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Publication Order of Sister Agatha Books

By: Aimée Thurlo, David Thurlo
Bad Faith (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thief in Retreat (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prey for a Miracle (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
False Witness (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prodigal Nun (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bad Samaritan (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sister Agatha is an intelligent, brave and very determined extern nun of Our Lady of Hope in monastery New Mexico. She rides a red 1986 Heritage Classic Harley-Davidson motorbike wearing a helmet written Heavens Angels above it, and a sketch of a nun riding a motor cycle while accompanied with her fierce German shepherd dog called Pax. Pax was originally called Rex before Reverend Mother changed his name. Pax always helps Sister Agatha so much and accompany her in all her adventures. Her brother was the one who taught her everything about motor cycle.

She was once an investigative journalist, a journalism professor and free spirit who was previously known as Professor Mary Naughton, before she decided to take a new turn in life after a tragic event in her life where she lost her brother.

In this series Sister Agatha’s role is to act as a link between the outside world and her cloistered sisters in the convent. She is dedicated to monastery right after finding out the new meaning of life after finding God. She experiences great spiritual challenges and at some point her faith and patience which has not always been among her qualities is tested, and she has to know how to make use of her skills which she acquired from her past and present life. Therefore, that makes the series more engaging to continue reading.

Sister Agatha is very funny, entertaining, patient and very religious. She puts God first and then follows His way and that manages to spread the fear of God all over Southwest to all the evildoers of that region.

This is among the best original and very interesting series that is set in New Mexico. It has great twists in the field of mystery written by David Thurlo who is the author of over forty novels. The series has an amusing story filled with mixture of naivety and humor. The first book in his series that is featuring Sister Agatha is Bad Faith. For you to understand and be able to follow up this series featuring Sister Agatha, you need first to read Bad Faith which is the first book in the series.

The first book, Bad Faith begins when the popular chaplain at the Our Lady of Hope monastery called Father Anselm, collapsed in the presence of the congregation while celebrating mass as he was giving sacrament to the nuns and he ends up dying. His sudden death is believed to be a heart attack but eventually it was discovered that it must have been an inside job to murder him by poison.

Although it seems to be such an unthinkable act, the Reverend Mother still decides to ask Sister Agatha who has previously been known for her talent, to investigate the death of Father Anselm and uncover the real truth of what actually happened in order to avoid further interruptions, that may end up destroying Our lady of Hope. In the process she comes across the sheriff Tom Green her ex-lover and old school friend whom she once dated during her high school and after her high school years before she joined Our Lady of Hope monastery.

This makes the book even more interesting and catchy to read. Sheriff Tom Green is so convinced that Father Anselm was murdered. He is not so welcoming to Sister Agatha and is really against her because he never forgave her for leaving him to join Our Lady of Hope monastery. He does not understand why anyone would join the monastery; he says that all he sees is just women living behind the walls which are just like prison. Meanwhile Sister Agatha has to uncover all the mystery before hell breaks loose.

Apart from Sister Agatha there are other more interesting characters like Sister Bernarda, she is also an extern nun who had served in the past 20years in the marines as a sergeant, and Father Mahoney who prefers to be called Father Rick, he was once a professional wrestler that went by the name Apocalypse Now. Father Rick Mahoney is now the new parish priest.

In this first book, The Bad Faith starts at a period which the monastery is facing financial and faith crisis which they eventually overcome as the book ends.

The second book after the Bad Faith continues with investigation whereby this time Sister Agatha is told to investigate the strange disappearance of a religious folk art that is from an inn/residential centre called The Retreat. What seems stranger is the fact that one of the art experts suddenly vanished and was nowhere to be found. The story goes on to unfold as new things are brought into action whereby at some point it meanders leading to a very dramatic climax.

The rest of the series goes on to be very interesting, building up so much anticipation as Sister Agatha is entangled in the unearthly puzzle that makes you to continue reading more of her. Lots of secrets continue to be revealed from inside and outside the Our Lady of Hope monastery which makes you to keep you guessing what will happen till the end.

Aimee Thurlo who is the author of this creative series, has done a great job in explaining a few fascinating information about what actually happens in a convent and why some women choose to change and live their life as a nun. The books are very picturesque with great story line and good description of the characters present and know how to intrigue a readers mind.

The books in this series featuring Sister Agatha is very easy and light to get into the plot, anyone can read it. You don’t have to be a catholic you will still enjoy since the characters and the settings are well defined and interesting for anyone reading. It makes you to continue turning the pages curious to know what will happen next.

In conclusion, in all the 6 novels Sister Agatha display a very strong personality with a very admirable character. The challenges that she faces and the hard mission she takes makes you as a reader to relate to it in your current life.

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