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Publication Order of Sirantha Jax Books

About The Sirantha Jax Series of Books:

Before diving right in to the pool of this mystifying series, let me just mention for the readers’ benefit that it is a futuristic book that features technology far beyond our normal everyday imaginations. Not only is the series about the future, it is more specifically about space and time. The universe, or space for that matter, is endless and limitless and the technology we have today confirms that our space shuttles cannot progress much if they continue to move in a straight line. However, the first book Grimspace, features special space ships known as Grimspaces which take jumps by the combustion of psychedelic storms and hence can move forward in space. These planes require special people to navigate it throughout space, who are popularly known as jumpers. A jumper is typically a person with an unusual yet special genetic mutation, causing him or her to carry the “J-gene”. He has to be trained by a league known as the Farwan Corporation. It eventually employs the jumpers to nurture their addiction of the rush that Grimspace provides.


However in order for this whole phenomenon to proceed, the jumpers have to give up one important thing- their life. As they jump ahead or forward, their lifespan shortens drastically and very few even make it to the age of thirty. That is the fine print for the jumpers; in order to keep living with their addiction they must give up the years from their life as a price. The first book, Grimspace, takes off with the main character, Sirantha Jax, who has been on a lock down by the Farwan Corporation as a punishment for a terrible Grimspace crash landing that killed everyone on board, including her best friend and lover Kai. Sirantha is the person labeled responsible for this great tragedy. She is held for questioning and interrogation which proves to be futile since she has no recollection of the incident whatsoever, apart from the fact that she is a jumper. She is waiting silently for the corporation to kill her or to die naturally (whichever comes first), when suddenly a tall man named March breaks in to the facility to sneak her out. She agrees to go with him since her life has little purpose and absolutely no meaning in her perspective. Much to her surprise, March has the wild idea to break the concrete status quo; he plans on weakening the unjust Farwan Corporation and create a facility where jumpers can train to establish a new breed of jumpers.


The sequel Wanderlust, continues the story after the collapse of the great Farwan Corporation when Sirantha also uncovers the shocking truth behind the crash landing accident. The entire galaxy is in panic with a worrisome power vacuum. The Conglomerate is the only official legislative body of the entire galaxy or the government of the galaxy; it hires Sirantha and the crew to a diplomatic trek to another planet and they are allowed absolutely no room for error or mishaps. This planet, Ithiss-Tor, is a habitat of mantid-like humanoids. The purpose of Sirantha’s journey and the very important mission is discovered as the story continues further.


In the next book, DoubleBlind, all the happenings in the preceding book comes back to haunt both Sirantha and March. He is greatly affected by the recent events that take place in the previous book and Sirantha feels obligated to help him through the mess he gets himself in, considering it her responsibility since they are in love with each other. The fourth book, KillBox, features a war between the human race and the aliens. This war becomes a barrier in ongoing love affair of Sirantha and March, trying their relationship intensely.


Needless to say, Sirantha Jax is the main character in the series. She is an impressive woman of the age of thirty three and is a successful jumper who has lived longer than most jumpers. Although she is not a tough fighter girl, she is a strong lady who manages to keep her calm when most people cannot afford to. She possesses the right amount of sass and style that makes her an enjoyable narrator. Sirantha knows when to hold back her sharp tongue and when to let it slide and bite back. Over all she is a deep character who has her share of panic attacks in the first book but certainly grows as an individual as the story unfolds in the succeeding books. Hands down, she can be summarized as a complex woman who tends to get in touch with her feminine emotions and lets the fear and paranoia kick in from time to itme. There are moments when Sirantha exhibits her vulnerability even though she is one tough cookie. She gets involved romantically with March although you will have to read the book to see how it turns out. Although Sirantha is full of mood swings and is not an easy person to get accustomed to, there are qualities and characteristics that truly make her the heroine of the series.


Sirantha meets March at the psychiatric ward of the facility where he dashingly breaks in and helps her sneak out. He can be classified by some as a hard, inscrutable mind reader. He is a hero in his own who is dealing with a shady past himself. He vows to make a better use of his present. March supports Sirantha all the way through and she leans on him for comfort as well. Within a relatively short span of time, the two become very fond of each other. In the second book, we observe a struggle and a constant tug of war between him and his inner demons as he tries to deal with them meanwhile striving and remaining steadfast in finding his humanity. In the rest of the books we observe March going through a lot of drama in his life and his attitude toward each, changes drastically. As mentioned before, March is in a constant battle in redeeming and reconstructing himself as an individual.

It is intriguing how Ann Aguirre takes on with her characters and molds the story plot in each book. The romance between March and Sirantha is grappling which makes the readers feel for the duo. How they overcome the odds make a fantastic and indulging story, which is a must read.

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