order of Sinners Books

Taken By A Sinner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Owned By A Sinner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stolen By A Sinner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chosen By A Sinner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captured By A Sinner (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Sinners” series are a set of bestselling contemporary romance novels by bestselling author Michelle Heard. The author is an Amazon, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of romance, contemporary, and suspense fiction work.
The author has been known to pen heart-shattering and emotional stories that mix romance and mafia elements to leave her readers smiling in satisfaction.

Each of her novels usually comes with an unexpected twist that showcases the strength of characters who fight hard to get their happily-ever-after dreams.

Michelle Heard published “Taken By A Sinner” the debut novel of the Sinners series in 2022. Before she became a bestselling author, Michelle used to work in banking.

She currently makes her home in South Africa where she now lives with her son. She usually provides updates on her latest news and on her books on her social media pages.

“The Sinners” series of novels by Michelle Heard are some thrilling page-turners that combine romance and some mafia lifestyle to make for edge-of-your-seat mafia romances.
The series of novels is set in several different countries in Europe such as Ireland, Greece, and Turkey.

The lead protagonists in the stories are some dark and brooding but very handsome mafia bosses and the women who fall into their orbit and end up falling for them.

Michelle Heard is exceptional at making her readers get invested in the relationship between the hero and heroine so that they come to love the characters if they did not before.
As would be expected the heroine is at first at odds and even afraid of the hero and with good reason.

The heroines have usually been put into uncomfortable situations by the mafia leaders and show admirable courage in standing up to whoever would try to subdue them.

Used to people cowering before them, our heroes often get attracted to the courage the heroines show and over time fall for them.

These are edgy, intense, and dark romances that keep their readers anticipating and thirsty for more.

“Taken By A Sinner” is the first of the “Sinners” series of novels that introduces a girl named Tessa. Her mother is just about to marry a former leader of the Greek mafia which would be disastrous for Tessa, who wants nothing to do with criminal life.

She was set to begin studying to become a producer since she is an introvert that feels more at home behind her screenplays and trusty camera. She is often out of her element in any kind of social gatherings.

Nikolas the son of her mother’s boyfriend often instills fear in most people who meet him, as he is a brutal and merciless man who took charge of his father’s empire ruling with an iron fist.

From the moment the two meet, he starts using push-and-pull tactics on her which she replies with quick retorts making for some juicy scenes. Underlying all the tension was a spark that keeps growing between Nikolas and Tessa.

Nikolas seems intent on ruining her carefully formulated plans and his dangerous reputation has her running from him. But he never lets up as he seems to be everywhere and expects her to play by his rules.
If only she could ignore the gorgeous man and stop her heart from palpitating when she sees him, everything would be fine.

The second novel of the” Sinners” series of novels by Michelle Heard is “Owned by a Sinner.”

At the opening of the book, Jimmy finds out that his wife is pregnant. The two decide that they will have to keep their secret of involvement in the mafia world secret from their daughter Kiara.

The work then moves to the present day where their daughter is struggling to make ends meet as she looks for a job. Her father recently suffered a heart attack and needs medical care but she is in desperate need of money just to survive.
She gets employment at Byrne Enterprises which both of her parents are vehemently opposed to. She insists on taking the job as she does not know that Liam her new boss is the Irish mafia boss.

The first boss she meets is not Liam but rather Finn who immediately begins crossing the lines as soon as she reports to work.

Soon enough he is blackmailing her and demanding that she do as she says or her mother will suffer some terrible consequences.

But then Liam Byrne her swoony superior comes into the picture. He is a man who likes to have his boundaries respected and hates when people touch him.

The first time he meets Kiara, she bumped into him getting into the elevator, and surprisingly he did not recoil.

While he has never kissed a woman before he takes her under his wing and even though he is all threatening growls and has sharp edges, she somehow feels safe with him.

Stolen by a Sinner is the third novel of the Sinners series by Michelle Heard that can be read as a standalone. Set in Turkey, this book like the others that preceded it is a thrilling mafia romance.

While Cinderella always advised that people need to have courage, be kind, and believe in some magic, Lara believes she is wrong.

The only way she knows how to survive in her world is to be on guard at all times, be dead inside, and never try to achieve the impossible.

As an employee of the Polish mafia, you can never be found dreaming of them as it is not possible to just stop working for them. However, things may change if you are stolen from them which is just what happens.

The head of the Turkish mafia is Gabriel Demir who attacks the Polish mafia and Lara gets caught in the crossfire. She finds herself a captive being asked all kinds of questions about her boss and soon after sent to work as a maid for Gabriel.
He is a dangerously attractive man whom she cannot help but fantasize about. Instead of thinking of ways to escape as this time she is threatened with pleasure rather than pain and death.

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