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Soldiers of Wrath MC Books In Order

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Publication Order of Soldiers of Wrath MC Books

By: Jenika Snow, Sam Crescent
Owned by the Bastard (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bent, Not Broken (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard As Steel (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Bastard (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ruin and Rise (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Way I Like It (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in You (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wild Ride (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Harder They Fall (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Soldiers of Wrath MC is a book series written by two authors, Jenika Snow and Sam Crescent. Sam Crescent is a renowned author who is exceedingly passionate about fiction. Her undying love for erotic romance is what made her decide to become a full-time writer. Despite the fact that Crescent became a full-time writer in the year 2009, it took her more than two years before her first work was accepted and published. Crescent not only loves to create new characters but she also loves to immerse herself into the worlds that she creates. When Crescent is not panicking about a story or arguing about any of the characters that she has created, Crescent can be found causing havoc in her kitchen. Just like the story that she creates, her work and creations in the kitchen can be dubious; sometimes things sometimes can turn out to be exceedingly great.

Soldiers of Wrath MC Series

The first installment in the Soldiers of Wrath book series is Owned by the Bustard. In Owned by the Bastard, the authors introduce the readers to Demon who is the president of a group known as the Soldiers of Wrath MC. He is an exceedingly vicious bastard, who does not regret anything at all, especially the violent things that he happens to do in life. Apart from Demon, the authors also introduce the readers to Deanna Monte, a lady who has continued to stay with her drug addicted and low-life father ever since their mother had died. Despite the fact that she holds some resentment towards her father, Deanna Monte still wishes to hold her dying mother’s wish of not giving up on their father. Thus, she simply cannot walk away from her father.

It does not take long, before Deanna is given to Demon, as a form of reimbursement for her father’s debt. Deanna Monte decides to use everything that she has so that she cannot submit to Demon. However, despite having a strong will, Deanna has never met someone like Demon before. The demon is not only extremely strong and powerful, but he is also an exceedingly cruel man who has the ability to take her life very easily. However, despite the fact that she despises the man, Deanna Monte wants Demon badly, and that is what scares her. With that said, Soldiers of Wrath is a great start to what promises to be an excellent series. There are numerous characters which you are definitely going to fall in love with.

Deanna is an exceedingly strong character, who does not cave in easily. She refused to not only submit to Demon but also to the lifestyle of the bikers. Demon, on the other hand, is a typical biker’s president He is not only extremely dangerous, but he also was not afraid of making the hard choices in life. However, despite being extremely dangerous, we still got to witness his tender sides, especially when interacting with Deanna.

Bent not Broken is the second installment in the Soldiers of Wrath book series. In this book, we are introduced to Reese Whitman, commonly known as Joker. Reese is a man who has decided to put behind the life that he used to live before. Now, he is known as the joker, an exceedingly hot and rugged Vice President of the group of bikers known as the Soldiers of Wrath. The Club of bikers is his life. As any ardent follower of the bikers club, Joker has done so many unthinkable things. He is more than willing to do anything for the club, irrespective of what it is. Furthermore, this is his life. However, there is one person whom he just cannot forget about. The lady has claimed his heart for so many years.

Reese is more than determined to ensure that the woman becomes his, not for one night but rather for the remainder of his life. Apart from Reese, we are also introduced to Amy Holand, a lady who is living in pain. However, her pain is not physical but rather emotional pain. For so many years, Amy has managed to keep her true feelings hidden. Nightmares and plague continue to plague her dreams, and they don’t appear to be fading anytime soon. These are memories of what her biological father used to do to her. Amy believes that she neither deserves good life or love. However, she just could not forget the innocent encounter that she had when she was still a teenager. It was only one great night, and the boy disappeared for good.

More than five years, Amy has managed to build an excellent life for herself. Joker has done all he can to ensure that Amy is always happy. Now, he wants to make Amy his. He believes he has taken much longer and he is not going to wait at all. There are several dealings within the club that he feels to be dealt with in the only manner that he knows how to. However, he still is not going to be stopped, and his biggest fight is Amy. With that said, this is an exceedingly sensational read full of emotions that are not only raw but exceedingly powerful.

Dead Bastard is the fourth installment in the Soldiers of Wrath book series. In this book, we are introduced to Shakes, who happens to be the member of the Soldiers of Wrath book series. Shakes not only loves to ride but he also loves to drink and fight as well. He looks at all of his brothers who have fallen in love with women and believes that he is never going to fall in love. Zeke approaches Demon and asks for a favor from Demon. Deke needs the group to go to the college that his daughter Daniella attends and pick her up. Furthermore, Zeke also asks Demon whether he would allow him to keep her daughter safe. Demon agrees to help him out. He warns all the other members that Daniella is hands off and anyone who tries to do anything will be killed by Zeke. Shakes try to fight off his growing attraction to Dani, but he just can’t seem to fight it off. With that said, is Zeke going to kill Shakes? Only time will tell.

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