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Sonja Stone is an American author of fiction.

Stone has always had a taste for life lived a little on the lam. When she was young, her family was constantly packing up and moving. They moved to and lived in over a dozen small towns located all across the country as well as abroad in other countries, all before the age of fifteen years old.

Stone learned about creative writing as well as psychology when she eventually pursued higher education at Washington College. She also trained at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu for a job working as the head pastry chef. Stone also managed to attend a survival school and complete some courses, the same school that actor Tom Hanks attended to prepare for his role in the survival movie Cast Away (featuring the infamous Wilson the volleyball).

She is the mother of two children. She has also managed to hone her survival skills over the years. When she is not busy writing you can find her training in one of several fields– anything from firing guns to throwing knives at a target and even learning to navigate the desert or other survival scenarios. You never know what life is going to throw at you.

Sonja Stone is the creator and writer of the Desert Dark series. This exciting fictional series of novels kicked off in 2016 with the release of the debut novel. It has the same name as the series, Desert Dark. Stone quickly followed that up with a sequel, a second novel that she titled Dark Divide.

Desert Dark is the first novel in Sonja Stone’s fictional series of the same name. If you love novels that are full of action and adventure and feature spies and more, you’re in the right place! Check out this exciting debut novel from Sonja Stone and see what action and adventure is hidden between the covers of this book.

They say that the world of espionage is one of smoke and mirrors. It’s a fragile house that is constructed out of sand that can easily slip through your fingers the moment that you think you have it. As soon as you believe you have everything pinned down, it disappears, gone into the air. A spy must embrace the concepts of deceit and illusion and do their best to be as stealthy and intelligent as can be, as they are a spy’s greatest weapons.

Nadia Riley is just sixteen years old and really excited to be one of the chosen few students to get a spot at an elite boarding school. However, the school is government funded and Desert Mountain Academy is more than just a highly rated boarding school were high-achieving students come to study and get into ivy league schools.

It turns out that the school Nadia thought that she was going to was really a secret program run by the CIA. The school is covertly training students to partake in Black Ops. Nadia starts the year behind many of the students that are already there and it seems like she is never going to catch up. The subjects and the studies are endless and it seems like Nadia is behind already.

She tries to keep up in various classes, struggling to be proficient in martial arts, or to master the Arabic language. She tries to be at the same level as everyone else for things like target practice. Everything gets even worse when Nadia finds out that she has been assigned to a team to participate in survival courses– competitions that take place all over the campus.

Nadia feels okay about her chances. She feels that she can rely on her roommate Libby, who is a Southern belle and seems to be sweet enough. They can probably get along just fine, but she has bigger problems on her hands when it comes to her other team mates. Alan is also on her team and he is making it pretty clear that he can’t stand Nadia for one reason or another.

Damon, on the other hand, seems to be more into the girls than actually trying to win. Then there’s Jack, who is the team leader. She can’t help but have a crush on him but struggles to keep it secret. However, everything suddenly has to get put on the back burner when there is gossip about a double agent being present on campus.

Everyone immediately suspects that it’s Nadia, and she has to figure out a way to clean her name fast. Along the way, she finds out more about her fellow team mates and classmates– and it turns out that each of them has something to hide. It may turn out that one of them is truly the secret agent after all.

Nadia’s going to have to work quickly if she wants everyone to believe that she’s innocent and figure out who the real double agent is. Can she find the party before everyone turns on her? You’re going to have to read Sonja Stone’s Desert Dark to find out!

Dark Divide is the second book in the Desert Dark series by Sonja Stone. Check out the thrilling sequel that takes place at a school unlike any you’ve ever heard of before in your life. This school is truly a combination of The Bourne Identity or James Bond meets Hogwarts come to life.

This second novel is full of all of the action and adventure that made the debut so exciting. Nadia Riley went through a lot last year, her first semester at the school. Now that the first semester is done, she’s hoping that she can just get back to junior year at the academy like nothing ever happened and get her junior year over with.

Desert Mountain Academy may have more in store for her than Nadia is prepared for. This secret school has lots to lay out for her, and a place that trains students to get ready for Black-Ops should really never be expected to deliver anything less.

Nadia’s just happy to put the past behind her. But she realizes that the pursuer from the first semester is still out there– and relentless. The information that he has on her and his intentions could mean that Nadia’s in big trouble. What will happen? Pick up Dark Divide to find out!

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