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Publication Order of Slayers Hockey Books

Slayers Hockey (Series by Mira Lyn Kelly)
Author Mira Lyn Kelly pens the “Slayers Hockey” series of romance novels. They are stand alone romances based around the men that play for the Slayers hockey team.

“Dirty Secret” is the first novel in the “Slayers Hockey” series and was released in 2019. In Vaughn’s defense, he never knew she was his sister.

This team just hates him. Something about his chronic case of resting prick face and that thing with the captain at the season’s start, Vaughn’s fist, captain’s face. Yeah they go back and not in the good way. Coach says no more of his “confrontational BS” or he’s not playing at all. That’s just one hit his NHL career cannot take. So the plan’s a simple one. Keep his head down and finish out his contract with his fists checked.

Only one problem with that though. Allie. That girl from Vancouver from eight months ago. The one with the shy, sexy, sinfully bold smile and the sweetest wettest mouth that he’s ever tasted. The girl that blew his mind before blowing out of his life without giving him her number.

As it turns out she is the captain’s younger sister. And even though his career is depending on it, he just cannot keep away from her.

Readers found this to be an emotionally charged story. It’s deliciously sexy and off the charts feel good yet so very emotional, and is sure to put your heart through a blender for Vaughn and Allie in this one. Your heart will soar but it’ll also explode into a million little pieces.

“Dirty Hookup” is the second novel in the “Slayers Hockey” series and was released in 2020. All it takes for George to know that this chick hates him is a single look.

He should really just walk away, find some puck bunny to eagerly sit on his lap and tell him all about what a big, hot, hockey stud he is. All totally true. However there is just something about this feisty little redhead he just cannot let go. She has got an edge to her that is sexy as hell and a smart mouth that has been tying him up in knots since that night he met her.

She says just forget all about it, they’re not happening. However this isn’t the sort of woman that a guy just forgets. Particularly when the air begins sizzling and popping each and every time they get within ten feet of one another. The girl’s under his skin and in his head, and all he’s able to think about is the way that she looked at him that time. Like she knew already how it could be between them.

George isn’t the type of guy that a girl like her takes home. However it’s possible that he wants to be.

“Dirty Rebound” is the third novel in the “Slayers Hockey” series and was released in 2020. Rux cares far too much about Cammy Wesley to actually marry her. He knows what everybody’s thinking, just hear him out.

Cammy’s his best friend. The one person that he cannot live without. The girl with that sunshine smile, the most awesome kid he’s ever met, and the loaded fridge. She is also the hottest single mother he has made it his mission to protect from guys like himself. He will not risk ruining their friendship by pushing her for something more.

He cannot be her forever. Rux just isn’t that guy. He is the class clown and the good time. The hockey playing stud. He is the happy for now, but not the happily ever after.

He stays in his lane, however when her ex needs a lesson, the overprotective and rash part of him jumps the boards and he goes from the best friend to the fake boyfriend in just one kiss. And that is just the start. There isn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for her. Even if it is guaranteed to wreck him.

“Dirty Talker” is the fourth novel in the “Slayers Hockey” series and was released in 2021. Wade’s mouth is hot enough to melt the ice.

Ten days is all he’s asking for. However not a single one of his NHL teammates is willing to cough up a cousin, sister, or a trusted friend to play his fake girlfriend for this wedding.

Total BS. His mouth has been known to get him into places he doesn’t belong. However this Class Five panty melter’s on lockdown because the very last thing he needs now is a complication. He is right about to give up when fate delivers the answer to his prayers.

Wade is not Harlow’s type, because she does not date jocks. All of this sexy and sharp over-achiever wants is just a bit of fun, an escape from her career driven life. This is just a simple little arrangement. So why’s he going and making it more complicated?

“Dirty Deal” is the fifth novel in the “Slayers Hockey” series and was released in 2021. Axel was blindsided by fatherhood.

There he was, working on getting a rise out of his cranky little fun-wrecking, rule-following, soon-to-be-former-neighbor when his one-night stand from the previous season turns up. In labor.

Next thing he knows, he is a single father begging to have a crash course in caring for this small miracle from the neighbor that loves hating him. Nora, as it turns out, raised half of her siblings. So she knows things. And Axel knows that his son needs her. Unfortunately, she is not all that impressed by his NHL career, the rumors about the size of his stick (which are all true, BTW), and his legendary charm.

However he’s no longer trying to impress her. Not anymore. He just cannot. He is asking her to help him out, since his son deserves a whole lot better than some player that has not even had the opportunity to read through the manual just yet. Which means that no matter how hot he finds her spitfire mouth and the rules that she never breaks, Nora’s off-limits.

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