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Passionate Yearning(2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Solease M. Barner is an international and Amazon bestselling paranormal romance author of the Draglen Brothers series, among other novels. To relieve stress, she writes poems and believes reading a novel on the beach gives one the best feeling.
Solease is a social person and likes spending time with her family. She also loves movies and reading books

Draken is the debut in the Draglen Brothers series. Knowing all you want in life and how your life will be in the future, then their perfect plan is blown up by a voice and scent in the blink of an eye. Draken and Princess, aka Cess, thought they had a clear picture of their life, but soon they realized fate had different plans.

Cess Lamil is focused on completing her college studies with honors and kick start her career. However, when a new neighbor moves in, her objectives change immediately.

Draken is Cess’ new neighbor, who she thinks is controlling and obnoxious, and he’s all she can think about for now. On the other hand, Draken doesn’t care what Cess thinks because he’s sure he will not want anything to do with her.
Cess also thinks she will have anything to do with him, but the two are in for a surprise. Even though she never liked him the first time he saw him, now she feels so much drawn to the mysterious Draken, but soon she discovers he has dark secrets.

Draken Draglen has come to town to put his family business in order. He is the eldest of a royal Dragon Shifter family. He is also the Heir to the throne and the head of the corporations the family oversees on earth.
Draken has eight brothers, all of which are tall, dark and handsome. Each of them contains the beast in them. Being a dragon is their other form, which is also their truer form. Although humans no longer believe the dragon is a myth, anyone who looks into their eyes for too long can feel that they are predators.

Draken’s current problem with their treasure is the existence of Princess, i.e. Cess. She is a human who has turned the always composed mind of Draken. He has lived by one principle only to get intimate with women of his kind.

However, when Cess walks through the street to introduce herself to him as a neighbor, Draken is afraid that he might end up breaking his principle. He is set to avoid her, afraid his secret may be discovered. As much as he wants to keep his secret hidden, his desire for Cess is too much.

Draken does something that could change not only his life but that of his entire family. Cess makes him out of this beast while taming the dragon with her mere presence. The desire to devour each other starts consuming them both.

At Cess tries to resist since she’s in school and has a scientific career trip to Italy. Draken, on the other hand, tries ignoring and denying his feelings but his brothers sense his desire for the girl.

Surprisingly, they are responsible for getting him what his heart wants. Cess is confused about whether she should get out of his life, but since Draken will only be around for six months, she sees no harm in having steamy sessions with him.

The brothers succeed in convincing Cess to see Draken once more, and he apologizes for his actions pleading with her to talk to him. Can Cess finally understand Draken’s true nature?

There is a lot of action and steamy scenes between the two characters to keep the reader at the edge of their seats. Draken is fast-paced and erotically charged with gut-wrenching moments enough to keep the reader turning pages.
There are lots of twists and turns as the author introduces the reader to the culture and traditions of Draken’s world. For fans of paranormal, more so dragons, this novel is a must-read for you.

Showken is the second in the Draglen Brothers Series. Marilyn Carrington has had bad luck when it comes to love. She was hurt by anyone who claimed to love and care for her. As a result, she can’t trust anyone except herself and her pistol.
This only lasts until a sexy man walks into the bar where she worlds and stays near her. Ignoring his advances, the man takes a hint and decides to leave her alone, but soon Marilyn finds herself missing him. Her painful past made Showken’s advances more negative to her.

Marilyn can sense a danger surrounding him but chooses to ignore it as she wants to know how it feels to love again. Can she overcome her past and grab the chance for her to love again? Now the only thing she’s worried about is whether Showken wants her to. Can he control the beast in him to win his mate’s heart?

Showken Draglen is a green dragon shifter who loves human women. Since Draken is at home with Cess from the previous book, he is now in charge of running the business on earth. He has a reputation for being a playboy and enjoys his freedom by never getting into a committed relationship with a lady, and he has no plans for it in the future. However, when he sets his eyes on Marilyn, he is ready to do everything possible to have her.

Not used to being rejected, he gets so much determined to win her. The only problem is that Showken is afraid that once she learns who he is, she will want nothing to do with him.

Marilyn was tough, outspoken, and stubborn and never took crap from anybody. She is an ordinary girl trying to make a living while escaping her past. She could not resist the persistent dragons and his charms as strong and independent as she claims.

Anyone looking for an exciting, compelling, arousing, addictive and romantic novel, Showken is the perfect book for you. The characters are well-developed, imaginative and intriguing, adding flesh to the story.

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