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Publication Order of East Coast Devils Books

The Devil's Keepsake (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Deal (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Devil's Obsession (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Sinners Anonymous Books

Sinners Anonymous (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners Condemned (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners Consumed (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners Atone (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinners Absolve (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Somme Sketcher is an internationally bestselling author popularly known for her dark mafia romance book series Sinners Anonymous. When not writing, you will find Somme trying a new hobby like skating, poetry, or listening to true crime podcasts.
Sinners Anonymous is the first book in a series by the same name. It’s a story about a 21-year-old Aurora Carter from the Devil’s Dip who prefers to be called Rory. She is engaged to an old man, Alberto Visconti, the leader of Cosa Nostra, just because of her sick father. For the record, The Visconti is an Italian-American mafia family that owns almost all the properties and everything luxurious along the Devil’s coast. Despite her gold-digging character, Rory disguised herself without anyone knowing the darker version of herself beneath her.

Rory finally unleashes her darkest sins, but she does so by calling a hotline dubbed Sinners Anonymous, seeking to repent her sins. But little does she not know that the hotline is owned by none other than her boyfriend’s nephew, Angelo Visconti. The nephew is what you would call a fallen angel, so handsome and yet corrupt. He is a 36-year-old successful entrepreneur who relocated to London after his father’s death and later returned to Devil’s Dip. Surprisingly, Rory is attracted to his dark nature just like a moth is attracted to a flame, a flame bound to engulf them both. Now Angelo and Rory undertake the forbidden dance of lust and passion as the world transforms into a bloodbath.

Somme Sketcher has done a fantastic job creating a dark mafia romance story that will make you fall in love with the characters, writing style, the universe, the plot, and everything. The main characters are perfect in every sense possible. Angelo is the perfect bad boy that every woman would fall in love with. He first falls in love with Rory and literary loves every aspect of hers. He makes all her insecurities because her ex-boyfriend forgot every moment she was with him. The two literary fell in love with each other without even kissing or even doing the deed is something you will rarely find in most romance books.

You will also like Rory. She is sneaky, funny, selfless, badass, and simply amazing. The things and favors she did for her father are something, not your average person can do. She is kind and willing to give up her happiness for her father’s sake. She is also hilarious in how she tempts and teases her fiancé, Angelo.

The forbidden aspect makes the relationship between Rory and Angelo more intriguing- she is the fiancée of his uncle. For instance, how they sneaked around and were forced to hide their attraction to one another is fascinating for anyone who loves forbidden romances. And the fact that Angelo literary murdered her fiancé just to be with her and reclaim his title is quite impressive. He just wants to murder anyone who ever touched Rory incorrectly. Overall, Sinners Anonymous is a well-plotted book featuring arranged marriages, murders, and familial problems, making it intriguing and intense.

The Devil’s Keepsake is the first book in East Coast Devils book series by Somme Sketcher. We are introduced to Lorcan, who became a Don overnight after his father’s death. In the book’s first few pages, Lorcan’s father is a no-boy scout, emotionally damaged due to family loss, alcohol abuse, addiction, and hatred for Poppy’s father. The author doesn’t reveal why Lorcan has so much hatred for Poppy until later in the story when the reason behind the hate is revealed. His opinion changes once he finally discovers why she is neither loved by her evil father nor has no contact with him.

It’s a gradual realization made possible by his increasing desire for her. Until the story reaches a turning point, Lorcan’s stony shell starts to break due to his love for Poppy. He gradually grows more human. The plot is filled with tension, anxiety, conflicting allegiances, and a love tale that rises from the ashes of earlier wrongdoings and misunderstandings. Thoughts and betrayal continue to rear their ugly heads even in the last chapters, making it a hard-fought HEA.
Poppy Murphy discovered when she was fifteen that Lorcan Quinn would claim her at eighteen as restitution for her father’s errors. It was her final conversation with her father. She anticipated the worst when she reached 18 but was pleased when it didn’t happen. On the night she turned 19, however, she was drugged and taken hostage, and nobody could help her. Poppy was the newest addition to Lorcan’s collection of lovely objects, a Mafia Don who collected them all. Poppy got to know Lorcan and eventually came to terms with her confinement. Although he harassed and spoke to her, he never pressed himself on her. Instead, she arrived.

Once again, Somme Sketcher did a fantastic job crafting a mafia romance featuring intriguing primary and secondary characters. Lorcan is a man with many flaws and the reluctant leader of a mafia family. Nobody ever anticipated it happening, but then again, no one ever expected the tragedies that led to it. Poppy is the only kid of an errand guy for the mafia.

The Devil’s Deal is the second novel in East Coast Devils series by Somme Sketcher. Lottie, better known as Dahlia in the story, resolved to live in the now and never worry about the future after the passing of her parents. Dahlia thus found herself in several situations where she was in grave peril and was saved by contract assassin Cillian, who also found the love of his life. They had many obstacles in their relationship, but they overcame them and succeeded.
The second in the series is a story packed with danger, suspense, and exciting twists. Dhalia is a beautiful main character, and you will like her and appreciate how she and Cillian are with each other, especially during their interaction and encounters in the first book. The naughty scenes in the story are off-charts, and it’s entertaining to get to know them both right from the first page to the last.

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