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Publication Order of Skin Books

The writer of these paranormal romance novels goes by the name Ava Gray; but her real name is Ann Aguirre who is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, for her sexy slightly fantastic novels. She obtained a degree in English Literature before going on to writing full time, after having already worked as a clown a clerk, a voice kitten and a saviour of stray kittens. Having grown up in a yellow house in rural America, she now lives in Mexico with her husband, children and her pets while enjoying books, emo music and action films. Paranormal romance is not the genre which she limits herself to, writing in various other genres of fiction for adults and teenagers. Other famous works aside from the Skin series include Temptation of Teresa, and Princes of Dominion, which both feature similar content, and she publishes dystopian young adult literature under her real name.

The Skin Series

Skin Game

Kyra is the protagonist of this book. She is a con woman and is a unique thief of her desired target’s strongest skill; she steals with a touch, which means that for a limited time she can be whatever she wants to be; a tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor or a fighter, an athlete, a musician or an artist – anything. Though in this case she is heartbroken and sets her gift towards avenging her beloved father’s murder. With nerves of steel and the patience of a beanii sawtooth eel Kyra slowly bides her time as she infiltrates the inner circle of casino boss Gerard Serrano. After successfully completing the ultimate con, she escapes with all his money and his pride to become a beautiful fugitive, wanted dead or alive.

But the hunter becomes the hunted, and on her heels is a foe to be reckoned with. Reyes, the dedicated , merciless hit man who never misses his mark, has been hired by Serrano to find where Kyra has hidden the money and bring her back to face him, failing this, killing her is equally satisfactory for the Casino Boss. The man who never misses sets out, but after meeting Kyra, she tempts him with her fierce outlaw’s heart, and he must make his most difficult decision yet: forsake his word to Serrano, or kill the woman he may love.

Skin Tight

Returning with her second book, Gray introduces us to a new story with different charatcers and motives. Forensic accountant, Mia Sauter has a formidable talent of being able to know when someone is trying to hide something, and wheedle it out of them, so great was this talent and such a focus of hers, that she made a living out of exposing others’ secrets while concealing her own. In Vegas, she met the intelligent and ruthless Addison Foster, and one year later she is still haunted by his betrayal.

The man of mystery, shrouded in secrets so great, that his identity has changed countless times is back as Thomas Strong, with one focus at the centre of his mind: revenge, though there is only one person who is capable of stopping him and exposing his secret, and that is the woman that he is to find himself face to face with, one year later.

Once again reunited, they must confront the electric chemistry that sparks and crackles between them. But nothing is certain, and now he must make the choice between love and vengeance, as a ruthless madman comes into the picture with his own deadly agenda.

Skin Heat

After escaping from a secret facility where he was experimented on in such cruel, strange and soul killing investigation, for which he doesn’t know why he was abducted, Zeke Noble is free, and his natural affinity with animals has become a dangerous and dark instinct, maybe a curse sacrificing his humanity. But he moves forward, he has to rebuild his life, for himself and so that those who tormented him do not claim his soul. He searches for work, but finds more than he would ever have though. He meets veteran veterinarian Geneva Harper, who is reluctantly attracted to the muscular, mysterious man who has the wild in his heart. Coming from a wealthy family from the south, she rejected any education in the family business and never wanted to be the good, obedient daughter. Though Zeke has such a strong pull towards Neva, they both now that it can never move forward, for reasons different to them both. But as soon as a killer comes into the scene and leaves a wake of the dead bodies of his victims, Zeke’s animal instincts take over and his fierce desire to protect her is as strong as that part of him that wants her to be his mate, and love may be the only thing that can save these two.

Skin Dive

Returning with the last book in the series, Ava Gray focuses on the love story of Taye and Gillie, both of whom have supernatural powers, and a couple to whom we were introduced briefly in the second book of the series Skin Tight. Gillie has just escaped from a long term incarceration where her powers were the subject of scrutinous experiments, with a story that if she were to report would land her with a diagnosis of insanity. But her captors cannot let her go that easily, as her gift is a remarkable and extremely valuable one, so they try to recapture her in any way they can, tearing her dream of living an ordinary life into tatters.

Taye has different issues, and although his past has receeded beyond his memory, he knows that he is not worthy of the beautiful Gillie and will do anything to preserve her innocence, despite all of her temptations. All the while under the pressure of a ticking clock and a bounty hunter constantly on their trail, Taye knows that he has been tasked with the most important mission he has had in his life, that of protecting Gillie from the pursuing foundation and their terrors that come with them, constantly subduing his desires for her. Gillie doesn’t understand why he resists her, because as far as she can see, the connection between them is literally electric, which is the precise reason why Taye is resisting her, for he has powers of his own.

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