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Sir John Hawkwood Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sir John Hawkwood Books

Crécy: The Age of the Archer (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Man at Arms: The Battle of Poitiers (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The White Company (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leader of Men (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tuscan Warlord (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Condottiere (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Griff Hosker is an English author of historical fiction as well as books for children.

He was born in the United Kingdom in Lancashire, St. Helen’s, in 1950. Griff attended a boys’ grammar school at Cowley Grammar School. When he got older, he decided to get into teaching as a profession after he qualified to become on. He became an English and drama teacher, getting a job teaching in England’s North East. He did well as a teacher and enjoyed it so much that he went on to do it for over three decades.

Griff’s creativity and writing skills ended up coming in handy as he was able to write all new and original plays and musicals for the drama students to perform in. One of them was titled Shakespeare the Musical. Another was The Journey, which was put on at the Millennium Dome in 2000. He decided to leave teaching to start his own consultancy firm. Griff has also been employed as an advisor at different colleges and schools, but this ended due to what the author chalked up as the conservative government.

Without a job in place, Hosker found that he suddenly had a lot of time that he was accustomed to spending working. Now he had nothing set in place to do and fill up that time, which was unsettling to him as he was always used to working and had retained a job since he was fifteen years old. Griff did not want to do nothing or waste the time that he had, so he gave in to his urge to research and write a book that he had wanted to pen for a long time. He researched the Roman invasion of Britain extensively and the result was his book The Sword of Carmandua at the end.

This exploration into writing fiction inspired him and Griff started writing more. He is happy with his choice to start writing, crediting it as one of the best that he has ever made. He enjoyed writing books so much that it became his new career and likes to read other historical fiction books written by other authors too. All of his stories are set in real time periods from history and are supported by the in-detail research Hosker conducts to ensure that his stories and characters are all as accurate and relevant to the points of history where they are taking place as possible.

The author likes to write but when he is not busy doing that, he can be found reading other books, visiting castles, or learning more about various times in history. He has written books and multiple series for adults but also has written books for kids, including his book Great Granny’s Ghost. He visits schools that have purchased the book and talks to the students about it and his writing. Having been a featured speaker at various awards ceremonies, he hopes to do more public speaking in the future.

Griff Hosker is the creator and author of the Sir John Hawkwood series of fictional novels. This series first began with the publication of the debut novel, Crecy: The Age of the Archer. The second novel came out after, titled Man at Arms: The Battle of Poitiers. It was followed by the publication of the third novel, The White Company. The fourth novel in the series is titled Leader of Men, followed by the fifth novel, Tuscan Warlord.

Crecy: The Age of the Archer is the first book in the Sir John Hawkwood series by Griff Hosker. If you are looking for a new historical fiction novel to read, give this one a try in this exciting series that follows along a hero’s journey.

In the year 1335, the plague has not yet reached England. The Black Death is about thirteen years away from landing, but that doesn’t mean that living in this time period is safe. There are many other dangers and threats to avoid or be wary of. Meanwhile, a younger John Hawkwood must give up his home and seek out a new life in the city of London.

While there, he learns things like how to survive and how to fight, which will come in handy. He leaves behind his world working as an apprentice tailor and follows the army instead, going behind King Edward to help fight the Scots. John is not totally useless in this field because he has skills that help him in the field of battle. He can use a bow and a sword and has a sharp mind.

This is the beginning for John Hawkwood of what will prove to be a life of war for him. First, he fights in the low countries as part of the battle of Cadzand. Then he goes to Gascony to fight under Lord Henry Plantagenet, the cousin of the king and a great leader. As John continues to fight, his skills get better. The readers follow along with him as he enters into 1346’s great battles, the battle of Crecy and the battle of Neville’s Cross. Will he be able to get out alive? Read this book to find out!

Man at Arms: The Battle of Poitiers is the second book in the Sir John Hawkwood series by Griff Hosker. Continue all the action and excitement of the first book with this engaging sequel!

England has taken on France in war and won, but the country now has to contend with The Black Death. The disease is running wild through the land, claiming lives as it feels like whether you are wealthy or poor.

John Hawkwood has spent the winter in the north with his two companions. In the spring, he starts molding the company into a fighting force. He also serves Baron Mortimer on the Welsh Border. His men start training and learning how to fight as one, and John starts changing over from being an archer to being a man at arms.

The King and the Black Prince commission John to fight for them, first against Castilian pirates and then through Gascony. John slowly becomes a leader, a skill that will aid him as he moves towards various battles that will determine the fate of France and Gascony. What will happen? Read this book to find out!

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