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Publication Order of The Coldest Winter Ever Books

The Coldest Winter Ever (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Deeper Love Inside (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Deeper Love Inside (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life After Death (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love After Midnight (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Midnight Books

Midnight (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Midnight and the Meaning of Love (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Moment of Silence (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Sister Souljah is the artist’s name of recording artist, film producer, actor, activist and author, Lisa Williamson. She is married with a son.

Born in the Bronx on January 28, 1964, Sister was raised in New York in the projects. She attended Rutgers University and graduated with her degree in American and African history. She would also enroll in the A.P. study program at Cornell University and also went to Europe to study abroad.

She would end up being a student of the world. During the years in college, Sister would make her way to many different countries including Finland, Russia, Span, France, Portugal, and England. The academic positive progress and accomplishments that she made ended up being reinforced even more through the experiences that she had herself while being there, studying, working, traveling, and living!

The author worked in Bindura, Zimbabwe to construct a family medical center and has worked with children from Mozambique that have refugee status. She has also been a participant on an active level with an anti-apartheid movement run by international students. She also assisted in making a movement that helped contribute to the liberation of Nelson Mandela.

She also brought about millions of dollars’ divestment from corporations choosing to do business with the apartheid country of South Africa. She has traveled throughout Africa in places from South Africa to Zambia. She thinks that it’s essential that the professionals in Africa collaborate and work together, helping each other to make progress in the fight to save the African continent as well as its resources and its families and their children.

She is the prominent author of the generation of hip hop and a talented teller of stories. She is able to deliver stories that are powerful, concerning and integrating themes of being strong, family, and loyalty.

Sister Souljah is the creator of the Midnight series. This series first started in 2008 with the publication of the debut novel in this series, Midnight. The second installment of this fictional series came out three years later, and the third novel would be released in 2015.

The series introduced the main character of Midnight in her 1999 full length novel “The Coldest Winter Ever” which led to the creation of the series featuring a humble, brave lieutenant that serves a prominent businessman of the underworld.

Midnight is the first novel in the series by the same name! If you’ve been wanting to read a dynamic new story that interests you from a new voice in fiction that has exploded into the pop culture scene, check out this continuation of a popular character and story that has already begun and has been developed into a bestselling series!

Readers are introduced into the life of a young man that may be silent, but also is fearless. He goes by the name of Midnight. He grew up in a wealthy family of Islamic and African roots. They have a nice life together and his is full of confidence, comfort, and a total world that is as luxurious as it is fully protected.

Even though their family has the best of everything and he is given access to a world filled with privilege as well as love, the truth is never hidden from him. Midnight knows that there are a lot of things going on that the world is facing and he is aware of them, even he is not facing them and dealing with them directly himself inside of his estate.

When the empire run by his father ends up being attacked, his father chooses to send his son to America in the care of his mother. That is how their family’s life is uprooted just like that and changed forever. Now they live in Brooklyn. There a young boy named Midnight uses the strong mentality that he had in the world that he grew up in as well as the knowledge of this new place to help him to achieve his goals.

He wants to provide for his family and loved ones and help to protect them. Midnight also wants to try and start his own business so that he can once more get status and achieve wealth. If he can stay true to the beliefs that he holds, he will be able to keep his own identity in this place and not change over to an entirely new person just to adapt to the United States. Besides, perhaps he will return to his home country one day.

Midnight is growing into a young man that is just as passionate about things as he is handsome. A lot of the women are attracted to him and his personal life is just as involved as the rest of the things that he has happening.

An original adventure that includes love stories along the way, this is the tale of one man that came from a far away land and now is going to do what it takes to make it. Can Midnight get what he is after? Can he care for his loved ones and act as their guardian? Read this urban adventure to find out!

The second book in the Midnight series is sure to thrill! If you liked the first, check out the sequel which features Midnight and ‘The Meaning of Love’ and find out what else is going on in a continuation of an original story.

Midnight is a good fighter and is as attractive as he is powerful. This ninja warrior was Ninjutsu trained and does all that he can to protect the fortunes and the members of his family. He’s devoted to his religion and when he takes a wife from Japan named Akemi, they plan to create their own life and world together.

The marriage that they have is suddenly put on pause when she’s abducted. Her father is behind it and she’s likely been returned to Japan. Looking out for his family and then on a global quest to reunite with his wife, he’s traveling across the country and beyond as he tries to get to his love once more. Will he be able to do it? Find out by reading this story!

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