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Publication Order of Songs of Magic Books

J.L. Bryan is one of the renowned authors who is known for his excellent writing skills. He is a great writer who has done several books. He attended the University of Georgia, where he graduated with a degree in English literature. He also attended the Oxford University, where he focused more on English. J.L. Bryan learnt the screenwriting at UCLA. Since he had great passion for English and literature, he started his writing career in a very positive way. He is married and has a son. He lives with his family in Atlanta and he loves dogs and cats, a reason why lives with some dogs and cats in his home.

He is a one who always enjoys remixing elements of fantasy, supernatural, science fiction, horror and paranormal into his writing. Through this, he has been able to create very fantastic stories in his various books that he has published. He has published different books like the Songs of Magic series, Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series, Jenny Pox series and many more. In the Songs of Magic (series by J.L. Bryan), there are six different novels that have been published to date. The pioneer novel in the series is known as “Fairy Metal Thunder” which was published in 2011. The second and the last book of the series are known as “Fairy Blues” and “Fairy Luck” respectively. The two books were published in 2012 and 2014 respectively. With only six books in the series you can always read the entire series just in a couple of days in case you want to follow the story created by J.L. Bryan. The books are based on a fairy that lives in the green hillsides. It is a great threat to the ancient tumuli, but always very entertaining whenever you pass nearby in the evenings. You should not be surprised to hear the delightful music that may lure you to move closer.

Fairy Metal Thunder

This is the Genesis book of the Songs of Magic (series by J.L. Bryan). The book was published on 16th September 2011 and has about 3498 pages. It is a rock and a fairy tale novel that you don’t want to miss reading. The protagonist character of the book is known as Jason, who is a guitarist. He plays guitar for the Assorted Zebras band, which is a local teenage garage band. Despite being a big band, they don’t have no fans, and evens gigs. They can’t see themselves going anywhere. Jason is very interested with their lead singer, who is a lady, but the lady has no interest for him in any way. This makes him feel very lonely, but he is determined to do everything possible to win her heart. To achieve this, he has gone to an extend of stealing the instruments from the fairy world. This is a great boost to their band as they can now attract the attention of some fans, who have started loving their music. Besides getting some fans for their band, Jason also gets the opportunity to get closer to the lady his heart longs for very much. The only challenge they are currently facing is the fact that the new gear is brimming with a great destructive magic that is out of their control. This makes the situation quite difficult for Jason and the band, which is a great drawback to them.

Since they were looking for a shortcut in life, things have now turned against them. This was not what they actually expected as the troupe of innocents has now cost them very much. Due to this, they are now the greatest enemies to Queen Mab. The queen decides to send some brutal hunters, so as to track them down. Among the hunters is a very dangerous creature in Faerie which is a small unicorn known as Buttercake. How did Jason and his band solve the critical situation? This is the question that remains unanswered. To get more about the novel, then get your copy today from the nearby library or online. They are always available both locally and online, hence you can always read the entire series within the shortest time possible.

Fairy Blues

This is the second book of the Songs of Magic (series by J.L. Bryan). The novel was published on 20th January 2012 and has about 231 pages. It is therefore a sequel to the first novel “Fairy Metal Thunder”. The main character in this novel is known as Jason. He is a guitarist in the band in the band known as the Assorted Zebras. They have progressed very well and this is the first time they have managed to officially launch their first album and music video. Just after they have recorded their first video, they become the main target to the sinister that has been plotted by the cabal of evil fairies. None of them in the band is aware of such a trap and they are about the face the dangers of the evil fairies.

On the other hand, the band from which Jason stole the instruments from have a new strategy to find their stolen instruments. This will enable Aoide, the band leader and her band to regain their stolen instruments. Through this, they will be able to reach even in the most haunted places in the Faerie. All these are happening without the knowledge of Jason with his team and it therefore implies that they are not prepared in any way of the disaster coming their way.

To get more about how the Assorted Zebras band survived the situation or whether Aiode and her band succeeded in getting their stolen instruments, then you need to get the novel either online or locally at your nearest library. This is where you will get every single detail of the whole story and you will definitely love it. It is one of the best novels by J.L. Bryan that you don’t want to miss reading. There are only six books in the series, hence you can always read them to follow the entire story. Get your copy today from your local bookshop or library to enjoy the reading.

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