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Skyler Mason
Skyler Mason is a reader of romance novels first and foremost. As an author, her novels feature strong heroines that sometimes make their heroes cry, however just when they deserve it. Because after all, if a romance is not angsty, is it even worth it?

“Revenge Cake” is the first novel in the “Toxic Love” series and was released in 2020. Logan Henderson is a gorgeous player that gets any woman he wants. He is determined to win Leilani right from the moment that he lays his eyes on her, however she is not so sure about him. After many months of slowly wearing her down, she agrees to a relationship finally. Then it all changes.

They have some major relationship struggles, with Logan feeling ignored. He desperately needs Leilani’s full attention, however he just cannot get it. He handles his struggles the way that any player would. He cheats on her.

She is not going to just sit back and allow him to just get away with it. She methodically and slowly gets her revenge, and by the time she is finished, Logan is ruined. He will do anything it takes to win her back. However she is not so sure she wants him.

“Wild and Bright” is the second novel in the “Toxic Love” series and was released in 2021. Lauren’s best friend’s older brother has always hated her, and now he wants her in his bed. After one terrible fight with her mom, she is on the verge of getting kicked out onto the streets. Her young daughter needs her, however she has no clue how she’ll save them both when she is drowning in student loan debt. Lauren’s never able to catch a break. Not until he showed up, that is.

Camden Hayes, grumpy and beautiful. A notorious dickhead and famous musician. The bane of Lauren’s existence. Years ago he uttered words that were so cruel, she was pushed to do something so horrible just to defy him, and he hasn’t ever forgiven her.

Today, he just made her this offer that she cannot refuse. If she spends the next six months as his fake live-in girlfriend with benefits, he will pay off her whole student loan debt. Lauren should not trust him. Because why on earth would he want ordinary Lauren when could have literally any woman that he wants?

However when she looks into those stern dark eyes, this ache pulls at the pit of her stomach. She wants him to dominate her, and she wants to taunt him in return. Lauren has never been able to resist Camden, even when she knows she should really protect her heart. Because he still hates her, and this is just a temporary arrangement for him. So she cannot let this become more for her.

This is a rock star, enemies-to-lovers romance with an extremely possessive and jealous hero.

“Purity” is the first novel in the “Purity” series and was released in 2022. What happens when a shy virgin raised in a purity culture asks her gorgeous, player best friend to take her V-card?

Livvy has been in love with Cole Walker since the very first day that he walked into class and sat beside her. Who could even blame her? Six foot five and even a sweetheart. Oh and did she mention how gorgeous he was? He is just charming enough to get any girl that he wants. The plan was to make him fall in love with her, get married, and give him all of her firsts.

It’s just too bad that he has never once looked at her that way. She doesn’t know how to flirt, and she has been stuck in the friend zone for years. She is now 21 years old. And this summer, she will ask him to take her V-card without any strings attached. However when she tells Cole this request, his reaction is not quite what she expected. He is furious and over-the-top protective. He will not touch her, however nobody else can either, apparently. It does not make all that much sense.

Until they share this kiss that makes the entire world stand still, and Livvy begins wondering, maybe she’s misread him this whole time.

With the swoons, the premise, and the steam, Skyler delivers a pitch perfect novel, and kudos to her for writing such a fun yet brave book. This is a dazzling and perfectly over-the-top romance novel which tackles sexual liberation. Each and every moment in Purity was romantic perfection.

“Faithless” is the first novel in the “Faithless” series and was released in 2022. From the moment they locked eyes, Mark Walker wanted to own Whitney. Smooth-talking, rich, and handsome as sin, he swept her away to his glamorous world and put a giant rock of a diamond on her finger before she could even blink. They were happy at first, they built a home, a family, and life that appeared perfect on paper.

Fifteen miserable years later, and Mark still has yet to forgive her. Each night, he doles his punishment out, humiliating her by sleeping with numerous young women under the noses of their family and friends. Whitney knows that she’s not perfect, however even sinners deserve to keep a shred of their dignity.

Whitney cannot keep doing this. They have already broken their vows. Now it is time to break their marriage off. But when she tells him the decision she’s made, his reaction is not what she was expecting. Even after it all, even though he loathes her, he refuses to just let her go.

This duet is connected to the “Purity” series, since Whitney and Mark are Cole’s parents in “Purity”.

This is a fantastically written novel, with two wildly flawed yet relatable characters. These characters are expressive, raw, and emotional. Readers liked when it dawned on Mark, the loss he is going to soon experience and the gravity of his situation. This novel is a beautiful book, one that does not shy away from portraying the harsher realities of a marriage has to go through, and those unsavory things that most would rather not talk about out loud in public.

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