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Sisters of Holmes County Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sisters Of Holmes County Books

A Sister's Secret (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sister's Test (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Sister's Hope (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sisters of Holmes County
Sisters of Holmes is a trilogy of Christian fiction books by Wanda E Brunstetter, an award-winning novelist in the Amish romance genre. It’s characterized by suspense, romance, mystery, and focuses on the Amish faith. Additionally, it’s filled with enough tensions and suspense that will keep you reading each book to the last page and entice you to read the next book in the series.

Sisters of Holmes County series features an Amish family that is at the center of severe personal battles. Three Hostettler sisters experience personal challenges that have the potential to damage their lives. These stories show how each of these three sisters works to overcome these challenges and the attacks directed to their family. In the end, the sisters grow closer to each other and get to understand the meaning of love and forgiveness. Wanda E. Brunstetter began her Sisters of Holmes County series in 2007 when A Sister’s Secret was published. The series lasted three books concluding in 2008 with A Sister’s Hope.

A Sister’s Secret
A Sisters Secret is the first book in Sisters of Holmes County series. The story features three sisters, their parents, and other supporting male characters. While the story has many characters, this book is centered on Grace, the eldest of the Hostettler sisters. Grace, tired of running around, has returned home and is keen to finally settle down and start a new life in Holmes County.
Her new life starts well, a new romance is in the works, and she is now a devoted member of the Amish church. Her life is nothing but idyllic, and everything seems to be working in her favor. However, things change four years later when she meets Gary Walker, an Englishman who is aware of her past. It does not help that this past is unknown to her family.

At the time of the meeting, Grace is engaged to Cleon Schrock. Cleon is also oblivious of Grace’s colorful past, a past that is characterized by deep pain, death, and other details that Grace is careful to keep away from those around her. Even though Grace feels guilty about keeping secrets from those she loves, she is not willing to share the details about her past with them. Grace’s peaceful life changes as soon as Gary appears as it is apparent that her deception will be known to all her loved ones, including her fiancé.

Little by little, the secrets that Grace has been hiding are revealed. This affects her relationship with her fiancé and also her family. Will faith and love triumph, or will this young woman’s past destroy the future she envisioned?

As Gary re-enters Grace’s life, another twist to this story develops. They experience several attacks directed to the family and the community at large. While the damage caused by these attacks is evident, the sheriff is unable to arrest the perpetrators or at least deter the attacks. The attacks and threats to the family continue unabated. Is this a mere coincidence, or is there a possibility that Gary is at the center of it all?
A Sisters Secret is a captivating story with love, betrayal, and everything in between. The Amish Culture is also quite fascinating, given that its simple ways are foreign to the majority of the readers. From the story, it is clear that the cocoon of tradition from the Amish culture is not enough to deter the evils of this world from infiltrating into society. In the end, you will realize that a few things are left unresolved. Fortunately, most of the answers can be found in the following book, a Sister’s Test.

A Sister’s Test
This is the second of the Sister of Holmes County series. The story picks up from where the first book in the series left off. The family property is randomly attacked a couple of times, and this caused unrest in the family. You will also get to read about Grace’s and Cleon’s struggles as both works to rebuild their relationship.

This book focuses on Ruth, the second of the Hostettler sisters. She is kind and gentle, and her faith is admirable. The story takes you through her short but intense courtship. At Abe’s advice on not wasting precious time, Ruth gets married to her beau. While Ruth’s dream has always been to marry and start a family with the love of her life, Martin Gingerich, her marriage life is nothing like she expected and what begins as a happy life together changes in a split second on Christmas Eve forever shattering Ruth’s life.

Is it possible for Ruth to pick up the pieces and shoulder on? Will this life-shattering occurrence affect how she views herself as a wife? How about her faith? Will Ruth continue to trust in God’s will for her life while bad things continue to happen to her and her family? Well, this book will show how this girl struggles with the curveballs that life throws at her. Though the book is mostly sad, the ending offers some relief, and you will be left wishing that life will be kinder to her in the subsequent edition.

Just like the first book in the series, the Sister’s Test story is quite impressive. Grace, the character in the first book, is going to be developed, albeit minimally. You will get to see what follows some of the events in book one as you get to learn more about Ruth, her fiancé, and a few other members of this community. The book also touches more on Martha and her feelings for Luke. Despite her father’s resistance, where her relationship with Luke is concerned, Martha’s feelings for him persist.

The characters in the story are believable, and the plot is nothing but sensible. While you may get a bit lost if you have not read the sister’s secret, the book is an easy read that you can enjoy in a single sitting. The characters will keep you captivated to the end, and the hair-raising events will have you glued to your book for hours. While it is said that two people die in this book, you will get to learn a thing or two about faith and how human beings can bounce back in the face of immense pain.

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