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Publication Order of Socket Greeny Books

The Discovery of Socket Greeny (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Training of Socket Greeny (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Legend of Socket Greeny (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Making of Socket Greeny (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Making (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Socket Greeny series is a series of science fiction and young adult novels written by the popular American author Tony Bertauski. It consists of a total of 3 novels published between the years 2010 and 2011. All the three novels of the series feature a white haired teenager named Socket Greeny,who comes to know that he belongs to an evolved race of humans. The series follows his training to understand about his real self as well as the legendary conclusion of his real nature. Throughout the different plots of the series, Socket does not seem as a normal human being. He seems to be facing a lot of problems because of being different from other humans, and his snow-white colored hair and funny name are the least of the many more problems in his life. Later, Socket Greeny and his friends get involved in a devious prank that goes really bad. Due to this, they realize that they will be losing everything that they had worked for and possessed in an alternate reality universe known as Virtualmode. Soon, a data drain from the system of the universe of Virtual mode catches hold the subconscious memories of Socket Greeny and the event gets entirely erased by some mysterious force. Then he finds some subtle clues that force him to believe that he has much more to know about himself than he actually does. The clues lead him to a discovery where he comes to know the reason behind the constant working of his mother. He also realizes that he is pretty far from being a normal human being. Following this, Socket Greeny goes out on an epic journey to save himself. The hopes of the entire universe also depend on him.

The first novel of the Socket Greeny series written by author Tony Bertauski was titled ‘The Discovery of Socket Greeny’. It was self-published by author Bertauski in the e-book and Kobo editions in the year 2010. The plot of this novel introduces the main character Socket Greeny and deals with the realities that he is about to find out about himself. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is depicted that Socket Greeny’s mother has always considered work to her first priority, since the death of his father. They live in the fictional world of Paladin Nation where, Socket Greeny’s mother is constantly at work. Socket always used to wonder why she did so and would always question her about the reason. One day, she shows the inner workings of the Paladin Nation to him, after which he understands the real reason behind her constant working. The Paladins are described as traversing through the wormholes on the planet in order to keep the world protected from harmful creatures. But they do not tell the people of the universe from what they are actually protecting the world.

Socket Greeny’s parents were not really like them, but he was born different from others. Soon, Socket finds himself at the center of a fresh betrayal and controversy when he gets appointed as the prodigy of the Paladin Nation. After discovering that he was different from the human race and that he was blessed with some psychic powers, he wishes that he should not have been different and be responsible for the entire world. The hopes of the entire universe lie with him because of his ability to timeslice and his psychic powers. The only thing he wishes is to get back home and go to school as normal once again. After coming to know about the wishes of Socket Greeny in spite of having the special powers, his mother tells him that life does not give that kind of privilege sometimes. After a little while, the world gets threatened by the outside forces and the members of the Paladn Nation get forced into the eyes of the public. After this, Socket Greeny understands what his mother was trying to tell him. Now, if he does not embrace his real nature soon, life will be changed forever in the world as well as for him.

The second novel of the Socket Greeny series written by author Tony Bertauski under the title ‘The Training of Socket Greeny’. Just like the first novel of the series, this novel too was self-published by author Bertauski in the form of Kobo and e-book editions in the year 2010. The plot of this novel continues to revolve around the life of the main character named Socket Greeny and deals with his training after his discovery about himself being different from the human race. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that a period of one year has passed after the expose of the Paladin Nation in the public eye. They still seem to be serving with the mission of saving the humanity from the threatening entities of the outside world. Previously, they had to deal with only the human duplications, but now, it seems that the biggest challenge that they have to face is by dealing with the complications of the image of the public. Socket Greeny is introduced into the plot of the novel as a 17 year old member of the group of cadets in the Paladin Nation. He has been there for over a year now and is about to appear for his final test. But that seems to be the least of the problems that he is worried about. Socket Greeny wonders more about his attempt of living a dual life. In one of them, he lives as a superhero along with dealing with his normal life. And in the second, he deals fearlessly with the masochistic trainer and tries to salvage his relationship with his loving girlfriend back at home, which seems to be deteriorating because of the long distance between them. However, the greatest challenge faced by Socket Greeny is in finding his real enemy. He later discovers that the fear that he has to deal with has a number of faces and he is required to use all his powers in order to get over them and protect the world from getting attacked by the threatening outer world creatures.

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