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Publication Order of Song of Acadia Books

By: Janette Oke, T. Davis Bunn
The Meeting Place (1999)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Sacred Shore (2000)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Birthright (2000)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Distant Beacon (2001)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Beloved Land (2002)Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The Song of Acacia Series is a volume of books that revolves around Christian fiction, historical fiction and romance. The sequels were written by T.Davis Bunn and Janette Oke. One of the early books of these series is The Meeting Place which is a tale about two ladies, Catherine Harrow and Louise Robichaud who become close friends in spite of their diverse backgrounds. Catherine is a Briton whereas Louise is from France. They coincidentally get married at the same time to husbands of the same social status and give birth to baby girls almost at the duration. Louise’s baby is diagnosed with a chronic disease and both women give up all that they have to take care of the child. Together, both households get involved in a mission to rescue the baby’s life and their companionship and trust is much more than what you would expect in the normal circumstances. Catherine’s spouse is the chief officer at the garrison whereas Louise’s husband is the mayor of the community where they live. The two ladies slowly learn how to communicate since they are initially from different language groups and their spouses also become comrades when they first come across each other when their wives are expectant.

There is a conflict going on between the British and French armies. The tale is set along the Canadian’s coastline and dated back in the eighteenth century when the land was a dwelling place for the inborn Indians, the British barracks and French colonists. The French people lived in a certain regulated locality where they were governed by the British government. All these citizens were always in a segregated condition due to the fact that there was a political hostility between their authorities especially because of the British control. The French however had never harmed the British in any way but the British looked down on them because they were French. The British troops were in a mission to drive away all the French colonists out of the land of Acadia. The war that takes place between the British and French is sorrowful especially to the French people due to the hardships that they endure. The reader is able to understand a little history of the Cajun community in Louisiana. These hardships do not prevent Catherine and Louise to come together privately and share about their Christian devotion. At the commencement of the story, there are quite a number of prayers and scripture readings.

The story generally portrays the idea of believe, marriage and trust. It is also an inspiration tool to the reader whereby despite the outside difficulties that trigger the relationship between both women, they still find a way to overcome the odds and try their level best to build their homes and families. They make use of their religious faith as a means of encouragement to push on. The book finalizes with a high level of performance leading to a lot of suspense, unresolved issues and curiosity that compels the reader to read the subsequent sequels. The romance between couples is presented a lot through the kisses and the desire of the spouses to touch their wives.

Another remarkable book from Song of the Acadia Series is The Sacred Shore which addresses about two young women, Antoinette Robichaud and Elspeth Harrow (also referred to as Nicole) who are the main characters in the story. The two ladies were switched over during the eviction of the Acadian citizens from Nova Scotia. Nicole was nurtured in the family of Henry, a mayor and his spouse, Louise who strictly follow the Christian faith. Nicole realized that her biological father and mother were English people after growing up. She grew up having a hatred for the English people due to the cruelty that her family underwent through. At first there is a lot of mystery about how the two ladies landed in their current homes afterwards the real story is unfolded. As Nicole grew up, she felt that she was not a part of the Henry household and many times she would tell Henry that God is not real due to the fact that she saw her life as full of confusion. This compelled Henry to pray for her with the hope that she would get a solution.

From early childhood, Antoinette has been familiar with the tale behind the friendship between the chief officer’s spouse, Catherine Harrow and the French woman, Louise. The tale is about how Catherine sacrificed herself to take Louise’s baby, to the English medical practitioners so that she could be treated as she had a life-threatening disease. Meanwhile she had left her child under the care of Louise since her spouse, Andrew was on official duty since he worked with the army and there was a battle between the French and the Scotia authority. The Acadian citizens refused to join the British in fighting against the French. As a result, the British authority decided to evict the French, an incident that happened as Catherine was coming back from Halifax and ended not tracing her child. In the meantime, Louise’s baby, Antoinette was taken care of by Catherine. Antoinette’s dad had declined to participate in the eviction and as a result was forced to resign after which he became a priest. In the meantime their search for Elspeth carried on as they looked for any notification that could give them an idea as to where she could be. The book illustrates what happens when Antoinette and Nicole unexpectedly come across each other later on in their lives.

Charles, Andrew’s brother is another character who desires to have a successor. He therefore intends to go to England with Charles’s daughter so that she can become his inheritor. The story portrays him as a mean and stingy individual and also despises the Christian faith that his brother holds so dearly. However towards the end of the book, his attitude starts to transform and he begins to respect the opinions of Charles about the Christian faith. The characters are intensively described and the storyline is consistently on the move providing no opportunity for tediousness.


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