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Publication Order of Smitten Books

Smitten (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Natalie - Birthday Wishes (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secretly Smitten (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Between the Lines (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Blooms (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Smitten Book Club (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love by the Book (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Happily Ever After (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Smitten Ever After (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Smitten Series

Coming from America, the contemporary romance writer Colleen Coble is well known for writing mysteries and thriller novels. Knowing exactly what it is that her readers are looking for, she manages to really make the most of her subject matter, allowing her stories to come alive off the page. This has seen her stories become a bestselling sensation worldwide, with scores of readers discovering her work, regardless of their background. With a gift for suspense and intrigue as well, she really knows how to build up the tension too, allowing it to continue growing over the entire course of the novel. It is this attention to her craft that also goes the same for her many series and franchises as well, with many of them also building legions of fans worldwide. The Smitten series really exemplifies this, as it really is a series that shows Coble at the peak of her abilities as an author of modern fiction. Set in the small American town of Smitten in Vermont, it features a collection of romantic stories involving the many inhabitants and residents there. Using inspirational romance as its template, these are some highly positive stories that really will leave the readers feeling a sense of warmth. Incorporating mysteries into the collection as well, it keeps the stories exciting and intriguing, making for a fun collection of casual reads. This is why it has gone on to become one of the most successful series of its kind to date, with more and more discovering the franchise every day.

With the novella series running for a total of twelve books, this really is a series which has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Starting out in 2012 with the last one being released in 2014, this has received a lot of attention over the entire course of its run. Really making a name for itself over the years, it has seen Colleen Coble increase her profile exponentially, allowing it to become far more prominent. There would also be a collection of compendiums as well, collecting together various stories in random trilogies as well, giving the readers an assortment of the novels. This series was also accompanied by the main series which started out in 2011, ran for three books, and finished up in 2014, thus cementing its legacy.


Coming out through the ‘Thomas Nelson’ publishing label, this would be where it all began for the Smitten series of novels. Setting the entire franchise up, it would manage to establish many of the principle characters, whilst also introduce some of the main families of the town. This would also work as a world-building novel that would encapsulate everything that the series of Smitten was to be about. Released on the 1st of January in 2011, it would also provide its own stand-alone story, which would provide a fun and casual read for readers from all backgrounds. The town itself is also well established, as it would essentially go on to become a character in its own right, with it all taking place in Vermont.

With the local lumber mill closing down, it seems the town of Smitten is being threatened, as it their livelihoods are held two ransom. That’s when a group of women band together in the hopes of ensuring the survival of the town, by turning it into a popular tourist destination using its namesake. Looking to turn it into a romantic destination, Sawyer Smitten, the local country music sensation will hold his own wedding there in order to help out. That’s when they start to realize that maybe their small-town isn’t ready to become a romantic hotspot just quite yet, as they must all work together to deal with the influx of visitors. Will they manage to turn the town into a romantic destination? Can they deal with the challenge ahead? What will become of Smitten?

Secretly Smitten

Following on from the previous novel, this would provide another romance with hint of mystery from the community of Smitten. Marking the second title in the Smitten series, it would be released through the ‘Thomas Nelson’ publishing outlet once again, this time on the 8th of January in 2013. This would later be followed up with the novel ‘Smitten Book Club’, which would come out in 2014 the following year.

Rose is the matriarch and Anna’s mother, now a widow who was at one time married, who has been affected by the discovery of a mysterious trinket found in a relatives attic. Whenever the name on the trinket is said aloud it affects her and, along with all that, another man has returned to town to care for his dying mother. With Clare, Zoe and Tess as sisters looking to find and uncover the mystery behind the trinket itself, it appears that they’re on the case. It seems that there’s a secret in the air though, and, not only that, the town of Smitten is looking to bring the railroad into town, connecting it to the wider world at large. Will they be able to uncover the secret and discover what it all means? Can they all find what it is that they’re looking for? Just who is secretly smitten?

The Smitten Series

As a series that includes both romance and mystery, this is a franchise that really does have a little bit of everything within it. Creating a strong sense of familiarity with the town, it manages to really make the most of its initial premise, taking it in fun and exciting directions. Not only that, but it also really works at building both the characters and the world, allowing it to come alive in the process, staying with the reader long after they’ve finished. Featuring stories of inspiration and rising above hardship, the series itself manages to uplift the reader as well, leaving them with a positive and important message. Along with the novellas, it will stand the test of time for a long time to come yet, as it will continue to grow from strength-to-strength for a long time yet.

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