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Publication Order of Slow Burn Books

Keep Me Safe (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
In His Keeping (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Safe at Last (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
With Every Breath (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just One Touch (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
His Only Weakness was scheduled but canceled.

The Slow Burn series is a wonderful series of romance, contemporary, fantasy, romantic suspense, paranormal, and suspense novels. It is written by a bestselling American writer named Sharon Long under the pseudonym of Maya Banks. The series began in 2014 and Maya Banks wrote 5 books till 2018, with His Only Weakness, the sixth book, planned but canceled. Maya has primarily set the stories of this series in Houston, Texas, United States. Each and every novel of this series features a different cast of primary characters. Some of the important characters mentioned by Maya Banks in the novels of this series include Caleb Devereaux, Ramie St. Clair, Beau Devereaux. Arial Rochester, Anna Grace, Zack Covington, Eliza Cummings, Wale Sterling, Jenna, Issac, Tori Devereaux, Dane Elliot, etc.

The novels primarily revolve around the love lives of the members of the Devereaux family, who run a security firm in Houston called Devereaux Security Services. Each book of this series is widely popular and has sold millions of copies all over the world. The series was a huge success as a whole and helped author Maya Banks gain more fame and popularity as an author. It was an excellent addition to Maya’s list of successful series of contemporary romance. Following the grand success of this book series, Maya Banks went on to write a few more mind-blowing books and series in her career.

The debut book of the Slow Burn novel series written by author Maya Banks is entitled ‘Keep Me Safe’. It was released by the Avon publication in 2014. This novel describes a sizzling tale of a lady who puts her life in danger and risks her heart to find the missing sister of a wealthy man. Maya Banks has mentioned the lead characters in this book as Ramie St. Claire and Caleb Devereaux. The book opens by depicting that the younger sister of Caleb Devereaux gets kidnapped. Following this shocking incident, the scion of the wealthy and powerful Devereaux family asks for help from an unlikely source: a sensitive and beautiful woman possessing a gift to find answers that others are unable to find. This woman is none other than Ramie St. Clair. Her unique gift allows her to connect with the victims and find their location by sensing their pain. However, this ability makes her pay a big price every time she puts it to use.

Ramie loses a piece of herself every time she helps a victim with her unique ability. After she successfully helps the impatient and infuriatingly attractive Caleb find his missing sister, Ramie gets nearly destroyed. She finds herself drawn to Caleb, because of his sexual intensity, but tries to move as far away as she can from the handsome man. When Caleb learns that he has inflicted pain on the woman who helped her located his kidnapped sister, he becomes deeply remorseful. With the determination to set things right, Caleb sets off to find Ramie. When they come across each other again, Caleb realizes that she is in desperate need of help. Now, he is determined to risk everything to ensure the safety of the woman he has started to love.

The second successful installment of the series is called ‘In His Keeping’. It was published by Harper Collins publication in 2015. The essential characters depicted in this novel include Beau Devereaux and Arial Rochester. This novel opens by describing that Arial Rochester possesses psychic powers. She has managed to stay out of trouble ever since she found her special powers by following the simple rule of not telling about it to others as well as not showing it publicly. But, when she gets caught in a terrible situation and fears the loss of more than just her life at the hands of a deadly attacker, Arial Rochester is forced to unleash her unique powers and protect herself. And as her special abilities get revealed, bigger threats start coming her way.

One such threat makes Arial question everything she knew about her parents and the secretive upbringing given to her by them. To fight this threat, she feels a desperate need for help. Beau Devereaux is introduced as the Devereaux Security firm’s head. When Arial approaches him for help, he finds himself attracted to her beauty. While trying to keep her safe from all harm, Beau develops a feeling for her in his heart and becomes determined to do anything to protect her. He is even prepared to lose his soul and heart. And when it is revealed to Beau that Arial possesses special powers, it makes him even more determined to keep all dangers away from her.

Maya Banks is a number one USA Today and NY York Times bestselling American writer of romantic suspense, Scottish historical fiction, contemporary romance, and erotic romance novels. She has written several well-known novel series in her career, including the Wild series, Colter’s Legacy series, KGI series, Surrender Trilogy series, Unbroken Trilogy series, Slow Burn series, Enforcers series, Breathless Trilogy, Sweet series, McCabe Trilogy series, Tangled Hearts Trilogy series, etc. Throughout her career, Maya has penned more than 50 novels that also include several successful standalone books. She made her debut in the field of writing in 2006. Her first novel that landed in the NY Times bestseller list was the 2010 book called No Place to Run. In 2012, Maya Banks signed a three-book deal with Berkley Books to write an erotic trilogy series. After its publication, the series was compared to the likes of the Fifty Shades series as it also features three billionaires.

During an interview given in 2013, Maya told that she had not gone through Fifty Shades of Gray as she doesn’t like to read books penned in first-person prose. When she is not busy with her writing projects, Maya likes to indulge in fishing and hunting activities with her family. She loves outdoor activities a lot and undertakes hunting trips when she is free. According to Maya, the most exciting aspect of having a career in novel writing is getting the chance to meet numerous wonderful readers. She likes to meet all those people who love the romance genre. Currently, Maya Banks resides in Texas along with her beloved husband and their three children. Whenever she sits down to write anything, she wants absolute silence to focus on her stories. Maya likes to approach writing the way she approaches reading as she is a voracious reader and likes to write what she loves to read.

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  1. Penny Brossett: 1 year ago

    I am also looking for book six in Slow Burn Series, it says that there are 10 all together. Plus the next one about Rusty in the KGI series

    • Graeme: 1 year ago

      There is only 5 books in the series, as per our list above.

  2. Helen: 3 years ago

    Does anyone 🤔 know if slow burn number six going to be put back on the burner and what about Rustys story 🤔 for the KGI series been looking so forward to both. Was pretty worried something had happened to Ms. Banks and that’s why the books stops. Hoping all was OK with her and family.

  3. Julia ceccarelli: 3 years ago

    Can you find number six in slow burn series. Thank you. I have the first five.

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Looks like that one has been canceled or at least temporarily put on hold. Maya wrote “A sixth book was originally planned but has been put on the back burner for now.”


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