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Soldiers Of Fortune Books In Order

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Publication Order of Soldiers of Fortune Books

Soldier of Fortune (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Tender Stranger (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enamored (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercenary's Woman (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Soldier (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Mercenary (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon

Soldiers Of Fortune by Diana Palmer is a series of contemporary romance novels written by Diana Palmer. The author began the publication of Soldiers of Fortune series in 1985 when the debut novel Soldiers of Fortune was published. The second series installment The Tender Stranger was released the same year as the first one. The series concluded after four books with Mercenary’s Woman marking the last book in the series.

The Soldiers of Fortune

The Soldier of Fortune begins with the story of a retired mercenary named J.D Brettman. Reading the novel, we get to meet J.D and his mercenary friends Diego, Dutch, Stemson, Apollo and First Shirt. The second book in the series deals Dutch while the third focuses on Diego. As the book progresses we get to meet their women, Dani, Gabby, Joyce, and Melisa.

The main plot narrates how these women get these handsome, adventurous and loving macho men to get married. The story of Brettman also known as Archer is an interesting one. The characters are well crafted and believable more so in this day and age.

Eric van Meer was a unique character; he is first introduced as a man who hated women and hated marriage even more. However, his view on women and marriage changes when he meets the bespectacled Danielle St. Clair to the extent of offering marriage proposal as if it was the only way to own her. Unfortunately, Danielle finds out what Meer had been doing for a living and ends up rejecting that kind of life, especially when he deserts her for a mission after their short happy moment. When he returns home a few months later with hoping to save his marriage, he finds her pregnant with his child, and the memories of the past come rushing back to him. What he had become was contributed to a woman who had left had abandoned him for a richer guy, and that was after she aborted his child. Moreover, when he realizes that Danielle almost had a miscarriage, he realizes that her life was the best thing in his life and not the baby and not even his job. The reaction of his fellow ex-mercenaries to the news of this alleged “woman hater’s” marriage and the impending fatherhood makes this novel an interesting read.

Some of the scenes that Diana Palmer, the author of this incredible series adds in this novel make it exciting and at times will keep you at the edge of your seat. You will love the rescue attempt, and how the heroine fights to protect her boss, also known as the man she loves. You will love the turn around when Meer realizes how he hurt his wife, Danielle despite how much the love he felt for her and how he works again to gain her trust as well as love.

The author creates an intriguing plot that keeps the readers hooked from the first to the very end. The subplots inserted into this novel helps you understand the characters more including their past and how it relates to their present life. The dialogue is fun to read; it will you give you an insight of how the characters feel and what in their mind as well.

Mercenary Woman

Mercenary Woman the fourth installment in soldiers of fortune series. Ebenezer Scott a former mercenary returns home in Jacobsville to start a new life and meets the girl he had left behind earlier. It has been sixteen years since he and Sally ever spoke. She was 17 when he sent her running away from his, and he could not blame her for what she did. He had left her with some heartbreaking scars, and now she does not know that her whole family is in danger and Scott is her only hope of survival.

Sally Johnson is in trouble because she is the niece to the retired government employee Jessica Myers. Jessica provided information that sent the most wanted drug lord in prison. However, due to some circumstances, the drug kingpin has been released from prison, and he is now hunting her up and down. Sally, on the other hand, is innocent in all this commotion but happens to be the woman whom Eb Scott has loved for decades. Scott has kept his distance due to his occupation, and now that he is no longer working as a mercenary he feels that it is the right time to approach her and protect her together with her nephew and probably start one more personal relationship with her.

The fourth installment in Soldiers of Fortune series is interesting, the background to Sally and Eb lives is interesting, and the romance of both the primary and the secondary characters is exciting too. The love that exists between Eb Scott and Sally Johnson is strong, despite having broken up several years ago, their love for each other sprouts once more despite the challenges. Scott love for Sally is proven since he is willing to do anything to ensure that no one ever hurts her or her family either and anyone messing with her would be messing with him as well.

The Winter Soldier

Winter Solder is the fifth installment in Soldiers of Fortune series. The book introduces the readers to the two main characters in the novel Cy Parks and Lisa Monroe. Even though everyone in Jacobsville steered clear of Cy Parks, only one person did not shake in her boots but instead electrified this formidable loner with her kisses which resulted to a fiery passion when the winter soldier made his way back home and proposed to Lisa to be his wife.

Cy Parks is an ex-mercenary and a professional soldier for hire. He lost his wife and son some years ago when drug kingpin Manuel Lopez set their house on fire as an act of vengeance. CY understands that Lopez got a reputation of eliminating not only those posing threat to him but also their families as well. So when Lopez men kill an undercover agent, Walt Monroe, CY realizes that Walt’s widow might be in danger too and therefore he must do whatever it takes to protect her.

On the other hand, Lisa finds herself pregnant, lost his husband and in a massive financial crisis. When her neighbor CY offers her help, she is thankful. However, she does not expect that they will be happy and comfortable in each other’s company.

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