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Sixkiller: U. S. Marshal Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sixkiller, US Marshal Books

By: William W. Johnstone, J A Johnstone
Sixkiller, U.S. Marshal (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Day of Rage (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Eight Hours to Die (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hour of Death (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood for Blood (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Man Walking (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Authors William W. Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone pen the “Sixkiller: U. S. Marshal” series, which is from the western genre, like a lot of William W. Johnstone’s work. It stars John Henry Sixkiller, who is a lawman in Indian territory and a soldier for the Cherokee and becomes a U. S. Marshal.

The series began being published in the year 2012 when the novel “Sixkiller, US Marshal” was released.

“Sixkiller, US Marshal” is the first novel in the “Sixkiller: U. S. Marshal” series and was released in the year 2012. Sixkiller was born in the Cherokee Nation, the Going Snake District, and was able to create a bold destiny one that was almost as bold as his own name. Sixkiller is just as fearless as anyone else. He was a part of the Second Cherokee Mounted Rifles, which is the regiment his dad fought with in the Civil War. He also served with the Longhorse Police while in Indian territory keeping the peace with five tribes during a period full of change and violence.

He now faces his biggest challenge yet, though. Being a U. S. Marshal, he has to take on some of the biggest outlaws ever seen in the west. Like the horse thieves that kill without conscience. Train robbers that wreak havoc on the railways. One merciless enemy that has gone on a bloody reign full of fear that takes Sixkiller to a big showdown.

Fans of the novel found this to be a tale that had them enthralled from a long time ago. It is hard to put down anything that this guy has written and this novel here is no exception. He is able to create incredible characters and make you hear their distinctive voices each time they talk. The dialogue is extraordinary, and so are the things the characters do.

“Day of Rage” is the second novel in the “Sixkiller: U. S. Marshal” series and was released in the year 2012. There was $75,000 in gold bullion just there and ready for someone to take it. The money combined funds that three gold mines have made. It would not be too hard for someone to come along and take it from under the bickering sheriff and city marshal’s noses.

Billy Ray Gilmore, along with his murder crazed outlaws, plan on doing just that. Sixkiller showing up in the town squashes that plan, though. He hides his badge that shows him to be a U. S. Marshal, and goes undercover to find the robbers before they can still the gold.

In this town that is full of snakes with two legs, lethal surprises lurk behind each and every saloon door. Sixkiller is going to have to set some traps of his own, unless he wants to be bitten. It is a good thing then, that what this town does not have in law, it makes up for in spades with dynamite and guns.

Fans of the novel found that this has some great development with the plot and more attention paid to the setting. Some found themselves wishing that they had not waited so long to read one of this author’s books; they are incredible, this one in particular.It is one of the best books to come from the Johnstones.

“Eight Hours to Die” is the third novel in the “Sixkiller: U. S. Marshal” series and was released in the year 2012. Territorial governor has charged three lawmen with the task to clean up Chico, New Mexico, a place that is a big mess. Not one of them survives going there. A bent sheriff has got the scared people of Chico under his thumb, so John Henry Sixkiller is who the governor turns to next. He goes undercover as gun for hire.

Thus far, Sixkiller has drawn blood from each of his opponents in each of the battles fought while in the Southwest. This one might just affect the whole country, as there is a gang of land pirates that do not know about mercy that hide behind the brutal sheriff of Chico.

They have a goal in mind. To get the whole territory as their hostage. Sell it off, piece by piece back to Mexico. All the while, slaughter those that would get in their way.

Fans of the novel found the fights well described, and the villains were pretty believable. It is hard for some to find an author that is better than Johnstone at telling a story, as each of his books are well written with excellent characters. Readers recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading western novels.

“The Hour of Death” is the fourth novel in the “Sixkiller: U. S. Marshal” series and was released in the year 2013. Sixkiller shows up in Ringgold, Wyoming and is on Bart Skillern’s trail. He has been hunting this brutal killer for weeks now. Before Sixkiller is able to strike, however, Skillern takes on a job as the elected mayor of the town. He is a politician that is so corrupt, you have to become just as corrupt to even get near him.

Sixkiller takes a post as hired gun, and has a plan to destroy the gang the mayor has from the inside. It is just about to work, but he finds out that everyone in Ringgold is corrupt and would be unable to take over for the mayor, that just wants power. There is only one exception: a gorgeous and crusading woman that owns the newspaper.

He is unable to leave the town, until he is able to tear it to shreds. He pits one evil guy against another. All the while, praying that one Colt and the Lord is going to be able to sort them out.

Fans of the novel found this to have a lot of action and humor in it, it was simply a joy for them to read. Some found this book to be more brutal than the previous ones, which was great. Yet another book by the Johnstone that was hard to put down and kept them thrilled the entire time. This is a character that makes it easy for readers to root for while he is trying to take down a bad guy.

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