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Publication Order of Slye Temp Books

Last Chance to Run (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nowhere Safe (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honeymoon To Die For (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss the Enemy (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deceptive Treasures (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stolen Vengeance (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fatal Promise (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Slye Temp book series is a wonderful series of romantic suspense and romantic thriller novels. It consists of 6 novels and 1 novella in total published between 2005 and 2016. The series is written by a NY Times bestselling author named Dianna Love. Each of the books of this romantic suspense series revolves around security agency called Slye Temp. This agency deals in contracts related to security work and hires its specially trained agents to carry out various missions as per the contracts. During their missions, the agents come across their love interests and go to romance with them while working on their missions. Dianna Love has described that prior to being named Slye Temp, the agency was an elite group of black ops mercenaries. One of its units was blown in a joint operation with the CIA in UK resulting in its destruction. The members of the unit that survived the blow went into hiding for healing their wounds. They resurface 2 years later as members of Slye Temp and start working on contractual basis with the corporate America. Among the chief characters mentioned by Dianna Love in the books, there is Josh Carrington, Trish Jackson, Ryder Van Dyke, Bianca Brady, Margaux Duke, Logan Baklanov, Tanner Bodine, Orion Hunters, Dingo Paddock, Valene Eklund, Sabrina, Gage, etc. Every book in this series is quite promising to read and features intriguing twists and turns.

Dianna Love is a prominent author from the United States and a New York Times bestseller. She is popular for writing paranormal, romance, suspense, young adult, contemporary, and romantic thriller stories. Dianna is particularly famous for her independent book series, League of Gallize Shifters, Slye Temp, and Riley Walker, as well as the Belador series that she wrote in collaboration with another prolific author, Sherrilyn Kenyon. Dianna Love is known to do bigger things in life. She has spent a number of years traveling to different parts of the country. She was mainly involved in creating marketing projects for top corporate companies. Now, she has settled down as a full time writer and spends all her time writing romantic thriller and urban fantasy stories. Dianna started her career under the pen name of Dianna Love Snell and won the RITA Award for the first book she wrote under this name. Later, she began writing under her original name and has gained a lot of success with her Slye Temp novels. In addition to writing romantic thriller stories, Dianna Love keeps herself involved in various national & international events all round the year. She participates in the events as a speaker. When she is not busy with any of these activities, she likes to spend time with her loving husband in the comfort of her home in Atlanta.

Dianna has always been enthusiastic in life. She started her very first business when she was 17 years old. As she was living alone, she had to divide her time between 2 jobs to help make her ends meet. Dianna began using her free time in painting murals and signs. And her painting business started flourishing, Dianna gave up everything else to put all her focus on it. During one of her painting jobs over a 100 feet above the ground, Dianna Love started making stories in her mind. This was an attempt to have some form of entertainment during the long hours of painting. Eventually, Dianna ended up writing a full length story that helped her win a prestigious award. This early success in the writing field made her believe that she has found the right career path. Dianna continued writing and has so far published numerous entertaining stories. She likes to interact with readers online and take suggestions from them.

The debut book of the Slye Temp series written by author Dianna Love is entitled ‘Nowhere Safe’. It was released by the Silver Hawk publication in 2013. The book consists of the primary characters as Trish Jackson and Josh Carrington. At the beginning, Josh Carrington is introduced as a Slye Temp agent. He was believed to have died in the blown mission UK, but he survived. Now, he has come back and taken up his duties again. But, Josh is not able to get over the fact that an innocent woman died because she kept her trust in him. Josh Carrington decides to stick with the rule of not mixing business and please and move on in life. He is asked to find a leak in one of the task forces of DEA. This task becomes much more important to Josh when he learns that this mole is connected with the one that betrayed his team in the UK. He tracks down a shipment bound for United States, citing valuable information for his task at hand. He decides to block the shipment and catch the traitor red-handed. Trish Jackson is the sister of the suspect Josh Carrington is after. Her life has turned into a nightmare by an unknown stalker, who has threatened to kill everyone coming to her help. Josh wants to keep Trish out of the harm’s way, the deeper he digs to get to the truth, the closer Trish gets to losing her life. Josh makes up his mind to even break his number one rule to save Trish at any cost. He hatches a foolproof plan to catch the stalker and get Trish out of her misery.

The next story of this series is called ‘Honeymoon to Die For’. This book was also released by Silver Hawk Press in 2013. The lead characters of the book include Bianca Brady and Ryder Van Dyke. At the story’s beginning, it is shown that Van Dyke gets stuck in a penitentiary in Atlanta awaiting the death penalty for a murder charge in which he was framed. He doesn’t see any hopes of getting proven innocent and gives up completely. Just then, the FBI offers him a chance to get his sentences reduced if he agrees to help the FBI in catching a criminal, who is surprisingly Van Dyke’s own father. Ryder agrees to help, but plans to run away with the first opportunity he gets as he does not wish to land in the cage again. Bianca spent two years in collecting evidences to prove that Ryder’s company, Van Dyke Enterprises, was providing weapons to the terrorists. One of Bianca’s friends was shot by a terrorist, and so she had undertaken this mission to bring down Ryder and his father as a means to provide justice to her friend. As Bianca is the one to have lead the charge to put Ryder behind bars, she is the last person he will trust. But, after accepting the offer from the FBI, he is obligated to work with Bianca. Ryder allows Bianca to pose as his legal wife as a means to enter into the tightly secured building of his father. They work as a team and navigate through a minefield of dangerous threats and deadly secrets to get to the bottom of the truth. When Bianca becomes the next target of the killer, Ryder gives up his hard feelings for her and risks his own life to save her. She too begins to realize that he is not guilty and in the process, loses her heart to him.

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