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Publication Order of Solomon vs. Lord Books

Solomon vs. Lord (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Deep Blue Alibi (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kill All the Lawyers (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trial & Error / Habeas Porpoise (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Solomon & Lord Sink or Swim (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Solomon vs Lord series is yet another legal thriller series written by the highly successful author from America named Paul Levine. This series is comprised of 4 books in total, which were released between the years 2005 and 2007. All the 4 books of this series revolve around the chief protagonists named Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord. These two central characters are depicted as lawyers from Florida, who show a love and hate relationship occasionally throughout the series. Author Levine has given the character description of Lord as that of a blue hood from Coral Gables who only likes to work by the rule books. Whereas Solomon is described as a beach bum from the Coconut Grove. He likes to follow his own rule. In spite of all the difference between them, the two show up a very good pair while representing any case that comes their way. On many occasions, it appears that might end up killing each other in the process of trying to overpower one another. Author Levine began writing the series in the year 2005, and even published the debut novel titled ‘Solomon vs Lord’ in the same year. Author Levine has hinted that he is still working on the plots of the future novels of the series, a few of which he is about to publish very soon in the days to come. The overall series appears to be a touching, entertaining, and a hilarious one. The series in particular depicts the mismatched team of legal prosecutors named Victoria Lord and Steve Solomon. Solomon is more properly described an ethically challenged lawyer, who has established his own set of rules called as the Solomon’s Laws. He seems to have acquired such an attitude as he is from Coconut Grove. Steve Solomon is of the opinion that if the law does not seem to work properly, then we should try to work the law. Opposite to his personality, Victoria Lord is more of a straight laced blue hood of Coral Gables. She does not seem to have any intention of making her own rules. She does not even like to twist the rules of law for her own benefit, rather she seems more willing to follow all the rules given in the book.

In all the four books published so far in the legal thriller series, the two lawyers are seen battling and bantering in the courtroom, Jailhouse, and even in the bedroom sometimes. Despite having a love-hate relationship, Lord and Solomon make up a good team, surprisingly. It is believed that the two of them will even try to kill each other if the jury is not present. With the help of the sizzling dialogues and exciting plots, the series went on to become a successful one for author Levine. The success rewarded him with a number of nominations of prestigious literary awards over the years. A few of them include the Edgar Allan Award, the Best International Thriller award, the Macavity award, as well as the James Thurber Prize. Author Levine is very well known to write in a sly and sardonic tone. Many popular literary magazines have described the Solomon vs Lord series as an original and fresh series, that has interesting characters. These sets of mind blowing characters are loved by one and all. The funny paced legal thriller novel series depicts intriguing set ups that are liked by many readers all over the world. Steve is described as being a graduate from the Key West Law School, Victoria Lord is a pass out of the Yale University. They become law partners and take up passionate cases.

One of the initial novels written in this series by author Paul Levine is titled as ‘Kill All the Lawyers’. It was published in 2006 by the Bantam publishers. The plot of the book introduces Steve and Victoria as the oddest couple of the legal world. Being on the same side of the legal fight is the only thing that keeps them from killing each other. In the opening sequence of the book, Steve Solomon comes across a 300 pound marlin, which was stuck in the front door of his house. He knows that it was quite weird even by the standards of South Florida criminal world, where the murderers are more in number than the mosquitoes. Shortly after, Steve becomes successful in figuring out the person who was making those bizarre threats to him. But, he finds it very difficult to explain to his partner, Vicoria Lord, as to why one of his former clients wants to see him dead. Previously, Victoria was very much used to Steve’s habit of cutting the legal corner for winning cases. But, losing a case in spite of breaking the laws seemed downright unethical even to Steve Solomon. Soon, they duo begins to get bashed on the local radio. Also, a celebrity shrink tries to be the new friend of Steve. As the killer is still roaming free, Steve begins to fear a legal disaster. He even fears that Victoria might end her personal and professional relationship with him, if he does not try and catch the killer as soon as possible.

Another popular book of the series is titled as ‘Habeas Porpoise’. Nittany Valley publishers once again released the book in the year 2013. In this book, Victoria Lord is shown as the prosecutor and Steve Solomon is seen serving as the defendant. This time the love & hate relationship of both these lawyers takes a new turn as they find themselves on the opposite sides of a criminal case. The man standing the trial is an ecoterrorist, who is facing a murder charge. The novel starts with the abduction of a couple of trained dolphins from the popular Cetacean Park of Miami. Soon, it is learned that one of the dead body of one of the ecoterrorists is found lying nearby the park. As a result, his partner gets charged with homicide. But, he pleads that he did not kill his partner. Citing it as a felony murder, Solomon thinks that it is a bum rap. Steve becomes shocked when he learns that his law partner and lover Victoria Lord has been named as the special prosecutor in the case. The case results in a conflict of interest between the two as both of them try extremely hard to win the case. This book too became very popular like the series’ other books.

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