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Publication Order of Something More Books

The “Something More” series by Danielle Pearl began publication in the year 2014, when “Normal” was released. The books are about young adults in high school or college, and show broken people healing while finding a romance.

The first two novels are from Rory’s point of view, while “ReCAP” is the novel “Normal”, from Sam’s point of view. The other books in the series are from other people’s perspectives and tell

“In Pieces”, book four of the series, was one of Amazon’s best books of the month when it came out in the year 2017.

“Normal” is the first novel in the “Something More” series, which was released in the year 2014. Just one year ago, Aurora “Rory” Pine was an average teenage girl, just sweet and naive, like the fairy tale princess that she was named for. This is not one year ago, however.

Rory is broken, and suffers from a horrible anxiety disorder, and wrought with many precarious triggers. Her plan is to move across the country to try to escape her trouble’s source, and just be anonymous. This is easier said than done. There is a witness to her having a panic attack outside her calculus class. To make things worse, he is a gorgeous one, too.

Sam is a walking trigger for her. He is built like the star athlete he truly is, and is incredibly handsome. Popular, too, of course. He is outwardly all that Rory hates about high school. The fates, though, keep throwing the two together, and there is a connection that sparks. Neither one of them was able to ignore it, and it was nothing they expected.

Sam has got issues himself, and Rory’s past is not staying back in her past. Friendship blooms into something more. Will a girl, one utterly destroyed by simply the worst betrayal, and a boy, one that is battling his own demons, have any kind of normal relationship? Is that what they actually want?

Once the book gets going, the story makes you invest totally in everything going on. Fans of the novel did not expect to have their heart ripped out with this one. Sam was a character that was a refreshing change of pace from the normal boy in high school. He lets Rory know that he actually cares about her, and isn’t trying to force his tongue down her throat every chance he gets.

“Okay” is the second novel in the “Something More” series, which was released in the year 2015. Rory never expected to find love, especially after the horrible events she endured over the past year. She realizes that her past leaves her a major liability to the one person that she cares about more than anything, and she finally sees that for Sam and her, love means sacrifice.

Can two people go back to being friends after being hopelessly in love with each other? Sam and Rory do not know for sure themselves. The one thing they do know is that this is the one choice they have.

Sam is going to make sure the vicious attack Rory is recovering from is the last one he suffers. How far is he going to go to make sure she stays safe? The choices they make are going to change everything, and will either bring them back to each other, or destroy them for good.

Fans of the novel found themselves enjoying every drawn out and angst filled moment of the book. The book is sweet, emotional, and is simply a stellar read. These books are going to touch and break your heart long after you have finished reading them.

“In Ruins” is the third novel in the “Something More” series, which was released in the year 2016. Freedom is the first word that Carleigh Stanger thought about when her thoughts turned to college. Freedom from it all. Freedom from all her high school mistakes. From her unhappy home life. And the memory of that one terrible morning.

Only instead of bringing her sweet escape, her first party on campus finds her trapped in the scornful gaze of Tucker Green. The last person on Earth she wanted to see.

Not long ago, being close to Carleigh was all Tucker wanted in the world. That was before he figured out that she was one more scheming girl that would do whatever she could to get her own way. Even if she had to lie to the guy that she claimed she loved. Tucker’s brain remembers the pain that Carleigh caused, while his body just remembers all the pleasure.

Fans of the novel found themselves becoming fans of Danielle Pearl, upon reading this book. Some were up way too late reading this one, and had to force themselves to put it down so they could get some much needed rest, at four-thirty in the morning.

“In Pieces” is the fourth novel in the “Something More” series, which was released in the year 2017. Most college freshmen love the freedom that comes with living on campus, but no one craves it more than Beth Caplan. After a horrible night when she was fifteen, that left her locked up in a wonderful prison of private tutors. Everyone said that it was for the best, and it might well have been.

After the years of healing and hard work, the one person that never thought that she was broken might be the one that breaks her once again. Beth is unable to stay away now any more than she could before, all those years ago.

David March heard his best friend’s younger sister was coming to his high school, he agreed to keep her safe. He also said that he would keep a safe distance from her. The sweet young girl he used to know is now a gorgeous young woman, and keeps attracting attention from those she shouldn’t. Like the ex that almost destroyed her and the odd new kid that is disturbingly able to show up wherever Beth is. There is a more troubling discovery that he makes. He does not just want to keep her safe. David wants her to be his.

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