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Publication Order of Burn for Burn Books

with Jenny Han
Burn for Burn (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fire with Fire (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ashes to Ashes (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

A Little Friendly Advice (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Same Difference (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not That Kind of Girl (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The List (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Boy and Girl in the World (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stay Sweet (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Are the Wildcats (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Siobhan Vivian is an American screenwriter, editor, and bestselling American novelist best known for her popular young adult fiction. Siobhan was born in 1979 New York City but her family moved to Rutherford, New Jersey soon after, which is where she spent much of her childhood. She went to Rutherford High School and credits much of her work to the experiences of her high school and childhood years. She went to the Philadelphia University of the Arts and attained her Television and Film script writing degree in 2001. She moved back to New York City to study at the “New School” from which she graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing in Children’s literature. It was while she was studying for her MFA that she met Jenny Han and Morgan Matson, the former of which she would team up with to write the “Burn for Burn Trilogy”.

After completing her college studies, Vivian got a job at Alloy Entertainment where she was editor for several New York Times bestsellers and also scriptwriter on the popular children’s series “Little Einsteins” by Playhouse Disney. Vivian dipped her toes into professional writing and publishing with the novel “A Little Friendly Advice” that was first published in 2008. She would go on to publish a picture book and several successful young adult novel in the following years. Some of her novels went on to win several prestigious awards including Best Fiction for Young Adults at the 2012 ALA, Best Book of the Year by Kirkus Reviews, and a nomination for the Caroline W. Field Award. Just like most of her novels The award winning title “List” is inspired by real life events that the author experienced while she was schooling in New Jersey. The novels won several awards including a Junior Library Guild Selection and Best Fiction for Young Adults ALA Award. In fact the novel has been optioned with Stephen Chbosky acting as MTV’s lead producer for the TV series. Siobhan’s first novel of the “Burn for Burn Trilogy” was first published in 2012 and was so popular that she published two more titles each subsequent year. Vivian currently lives with her designer husband Nick Caruso and daughters Marie and Vivian on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. In addition to her books, Vivian works at the University of Pittsburgh as a Creative Writing professor.

Vivian had always wanted to write for a young audience ever since her very first days working with teen media and teen publishing houses. Even when she started working for TV she gravitated towards kids networks such as “The Disney Channel” and “Fox Kids”. However, after years working for children’s networks in Los Angeles, she realized that most of her scripts were a little bit darker and older for children, which is when she shifted to the teen market. Soon after, she would change her career and head back to college to earn her Creative Writing MFA. She got the idea for her first novel “A Little Friendly Advice” from looking back to her time in high school and her experiences talking with teenagers in several school visits. Each of her characters from Ruby of “A Little Friendly Advice” to Natalie of “Not That Kind of Girl” are characters with distinctive voices, interests, and home life. However their experiences of young adult life are similar in trying to find identity and place in their world. Her characters spend much of their time defining themselves by the relationships they have with those closest to them, who try to make decisions for them. Nonetheless, growth comes when they try to understand who they truly are when these relationships unravel or change. The characters display the characteristic irrationality of teenagers though their monologues display a lot of maturity for their age. Despite making a lot of mistakes over time they start recognizing situations and people for who and what they are, which helps them make better decisions.

“A Little Friendly Advice” is the debut novel by Vivian Siobhan that introduces Ruby a sixteen year old girl. Ruby has just had her mother give her a vintage Polaroid camera for her birthday. The gesture had sent her over the moon only for the day to turn out to be one of the worst in her life. Her father who has never been seen for six years arrives with a huge bouquet of flowers hoping to make up with his daughter. For Ruby, a bunch of flowers beautiful as they may be will not make up for all the time he was not around and she screams at him and runs off to the local park with her friends. They intend to get drunk and Ruby hopes she can forget the terrible experience of living without her inconsiderate father. She soon learns that closing the door to having her father in her life only opens five more. She teams up with Charlie a romantic prospect that makes cute buttons, gossipy Maria, dangerous Katherine, and loyal Beth only to find that love and friendship may not be as black and white as she thought they were.

“Not That Kind of Girl” is an exhilarating young adult novel about Natalie Sterling a girl that needs to be in control. To get what she wants she has to ensure that her friends remain loyal and support her quest to become student council president by campaigning for her. She is also looking for the right type of boyfriend that will give her a good reputation, and hence the typical school jerk that many presidents seem to go off will not do for Natalie. But life is never so much ordered as she would like it to be and soon she discovers she has no control over anything. Things are tougher for Natalie the presidential aspirant especially with her friends no longer comfortable sharing their secrets and freshmen trying to get the seniors to sleep with them. She also finds herself wanting back the boy she had once dismissed but never wanting anyone to ever find out she is back with him, given her quest for council president without scandal. Loser or winner? Saint or slut? Natalie is exhausted by all the choices she is forced to make when all she wants to be is free and in control of her life.

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