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Songs from the Seashell Archives Books In Order

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Publication Order of Songs from the Seashell Archives Books

Song of Sorcery (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unicorn Creed (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bronwyn's Bane (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Christening Quest (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dragon, the Witch, and the Railroad (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Redundant Dragons (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Songs from the Seashell Archives series is a popular series of fantasy, young adult, humor, and fiction novels. It is written by a renowned American writer named Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. The series is comprised of a total of 5 books released between 1982 and 2015. Each of the books of this series is set in a fictional realm called Argonia. The series is also known as the Argonia series because of its unique setting. Elizabeth has mentioned the lead characters in this series in the roles of Colin Songsmith, Maggie Brown, Princess Bronwyn, Prince Rupert, Carole, Ching, Amberwine, Verity Brown, Dragon Vitia, etc. Every book of this series is highly popular because of its unique characters and excellent settings. Readers in many parts of the world have loved the books and the writing style of Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. She wrote and published the first four books in succession between 1982 and 1985, but took a break from writing the fifth book as she got busy with other writing projects. It was only 30 years later in 2015 that Elizabeth released the fifth novel.

The fans of this series received the fifth installment with equal enthusiasm. Once again, they liked the unique settings and wonderful characters. The readers have reviewed the latest book by saying that it has the same touch and feel to it in spite of coming out after a gap of thirty years. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is happy to know that the series has done well overall. She is grateful to all the readers, who have liked her stories. She is hopeful of adding a few more titles to the series and is currently working on a new story. Numerous critics have appreciated Elizabeth’s efforts in coming up with such a unique concept in the fantasy genre. They have praised her writing skills, storytelling abilities, creation of characters, plot settings, etc. All these factors and reviews from the critics, as well as her fellow authors, have helped the series in becoming immensely successful. The success has also increased the popularity of Elizabeth Ann Scarborough to a great extent.

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is a prominent author of fantasy and science fiction novels. She is famous for writing stories on the subjects of sociology, fairy tales, humor, mythology, folklore, and history. Elizabeth is also a registered nurse. She was born on March 23, 1947, in Kansas City, Kansas and currently resides in Port Townsend, Washington. In all, Elizabeth has published more than 40 novels. She is also popular for her collaboration with Anne McCaffrey for writing multiple book series. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough was brought up in her hometown in Kansas City. In 1968, she graduated from the Bethany Hospital School of Nursing and earned an RN. After that, she began working as a practicing nurse and was involved in this profession for more than a decade. Out of all those years, Elizabeth was employed in the United States Army for 5 years. She has even posted in Vietnam for a period of one year.

Elizabeth Scarborough began her writing career in 1982 and published her first book in the same year. After this, she joined the Alaska University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1987 Magna Cum Laude. Today, Elizabeth has become 72 years old and is still active in the field of novel writing. She publishes at least one book every year and has been doing this since 1986. For a few years in between, she had started working on short stories, publishing several collections from 2011 to 2014. Elizabeth Scarborough has obtained a contract with Gypsy Shadow publications and publishes most of her independent work under the banner of this publishing company. In 1989, she won the Nebula Award for her standalone novel called The Healer’s War.

The debut book of the Songs from the Seashell Archives series written by author Elizabeth Ann Scarborough is entitled ‘Song of Sorcery’. It was released by Bantam in 1984, after its initial release in 1982. This book features the central characters in the form of Maggie Brown, Colin Songsmith, Amberwine, a cat, etc. The book opens by depicting that Colin Songsmith shows his singing skills in front of Maggie Brown’s old grandmother, who is a witch. To his surprise, the witch takes revenge from him by cursing him. But, Maggie Brown saves him from the curse of getting eaten alive by her cat. When Maggie hears Colin’s song, she realizes that it deals with her beautiful step-sister named Amberwine and her gypsy husband. The two ran away recently and married in secret. Maggie Brown vows to Amberwine and sets herself on the journey to Rowan Castle with her talking cat, her resources of magic, and Colin Songsmith. This book is full of descriptive details about encounters and settings with fantastic and magical creatures like a lovesick dragon, a cat that can talk, a bear prince, etc. Elizabeth has described the characters as speaking in a contemporary slang that goes along very well with the traditional setting of the story.

Another exciting book penned by Elizabeth Scarborough for this series is called ‘The Christening Quest’. It was published by Spectra in 1985. This novel opens by depicting that Carole accompanies her handsome cousin, Prince Rupert, on his quest to Miragenia. They are going there to christen Rupert’s baby daughter. Even though it is a dream come true for Carole, but she doesn’t really feel it. Things take an unexpected turn when the baby gets stolen by Miragenians. They demand 15 years of the child in exchange for their help at the time of the war. The women surrounding Prince Rupert do not seem to care about the baby. They just enjoy the company of the handsome prince. When Rupert hears about the stealing of his baby daughter, he gathers a few companions and heads for Gorequartz to take back his daughter from the queen fostering her. Carole also joins them. There, they face even bigger trouble. The group comes across a deadly nemesis, who looks exactly the same Rupert and appears in the form of a huge crystal God. Now, Rupert and his companions have to battle against the nemesis in order to rescue his daughter. Carole assists them in the fight.

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