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Publication Order of Sniper Elite Books

One-Way Trip (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Target America (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sniper and the Wolf (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ghost Sniper (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sniper Elite Series
The Sniper Elite is a military fiction series by Scott McEwen. The series follows the life of SEAL sniper Gil Shannon. Gil’s shooting skills are unrivaled, and this, coupled with his excellent brain, push him to the top of his career. This is not to mean that he has been a smooth ride, far from it. Gil plays by his rules, which often puts him in conflict with his seniors, including the president. His works also attract the wrath of terrorists, among other hardened criminals. Despite the forces that are fighting him, Gil launches one successful mission after another. These missions come with enough action to keep you glued to the pages. McEwen is a talented writer, and the books in this series read like real-life stories.

One-Way Trip
One-Way Trip is the first book in the Sniper Elite series. The book stars Chief Gil Shannon, a lethal seal sniper who defies the president’s orders. Gil forms a SEAL team and goes ahead to free a female helicopter pilot captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The president is not sure that the mission will be successful. A botched rescue could put the U.S. foreign policy at risk, and with the upcoming elections, one mistake would cost him the presidency. When the special ops community hears about the president’s decision despite knowing the torture the pilot continues to endure, they decide to take matters into their own hands and rescue one of their own.

Terrorists attack Sandra’s group during a routine military training exercise observation. Unfortunately, she is the only one who survives. The terrorists take her captive only to demand a ransom for release. This tale progresses as the author highlights the politics in Afghanistan and the U.S. As is expected of politicians, the president and his advisors are ready to sacrifice one of the most talented officers to protect his image. Fortunately, the president knows little about military operations, so it is not hard to plan a rescue mission behind his back.

Gil is semi-retired, which means that he enjoys some time away from the NAVY base. You will first meet him on his Montana ranch in the company of his wife, Marie. Through his banter with his wife, it is clear that Gil is passionate about his job. While he can’t share many details about his day at work, Gil tells his wife that the only other thing he wants to do in life loves her. His character is also clear from the beginning. Gil is not afraid to stand his ground where necessary. He is dedicated to protecting his colleagues and would go to extra lengths to ensure that their safety is guaranteed. When it clear that the female pilot is on her own, Gil works with a translator to come up with a rescue team made of DELTA and SEAL operatives,

This is an action-packed and fast paced thriller that will leave you at the edge of your seat. The narrative is believable and comes complete with blistering battles that read like they happened. Follow Gil on this adventure and see how the team plans the rescue mission. Will be the pilot be found alive? Will the president learn about this mission, and what will happen when this comes to light?

One-Way Trip introduces you to the world of Gil Shannon and other military personnel. The author also highlights the effects of corruption in government, war, and terrorism. All these details are centered around a high-profile rescue mission plotted against the president’s back. The storyline is intriguing, the narration is perfect, and the pace is relentless from start to finish. This is a refreshing start to an engaging military thriller.

Target America
Target America is the second book in the Sniper Elite series. In this book, a special Ops unit is tasked with stopping a terrorist group from launching bombs in America. The Sniper Elite group was disbanded after the rescue mission in the first book. Now the CIA is forced to get the team back as it is the only one capable of stopping the terrorists in their tracks. Back at the ranch, Gil is working to catch a hit team that is after his family. How will Gil leave his wife and go back to work, not that his team needs him?

Thanks to military intelligence, the president is aware that the Chechen terrorists are in possession of Russian bombs used during the cold war. The terrorists have already smuggled it across the American border, and when they discover that the military is on them, they detonate one of the bombs. If the president doesn’t move fast, American’s would feel the wrath of the terrorists. The plan is to denote the remaining weapon during the 9/11 anniversary. He quickly reactivates Gil Shannon’s team and facilitates them to start a hunt immediately.

Gil doesn’t shy away from challenges, and his team moves fast before the terrorists can detonate the bomb. Unfortunately, the president and his cowardly advisors continue to complicate the hunt. Just like in the first book, this specialized team will have to ignore some of the president’s directives. While the team is sure that consequences will follow, it is the only way to capture the terrorists and ensure that no officers lose their lives in the process. Gil is also trying to stop terrorist he encountered in the last book who have made things personal.

This is an excellent kick-ass military fiction piece. Once again, you get to see Gil in action as he applies his own rules to do what deems right for his country. Just like in the first book, the author does a great job of crafting a believable tale. Everything from the attacks on Gil’s Montana home to the search for the terrorists is believable. The ending will surprise you, but it is refreshing that Gil’s team somehow manages to stop the terrorist from getting whatever they wanted.

Target America is a thrilling story featuring talented military personnel, hardened terrorists, and legislators who care little about anyone but themselves. Once again, Gil shows his prowess and dedication to curbing crime and keeping the bad guys behind bars. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a fast-paced and actioned-packed story.

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