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Publication Order of Songs of Submission Books

The Songs of Submission book series is a popular series of romance, contemporary, BDSM, erotica, adult fiction, and contemporary romance books. It is written by a New York Times bestselling American author named C.D. Reiss. The series is comprised of a total of 9 novels and 6 novellas published between 2013 and 2015. There is a bundled version of this series known as Submission that is released as a new novel series. Author Reiss says that the series can be enjoyed very well if the readers go through it as per the order of the bundled version series. In addition to the full-length novels of this series, Reiss has also penned a stand-alone novella called Breathe that can also be read along with the books of this romance series. Each and every book of this series features the chief characters in the roles of Monica Faulkner and Jonathan Drazen. The books follow the romance stories of these two main characters as they move ahead through the different phases of their lives. Following the grand success of the series, author Reiss wrote a few spin-off series later. They include the Songs of Dominance series, the Corruption series, the Forbidden series, and the Sins Duet series.

The Songs of Dominance consists of short stories of the Submission series. The Corruption series is also known as the Songs of Corruption and features the stories of the main characters Antonio Spinelli and Theresa Drazen. In Forbidden, which is also called as Perdition and Songs of Perdition and Affluence, Reiss has described the romantic stories of Fiona Drazen and her lover. Sins Duet, aka the Saint Margie series, follows the romantic adventures of Margie Drazen. The SOngs of Submission novels are widely popular. They are loved and appreciated by numerous fans of romance books all across the globe. The readers have given rave reviews to each of the books and have spoken very highly about all their characters. Numerous prominent critics have also given their specialist views about the stories praising the efforts of author Reiss in coming with such exciting stories. Her fellow authors have also loved the beautiful descriptions, unique writing style, excellent plot setups, lovely storyline, and the mind-blowing characters.

Jonathan Drazen is introduced as a real estate businessman and a wealthy hotelier. He is known to be a big womanizer. Jonathan is very charming, handsome, and sexy. Many women around him tend to fall for him because of his high status and excellent physique. Jonathan Drazen knows this very well and likes to exploit his chances with the women every time. On the other hand, Monica Faulkner is described as an aspiring singer. She juggles between different part-time jobs and struggles to keep with her life’s needs. Monica sings with a band and also performs solo. Sometimes, she works as a waitress to earn some extra money. Jonathan and Monica meet each other for the first time during one of her waiting jobs at his hotel. However, the meeting doesn’t go well as Monica spills drinks on Jonathan’s coat. He immediately fires her, but has pity on her and offers her another job. From there onwards, their story begins to take off. They run into one another on many occasions later and slowly the sexual tension between them starts building up. As Monica looks to build a career for herself, Jonathan wishes to have a relationship with her with no strings attached.

C.D. Reiss is known to be a well-known author of romance and erotic books. She has written a few very successful novel series in her literary career. Her books have featured in the bestselling list of the NY Times. Reiss was born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. She relocated to Hollywood, California for obtaining her master’s degree. Reiss studied at the University of Southern California and obtained a screenwriting degree. After that, she tried her hand at different jobs, but couldn’t achieve much success. One day, she thought of writing a novel and see how good she is as an author. The idea interested her very much and went on writer many successful books in the years that followed. Today, Reiss has successfully established herself among the prominent authors of the romance genre. She hopes to continue writing many more stories of romance in the future. Reiss loves to hear from the readers and takes their suggestions very seriously. Many people have referred to as Smut’s Shakespeare. She finds it flattering, but doesn’t let it get into her head. Reiss loves to spend all her daytime in writing novels and spend the remaining time with her family.

The debut book of the SOngs of Submission series written by author C.D. Reiss is entitled ‘Beg’. It was released in 2013 by the Flip City Media publication. This book’s setting is done in Los Angeles, California and features the primary characters as Monica Faulkner & Jonathan Drazen. The story is told from the point of view of Monica and introduces Jonathan as a gorgeous man and a womanizer. By taking just one look at him, Monica becomes sure that she is not going to let him enter her heart ever.

When Jonathan offers her to a good amount of money for sleeping with him for a few nights, she agrees. Even though Monica finds him charming and beautiful, she is certain that nothing serious can ever happen between. She looks forward to spending maximum 3 nights with him and then parts ways like the grown-ups with sexual interests. Jonathan too makes it very clear to her that he cannot love her. So, she too tries to keep herself from getting emotionally attached to him. But, it seems that these things are in their hands. Both Jonathan & Monica develop feelings for each other even though they deny it in front of themselves. The story takes many interesting turns as it proceeds further.

Another well-written story of this series is called ‘Resist’. It continues to explore the romantic relationship of Jonathan Draze & Monica Faulkner. In this novel, Monica talks about how she looks at Jonathan’s copper hair and tourmaline eyes and believes him against her better judgment. She forgives him every time he hurts her and loves him without any condition. Monica thinks that her heart is not guarded well enough. After years of staying from sex and men, she seems to have become too emotional and vulnerable. And it is because of this vulnerability foolishness, and emotional side of Monica that she ends up being in the arms of Jonathan, again and again, no matter how much she tries to resist.

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