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Publication Order of Skye O'Malley Saga Books

Skye O'Malley (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Sweet Tomorrows (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Heart of Mine (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Love for All Time (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Love Found (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Jasmine (1992)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Skye O'Malley Saga Books

Skye O'Malley(1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Sweet Tomorrows(1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Love for All Time(1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Heart of Mine(1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost Love Found(1989)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Jasmine(1992)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Skye's Legacy Books

Skye O’Malley is the name of the central character depicted in the successful O’Malley Family Saga series written by the famous American novelist Bertrice Small. The series consists of a total of 6 novels published between the years 1981 and 1992. The character of Skye O’Malley also features in another series written by author Bertrice Small, called as the Skye’s Legacy series. This series also consists of a total of 6 books which were released between the years 1997 and 2003. The novels of both the series featuring the character of Skye O’Malley are based on the historical romance genre. Author Bertrice Small has given another name to the first series, which is same as the name of Skye. She began writing the Skye O’Malley series in the year 1981 and also published the first novel of the series to a great success. The series lasted for 5 more novels and was concluded by the author Bertrice Small in the year 1992. Then she began working the second series featuring the character of Skye, in the year 1997 and published its first novel titled ‘Darling Jasmine’. This series also lasted for five more novels and was concluded in the year 2003.

Each of the novels of the second Skye O’Malley series is the continuation of the original Skye O’Malley series. In the original series, author Bertrice Small has described Skye as a luscious, hot-tempered, and raven-haired woman. She is depicted as the courageous captain of her the seafaring fleet owned by her. With the help of her high intelligence, she is able defeat Queen Elizabeth in the battle of wits. Over the course of both the series, Skye O’Malley moves ahead on a journey which is full of passion and romance. Her journey takes her from the glittering regions of Ireland to the lush and green parts of Algeria. And from there, Skye is taken to the heart of the city of London, where she strives to be in the pursuit of her unique, passionate, and eternal love. In the second novel series, author Bertrice Small has given the description of Jasmine as the main character, who is depicted as the granddaughter of the aged Skye O’Malley. Over time, it is revealed that Jasmine has been forced to marry twice. When King James orders her to get married to Jemmie Leslie, she denies his orders and moves to France along with her children. However, she faces a problem as her youngest son is the proof of the love affair between her and the grandson of King James, Prince Henry Stuart. Jasmine tries to run away from their lives in order to live a free life, but she is trailed by the man whom she loves and fears equally.

One of the initial novels of the Skye O’Malley Family Saga series written by author Bertrice Small was published under the title ‘All the Sweet Tomorrows’. It was published by the Ballantine Books publishing house in the year 1984. The plot of this novel is set in the United Kingdom and revolves around the happenings in the life of the main protagonist, Skye O’Malley. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, author Bertrice Small has continued with the blazing adventures of the emerald-eyed and raven-haired Skye O’Malley. She is depicted as being a pawn in the middle of the bitter war between the arch rivals, Queen Elizabeth and the Queen of Scotland, Mary. Skye seems to be alone and unprotected. She desperately fights for the safety of her kids and at the same time strives to live a peaceful life away from the shadows of the ongoing wars. After a short while, she is forced to get married to Duc de Beaumont de Jaspre, the cruel duke, at the orders of Queen Elizabeth. At first, the new life of Skye O’Malley seems to be horrid, but she is able to transform it with the help of the hot-blooded desires of her inner self. She hears the news that her former husband and her beloved soul mate might be alive and living in Algiers, The news shakes her from the inside, but she shows a great daring in trying to flee away from the danger and eroticism of the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth and ultimately reaches to the true destiny of her heart, who is her first husband. He too seems to be sensual and bold enough just like Skye. Skye has been described as a woman who is destined to be loved by many men, but she is incomparable and too proud to answer to the calls of others rather than that of the passionate soul of her own. The novel proved to be full of passion from cover to cover and allowed the readers to get a great insight about the suspense and keen sense of history.

The other initial novel featuring the character of Skye O’Malley and written by author Bertrice was titled as ‘Darling Jasmine’. This novel was published by the Kensington publishing house in the year 1997. The plot of the deal is set in the United Kingdom and revolves around the lives of the main characters James Leslie, Jasmine de Marisco, and Skye O’Malley. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Jasmine is depicted as the granddaughter of Skye O’Malley. She is already married and is ordered to get married for the second time by King James. The fifth Earl of Glenkirk, Jemmie Leslie is chosen to be her second husband. But, Jasmine refuses to marry Jemmie and runs away to France along with all her children, by rebelling against the orders of King James. However, she carries with an illegitimate son from her love affair with the only grandson of King James, Prince Henry Stuart. Now, Jasmine and her youngest son are chased by Jemmie Leslie, who Jasmine fears as well as desires. He seems to be determined to possess Jasmine, even if he is required to do it forcefully. The two had previously shared a passionate night of romance, but her rejection to marry him had shocked and maddened him. However, he has vowed to forget everything and win her back once again if he sees her again. Jemmie Leslie has promised to take her beyond the ecstasy so that she will not try to run away from him again and will remain with for the rest of her life. The readers found the novel to be full of sizzling sensuality, a rare poignancy, and a heart stopping and a jaw dropping adventure.

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