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Publication Order of Sir Roger Shallot Books

The White Rose Murders (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Poisoned Chalice (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Grail Murders (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Brood of Vipers (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Gallows Murders (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Relic Murders (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Sir Roger Shallot series is a series of mystery and historical fiction books written by one of the highly reputed English novelist named Paul Doherty. It was originally written by author Doherty under one of his pen names called Michael Clynes. The series is comprised of a total of 6 books, which were released between the years 1991 and 1996. All the books in this series feature the chief protagonist in the role of Sir Roger Shallot, who is depicted as an agent of the Cardinal Wolsey in The United Kingdom. Author Doherty has set the novels during the time of the rule of King Henry VIII. Throughout the course of the series, Roger Shallot carries out a number of investigations to unravel the various mysteries by working as a Falstaffian rogue agent. The stories narrated in person by Roger Shallot himself and appear to be exaggerated a little bit due to the vast use of hyperboles by Shallot. Author Doherty began writing the series in the year 1991, publishing its debut book in the same year. The series finally ended in the year 1996 after the publication of its sixth book. At the beginning of the series, author Doherty has shown the era of 1517 England, where Roger Shallot is depicted as taking up the difficult task of helping the deposed Queen Margaret get restored to her throne. But, a murder takes place which forces some plans go awry. At this point, the intrigue begins in the series, which carries on till the end. The various intrigues make Roger Shallot get trapped in numerous mysteries of his time. In one of the stories mentioned in the series, author Doherty has shown Shallot getting summoned to London by Henry VIII. He seems determined to find out the murderer of an identity of a Florentine envoy. And so, he orders Shallot investigate the matter and catch the killer as soon as possible. Roger Shallot is teamed up with Benjamin Daunbey in this investigation.

The debut book of the Sir Roger Shallot series is titled as ‘The White Rose Murders’. This book was released by the Headline publication in the year 1991. Author Doherty has set the plot in the United Kingdom and has depicted the main characters as Roger Shallot, Benjamin Daunbey, Henry VIII, James IV, Cardinal Wolsey, Selkirk, etc. At the beginning of the book, it is shown that the English armies defeat and kill James IV of Scotland in the year 1517 at Flodden. After the defeat, the widow of James, Queen Margaret, who is also Henry VIII’s sister, flies to England. She leaves behind her crown under a Regency Council. Roger Shallot is introduced into the plot as a close friend of Benjamin Daunbey, who is Cardinal Wolsey’s nephew. Wolsey serves as the first minister of King Henry. Because of this linkage, Roger Shallot gets drawn into the web of murder and mystery.

Henry VIII orders Roger Shallot to visit the household of Queen Margaret along with Benjamin Daunbey and try to resolve the mysteries spread around. He is also ordered to bring about Queen Margaret’s restoration to the throne of Scotland. After visiting Scotland, Shallot and Daunbey first take in a half mad physician named Selkirk for questioning. Selkirk is imprisoned in the main Tower and so they do not face any problem to get to him. But, when the two arrive at his chamber, they find that he is lying dead after being poisoned. Benjamin and Shallot find it shocking because Selkirk was locked and well guarded by soldiers. They find a clue in the form of a poem full of riddles that were lying beside Selkirk’s dead body. By trying to solve the riddles, the two gentlemen try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Soon, they realize the riddles in the poem contain the seeds for a few more gruesome murders. What seems even more intriguing than the murders is that the faceless killer leaves behind a white rose near each and every victim’s body. Later, Roger and Benjamin come to know that the white rose marks the sign of a secret society called Les Blancs Sangliers. This secret society is responsible for plotting the overthrowing of the powerful Tudor monarchy.

In one of the other popular books of the series titled ‘The Grail Murders’, author Doherty has described a situation in England at the time of the year 1522. This book was published in the year 1993. At the start of the plot, Roger Shallot and his master Benjamin Daunbey are being sent for by Wolsey. The Duke of Buckingham, named Stafford, gets arrested on the charges of treason and is about to get executed. Both Roger and Daunbey are made to witness his execution. Later, the reason behind the Duke’s execution and downfall of Buckingham becomes apparent. They come to know that Stafford was searching for a couple of precious relics at Glastonbury Abbey and Templecombe Manor. They were King Arthur’s sword, Excalibur, and the Holy Grail. Benjamin and Shallot are asked to visit Templecombe and look for the relics for King Henry. They are accompanied by the heads of the dreaded secret service of the King, the Rebus Agentes.

In order to retreive the relics, both the men are required to pit all their wits against a secret organization called as the Templars. This organization is believed to have plotted against the Tudors. It is also responsible for Buckingham’s downfall. The Tudors believe that the secret organization might still have one of its member close to the throne. Roger Shallot tries very hard and uses all his abilities, including fast legs and quick wits to outplay the secret society. But, the difficulties that he is about to face begin to show their presence in the form of a blackmail, with curses, a duel, decapitated heads, betrayals, mysterious fires, and a silent murder. As the level of difficulty continues to increase, Roger Shallot’s determination to get to the bottom of the mysteries also grows more firm. In the end, he goes on to defeat the Templars and obtain the relics for his King. The intriguing mysteries depicted by author Doherty in the plot were very highly appreciated by the readers. They praised the work of author Doherty a lot. The immense success and appreciation motivated Paul Doherty to continue writing the series. In the next few years, he successfully published several other interesting books in the series.

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