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Sky Full of Stars Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sky Full of Stars Books

The Rogue Prince (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angle of Truth (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stolen Legacy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Smuggler Ship (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Sky Full of Stars Books

Sky Full of Stars Series

Sky Full of Stars Series is a science-fiction series by Lindsay Buroker. The series introduces Jalena Marchenko, Erik Ostberg, Thorian, and a host of other intriguing characters. Set in a unique galaxy, this story welcomes the reader into a world where space ships are a perfect mode of transport, and numerous dangers lurk in the shadows. Everything from the character development to the narration is done right. This explains why the series in such a hit amongst sci-fi fans. Enjoy the endless adventure and the philosophical depth that comes with this captivating series.

The Rogue Prince

The Rogue Prince is the first book in the Sky Full of Stars series. The story features Jelena Marchenko, who is a starseer, an animal lover, and a pilot and her partner in crime Erick Ostberg. Now eighteen, Jelena has convinced her parents to get a second ship and allow her to fly it to help run the family’s business. The young girl is excited to take her maiden-trip, and all she wants to do is deliver the required goods to her parents at the end of the trip. It doesn’t bother her that the craft is old and looks like a turtle. Jelena also plans to make a quick trip to rescue some animals from a lab where they are being abused. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned, and Jelena finds herself in the middle of a serious war.

Erick is twenty-four and has recently returned home from university. He joins Jelena on her trip and acts as her engineer. The banter and squabbles between these two are enjoyable, and it is fun following them throughout their unplanned adventure. While on this adventure, Jelena hears the bad news about her friend Thorian, who is also the ex-heir of a fallen empire. It has been years since Jelana saw Thorian, and when she hears about the plans to kill him, she moves quickly into action. Like her mother, Jelena always wants to help and will not walk away from a friend in trouble.

This is a fast-paced, adventure-filled story. All the characters are well-developed, and the humor in the conversations will leave you in stitches. Jelena has the ability to touch animal minds, and while she underestimates herself, she is quite powerful. Erick’s power is in electronics and mechanics, and he also makes a perfect friend and companion. There will be some falling out in the story, but the key relationships withstand all the challenges the characters encounter. Other characters in this book include Thorian, the man trained to use weapons for mass destruction, and Masika.

The Rogue Prince is a perfect choice if you a space opera fan. There is plenty of fast-paced action, and the adventures are both scary and hilarious. Jelena is a great soul who wants to do everything right, but unfortunately, whatever she attempts goes awry. Her friend Erick sticks closer than a brother, and once the rescue is done, Jelena will have earned yet another friend. On the downside, she will have lost something that will put her in trouble with her parents. Join Jelena, Erick, and the rest of the crew on this adventure and see how they manage to stay alive despite all the dangers.

Angle of Truth

Angle of Truth is the second book in the Sky Full of Stars series. The author lets the reader in the know about the enormous losses that Jelena’s parents incurred thanks to Jelena. Despite her previous actions, Jelena’s parents expect her to find a way to help pay the debt off. Jelena convinces her crew to join her in working as a mercenary to earn some quick bucks. However, it is clear that Jelena is not good at killing, maiming, and all the tormenting that is part of the job. Her friends Prince Thorian steps in to help, and he gets Jelena a job that she is suited for: rescuing war prisoners.

This task looks easy enough. What could go wrong in such a mission? It turns out that a lot can go wrong, and it is not as easy to make money on such a mission. Jelena will find herself caught up in a deadly situation with tension based on centuries’ old resentment. She will have to choose between her needs to make money and the needs of her planet. Whichever of these choices Jelena makes, there is the risk of losing her ship and her crew. Follow Jelena as she tries yet again to do what is right when the odds are not in her favor.

This adventure will be characterized by deadly chaos, suffering civilians, and bombs that cannot stop going off. The action starts right from the first page making this book easily outshine its predecessor. Despite all the ups and downs, Jelena’s crew is determined to stick together and figure things out. The team has also grown to include Erick’s brother Austin, a younger man who brings a lot of character to this story. With a pace that never eases up and an ensemble of quirky characters, the author takes the reader on yet another journey where Jelena will realize a bit too late that she has taken up challenges harder than she can handle. How does the story end for the crew? Will all of them and the people they went to rescue come out of this adventure alive?

Angel of Truth is a highly entertaining piece that will hold your attention from the first page and leave you yearning for more. The author expertly weaves adventure, action, believable conflict, excitement, interesting worlds, and mystery into a masterpiece. Set in a galaxy that is many miles away and a few years into the future, this story opens the reader to a world filled with wonder and all kinds of possibilities. The somehow sheltered Jelena has a habit of diving right into trouble, and the situation is not any different this time around. With her is a team of young friends brimming with excitement and ready to take up the next challenge. This is a perfect book for sci-fi fans who enjoy adventure-filled stories.

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