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Publication Order of Song of Alaska Books

Dawn's Prelude (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Morning's Refrain (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twilight's Serenade (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Song of Alaska novel series is a wonderful series of historical fiction, romance, and Christian fiction/romance stories. It is written by a renowned American writer of romance novels, Tracie Peterson. Tracie wrote and published three books in this series between 2009 and 2010. She has set the plots of each of the books in Sitka, Alaska in the 1870s. Several events of the stories also take place in Kansan City, Missouri, and England. In each novel, Tracie has described the life story of a different set of primary characters. Some of the essential characters created by her for this series include Lydia Sellers, Kjell Bjorklund, Yuri Belikov, Phoebe Robbins, Dalton Lindquist, Britta Lindquist, Brenton Maltese, etc. Every novel of the series has succeeded in finding a large number of audiences in all corners of the world. They have entertained the readers from start to end and have made them intrigued enough to keep turning pages one after the other.

Many noteworthy critics have given their genuinely positive reviews about the books and characters in various literary journals and magazines as well as on other literary platforms. Even a large number of fellow writers of Tracie Peterson have praised her efforts in coming up with such beautiful stories of romance. They have appreciated her characters and her storylines depicted in the books of this series. Tracie’s beautiful writing style is what adds more color to the stories. It tends to attract readers even more. Around ten years have passed since the last book came out and readers have grown too impatient to read another book developed on the same lines as the previous three books. They are hoping that Tracie Peterson will start working on a new story soon and release it in the near future.

Tracie’s happiness knew no bounds when the first book became immensely successful. The worldwide success gave her a huge boost and motivated her to finish writing two more books in a span of twelve months. She takes great pride in knowing that she has made the best use of her writing talents and it has paid off well. Tracie is hopeful of continuing with the good work for as long as she can. She intends to write extraordinary love stories revolving around people in extraordinary circumstances. Tracie is also looking forward to developing a new novel series set in various beautiful places in the world.

The debut book of the Song of Alaska series written by author Tracie Peterson is entitled ‘Dawn’s Prelude’. It was released by Bethany House Publishers in 2009. This novel features Kjell Bjorklund and Lydia Sellers. It is set in 1870 in Sitka, Alaska. Initially, it is depicted that Lydia Sellers is a newly widowed woman. She comes to know that she is the one and only recipient of the enormous fortune of her husband. But, it brings more difficulty in her life than ease. Lydia’s adult stepchildren battle against her to take ownership of the inheritance. To put behind the painful memories of her marriage, Lydia decides to visit her aunt in Sitka and live with her for some time. Her arrival in the beautiful town brings 2 things that she did not expect.

First, she gets acquainted with the handsome and charming Kjell Bjorklund, who is a sawmill owner. The second thing she discovers is that she is pregnant with the child of her deceased husband. Lydia fears that it will cause problems in her newfound relationship with Kjell Bjorklund. To make matters worse, her stepchildren are still threatening her of dire consequences if she doesn’t give up their father’s fortune. Lydia decides to take desperate steps in order to save her life and that of her unborn child. The second installment of this series is called ‘Morning’s Refrain’. It was also published by Bethany House Publishers in 2010. This novel consists of the central characters in the roles of Dalton Lindquist and Phoebe Robbins. The book opens by mentioning that Phoebe Robbins experiences more difficulties in Sitka, Alaska than she expected. There is too much rain every day and a limited supply of goods.

Also, Phoebe doesn’t find any good means of entertainment. So, she joins a small orchestra. Later, Phoebe discovers that there many men in the town who are looking for a wife. Most of them don’t seem worthy of a husband to her, except the good-looking Dalton Lindquist. She begins to feel a spark in her heart for him right after their first encounter. Hoping for a similar condition on the other side, Phoebe begins to pursue the handsome Dalton. But, things take a difficult turn when Dalton’s best friend Yuri Belikov starts pursuing Phoebe. As a result, she finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. Phoebe begins to wonder if she misread the interest of Dalton. She worries more about what will happen to the friendship of the two men if she decides to side with one of them. The events that unfold later make Phoebe Robbins learn about Forgiveness, consequence, and the power of love.

Tracie Peterson is a reputed American writer of Christian fiction and historical fiction stories. Her historical fiction novels are well known for having elements of romance in them. A number of Tracie’s books have been released under the banner of Bethany House. Tracie writes some of her novels under the pseudonym of Janelle Jamison. The Harvey Girls from Fred Harvey Company feature in some of Tracie’s book series. As of today, Tracie lives happily in Montana with her loving husband, Jim, and their 3 children named Erik, Julie, and Jennifer.

A company called Peterson Ink, Inc. is under the ownership of the Peterson family. Tracie’s family friend Charity Kauffman is also a partner in the company along with her daughter Jennifer. Peterson Ink handles the complete production of Barbour Publishing’s Heartsong Presents line of books. This book line release around 52 books of Christian romance every year, half of which are historical and the other half are contemporary. The list of popular works penned and published by Tracie include the book series of Yukon Quest, Broadmoor Legacy, Ribbons West, Bridal Veil Island, Shannon Saga, Heirs of Montana, Brides of Gallatin County, Ribbons of Steel, Land of the Lone Star, Lights of Lowell, Song of Alaska, Desert Roses, Westward Chronicles, Ladies of Liberty, Alaskan Quest, Bells of Lowell, and some standalone books.

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