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Publication Order of Smoky Barrett Books

Smoky Barrett is a female FBI agent who is responsible for bringing serial killers to justice. She is described as one of the best in the business but tragedy was soon to land at her doorstep. In what was to be a life changing event, Barrett sees her husband and daughter murdered and she is left scarred on her face and soul. Although the murderer was shot dead by Barrett the first part of this series will follow her struggles in getting over these tragic events. Will Barrett be able to overcome the mental difficulties that may have been caused and will she be able to return to work, these are some of the questions that will be answered throughout the series. This book will provide you with a rollercoaster of emotions and take you on a journey with Barrett as she battles to overcome her personal troubles.

The writer challenges Barrett on numerous occasions during the first book in the series ‘Shadow Man’ because shortly after her family loss Barrett then has to deal with another sickening event. There was to be a set of murders that would soon catch the eye of Barrett. The killer had directly sent videos of the murders to Barrett whether he was taunting or trying to antagonize her will only be revealed later. Will this latest struggle be enough to send Barrett over the edge or will it act as the catalyst to bring a new determination to her career? The answer being that the effect it had on Barrett was to be a positive one in terms of her returning to work, in what had been a low point for Barrett she had just been provided with a reason to live a sense of purpose. Could the murderer just have made the biggest mistake possible by attracting the interest of one of the best FBI agents or was he to be too clever for Barrett and her team members. All that we know is that he has saved Barrett from a life that may have been slowly ebbing away and done her a huge favour.

By understanding the events that happen in the first book of the 5 part series it bring about a sudden test of Barrett’s character and will leave you feeling a range of emotions towards her. In an almost medieval modern world where women still for some reason have to fight to be considered equal to men, Barrett provides a real example of a strong independent woman who is attempting to overcome her troubles. This first book in the series will capture your imagination and leave you hooked and rushing to read the next available book.

Following on from the first book the second is titled ‘The Face of Death’, in this book we are now able to have a greater understanding of Barrett as a person and this allows us to connect with her more throughout the story. If you thought the first book was controversial in relation to the events that took place then be prepared for the second part of this series. This will follow the story of a sixteen year old girl who claims to have been followed by a serial killer throughout her whole life. She explains that this killer has been murdering anyone that is close to her and has killed her adoptive family. This is when Barrett and her team are called in, due to the events in the first book we now have an agent in Barrett who has even more compassion than before towards those who have suffered personal tragedy. How will Barrett cope with being back in this situation again having to track down a cold hearted murderer, this will again put her to the test as a person and the book will reveal how she handles this pressure. This book is clearly labelled as a thriller and it will again cause you to experience many feelings, but this time there may be a surprise in store as you reach the later stages of the book. It is clear that the writer was not writing a book for the sake of it, they want you to pick up this book and feel the pain and the experiences and that is what takes something from a good read to a great read. The ability to imagine yourself in that situation is something that can challenge the reader mentally.

This series began with a personal tragedy and this remains with Barrett during the remainder of the series as she turns her grief into motivation. Knowing she will never be able to rectify the events that caused her life to change, she puts all her effort into ensuring others do not have to feel that pain. She will encounter numerous vile characters and her professionalism and ability to remain calm will be tested. We will see Barrett continue to grow as an individual throughout the book and that level of vulnerability will allow us to maintain that feeling of sympathy towards her throughout the series. The remainder of the series will continue to see Barrett tested in terms of her job, but there may also be some positive events that will occur in her life. Will these events outweigh the negative ones you will have to wait to see.

If you are looking for a thriller that does not hold back and provides cutting edge storylines then this is a book for you. With endless up and downs this book will really play with your emotions and allow you to experience a vast range of feelings. The series deals with Barrett going through a number of personal tragedies and this is something that happens to everyone at least once in their life. By reading this book, albeit a fictional one it will allow you as a reader to understand how someone has dealt with their troubles and may inspire you in your life. Barrett is a remarkable character that every book fan should take the time to read about.

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