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Somaiya Daud is a published American fantasy author.

Daud was born in the Midwest. She would move around for much of her childhood and adolescent years. Like a lot of authors have, she first began writing at a young age and it kept on going.

The passion that she felt for reading and books motivated her to attend school and study English literature for her degree. She would specialize in early modern literature and medieval literature. While the author was studying to get a Master’s degree, she also was selling children’s literature as her part time job.

Daud wanted to stay in school pretty much for as long as she really could. So in 2014, she packed up her bags and relocated all the way over to the west coast so that she could go after her doctoral degree in the field of English literature. In the middle of being an active and busy student, the author found time to compose her debut fictional work Mirage, published with the assistance of Flatiron Books.

Somaiya Daud is the author and the creator of the Mirage series of fictional novels. The fictional series was published and made available to readers for the first time in 2018. This is when the debut story that the series is named for came out. The first would be followed by a second book in 2019. The sequel is titled Court of Lions. This is a fascinating fantasy series designed for young adult readers but can be enjoyed by anyone!

Mirage is the first book to come out from Somaiya Daud’s Mirage series. In this debut story, readers get to meet the main character, a young woman named Amani, for the first time.

Amani is 18 years old and lives in the midst of a far out star system that happens to be dominated by the brutal empire of the Vathek. Even though life living in the middle of the occupation can be tough, Amani makes the most of it by being a dreamer.

She day dreams all the time about all types of things. She likes to go in her mind and think about how life was before it all changed because of the occupation. She dreams that she can write poetry and poems that are just like the poems of the old world that she so loves. She also dreams that one day she will receive a sign that she will get adventure and be able to travel beyond the moon to see new places.

Amani is about to find out that the adventurous life may not be all that she expected it to be when it arrives quicker than she’d thought it would. When the regime kidnaps her and secretly takes her to a royal palace, she is about to get way more than she bargained for.

Once at the palace, she finds that she bears a striking resemblance to Princess Maram, the half-Vathek princess known for her cruelty. The conquered people hate her with a passion– so much so that she must have for her security a true body double that must appear as her in public. This way the double will die instead of Princess Maram should anyone chance an attempt on her life.

It turns out that the body double is intended to be Amani. It’s a role that she is forced into, but maybe it isn’t all that bad. The palace has a regal beauty that she is able to enjoy. Another more dangerous enjoyment comes in the form of Idris, who is engaged to marry the princess.

The world of a royal court is full of glamour and riches– but not all that glitters is gold. Beneath this polished exterior lies a world that is full of fear, violence, and intimidation. If she ever wants to be reunited with her family, Amani must commit to playing the role of the royal princess like never before.

A lack of perfection in her performance could end up causing her demise. Can she pretend to be royalty well enough so that they spare her? Or will she play the princess so well that the populace actually falls for it and comes to kill her instead? Find out by picking up Mirage, the thrilling debut fantasy story of this series.

The second book in the Mirage fictional series of novels is titled Court of Lions. If you loved the events of the first book, check out the thrilling sequel in this blend of sci-fi and fantasy from Daud.

Readers met Amani in the first book and went along with her for an adventurous ride. Now this character is back and is facing a terrible choice between her family and trying to stop a revolution. Before all of this happened, she was just a regular girl with dreams of adventure.

Now they’ve all come true, and Amani’s world has never been more different– or more interesting. She’s become an identical body double for a princess, all while being a rebel at heart. Forced against her will to pretend to be royalty, she must do her best to imitate the half-Vathek woman the best that she can.

Princess Maram is cruel but also manages to remain complex as well. The public hates her and their passion has now forced her royal highness and Amani into isolation. Amani made the best of a bad situation and cultivated her own friendship with the princess, tenuous though it may be.

The friendship that they once may have enjoyed, however, has come to an end. The princess found out that Amani was tied to the rebels and has since made sure of her silence. Crossing the princess once more means that she faces her identity being revealed to the court.

She still wants to help the rebellion and contribute to the fight for the freedom of the people. This leads her to a horrible decision where she must choose risking her family and her own safety to help the rebellion fight or whether she’ll choose safety and Idris instead. Read this book to the end to find out what happens!

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