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Six Stories
Six Stories is a mystery series by Malt Wesolowski. The series star Scott King who put his investigative journalism skills in revealing the truth about complex cases that were not resolved satisfactorily. In each book, King is going to take a complicated case, go back to the evidence, and try and find any information that the police may have missed. Most of the incidents happened a while ago, so the witnesses’ recollection of things may change. That said, King uses the lapse of time to his advantage as witnesses give a lot more information than they did the first time. The beauty of these books is that the author does not deliver his verdict. This is left to the reader.

Six Stories
Six Stories is the first book in the Six Stories series. The book features Scott King, an investigative journalist whose podcast examinations have earned him a mad following online. The journalist takes on complicated cases, and he works to unravel the truth in each case. Unlike in a courtroom, King allows his audience to make their conclusion. His is to do all the checks, and ensure that he leaves no stone unturned. This time around, Scott has taken up the case of Tom Jeffries, a teenager whose body is discovered in Scarclaw Fell Woodland Centre.

Tom Jeffries and his friends embark on a trip, and that is the last time the teenager is seen alive. The 15-year-old boy disappears during the journey, and his body is not discovered until a whole year later. After a brief investigation, it is ruled that Tom’s death resulted from a misadventure. Some people have doubts, but the truth remains in the minds and hearts of the friends who had accompanied Tom on the fateful trip. All of them claimed that when they went to bed, Tom was there, but once they woke up, the boy was nowhere to be seen. Enter Scott King 20 years later, and the truth is just about to be revealed.
In a bid to find the truth, King conducts six interviews with the group of people that Tom spent his last moments alive with. Each of these interviews reveals some new yet crucial details, and it is clear that Tom’s death was everything but an accident. By piecing these details, it will be easy to tell what happened on the fateful day. Just how is it possible that a bunch of dynamic teenagers conspired to hide the truth about their friend’s death? Who killed Tom, and what was the motivation? How could the killers have managed to keep the body for a whole year despite the steps the police took in search of the lost boy?
This book is a welcome break from the ordinary thriller writing. Riding on the popular podcast named Serial, this book encourages the reader to study the details and make their conclusions. Just like in Serial, the author breaks down the book into six sections. The different interviewees offer different perspectives to the story, making it all rounded and more intriguing.

If you are looking for an exhilarating read, Six Stories is ideal. The storyline line is superb, the narration is just right, and the characters are nothing bit interesting. This book is also unique in the way it is outlined, not to mention the fact that the author has a way with words.

Hydra is the second book in the Six Stories series. This time Scott King takes up the case involving a family massacre. In November of 2014, a 21-year-old woman bludgeons her parents and younger sister to death. This unprovoked attack shakes the whole of northwest England, where the family lived. The murderer, Arla Macleod, is currently held in a mental health institution. Even though the girl doesn’t speak to anyone, she agrees to meet Scott King. The accomplished journalist also interviews the other five witnesses in a bid to get a clear picture of what transpired on that fateful night.

King finds himself immersed in a complicated case involving dangerous forbidden games and a young woman with serious mental issues. As Kings intensifies his investigation, he is going to enter the dangerous world of black-eyed kids, online trolls, and deadly games that should never see the light of day. King will have a chance to talk to a delusional young woman who has to live with the guilt of having killed her entire family. Through the witnesses interviewed, the reader will get to see the story unfold via the eyes of those who witnessed the massacre. These people knew both the victims and the murderers.
Arla’s story is dark and emotional, and the author does a great job of building the tension until the end of the story. The writing is so good that the book will leave you watching behind your shoulders and jumping to shadows ways after you are done reading it. Away from the gripping story, this book provides an opportunity to know King better. King’s style of interviewing and interacting with his interviewees is different, and it is impressive just how much he is able to unravel by taking time to talk to the right people.

Clever, dark, and Gripping, this pretty much sums up the Hydra novel. This is a murder mystery, and startling thriller all in one, and the book takes the readers on a journey they would never wish to travel again. Once again, King allows the reader to make their conclusions about the case. Was Arla’s responsibility for the crime diminished, or does the murderess deserve more that she got? Find all the details about the case here and be the judge to the extent of her crime.

If you are looking for a thrilling novel that will blow your mind, Hydra is a great choice. The book is action-packed right from the start, and the characters featured here are quite impressive. This, in addition to the relentless pace and the intriguing plot, tun this into a page-turner. Fortunately, the novel is relatively short, meaning that you can enjoy it in a single sitting.

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