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The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Luis Ortega Survival Club (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Broposal (2025)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Sonora Reyes

An American author, Sonora Reyes is well-known for her fresh and incisive perspective, giving readers a new and exciting voice. Taking her audience on a journey, she offers them something they typically wouldn’t experience, offering them something entirely new and unique. Largely focusing on contemporary Young Adult fiction, she provides a look at modern life from her own unique outlook. Immersing her readers in her world, she really allows them to fully explore it, engaging with it in a new interesting way.

Plenty of readers from around the world are singing her many praises, along with the critics and reviewers as well. Her approach to storytelling has proven to be enormously successful, allowing her to say just what it is that she really wants to say. Pushing the boundaries of the format, she sets herself apart by taking her writing in both new, surprising, and exciting directions. This style of hers means readers never quite know what’s coming next, although her work still resonates in a very real and personal way.

Creating long-lasting characters is also something that Reyes has proven herself to be highly adept at managing. Introducing protagonists that really speak to the reader, she allows them to come alive off of the page for them essentially. Getting to the heart of any topic, she really understands what’s required when it comes to conveying her message, all the while keeping it personal to her. Becoming a household name for many, she’s reached readers from around the world, relating to an audience far and wide.

Funny and illuminating in equal measure, she also has a sharp wit to her work, making it easily accessible and fun to read. She also provides a real sense of humanity at the heart of her writing too, giving it a grounded quality that makes it intoxicating. With so much more to follow yet, she is definitely a writer to watch in the future, as she clearly isn’t stopping any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised in Arizona, Sonora Reyes grew up with a keen and passionate interest in both writing and reading from an early age. Drawing heavily from her own life, she would put much of it back into her own work and writing, lending it a greater degree of authenticity in the process. Writing from an LGBTQ perspective, she uses many events and experiences from her own past to help inspire her. Often using humor to convey her message, she would seek to highlight certain issues she faced in contemporary society.

Creating a tone and style that was very much her own, Reyes would establish her own unique approach to the written word. Over time she would continue to develop this, providing something that was quite different and new in the process. Offering insight to others through her words and work, she would come to establish a niche that was very much all her own. Currently living in Arizona to this very day, she resides with her multi-generational family, where she continues to live and write.

Writing Career

The first book that Sonora Reyes would write and publish was titled ‘The Lesbiana’s Guide to High School’ in 2022. A stand-alone novel, the book would be an entirely self-contained story about a teenager finding herself and discovering her sexuality at high-school. Resonating with readers worldwide, it would fast become a hugely successful Young Adult novel, really making a name for Reyes in the process. Represented by Alexandra Levick, she would quickly make a name for herself, really setting herself as a writer to watch.

Set within the Young Adult demographic, Reyes would draw from her own time growing up, along with her experiences in high-school. She’s also a strong advocate for her craft, creating hashtags such as the #QPOCChat on Twitter, seeking to elevate LGBTQ people of color voices in literature. Establishing more diversity in books, Reyes has built a strong profile both online and off, being a powerful advocate for her craft and more diversity. There’s more to come in the future still, as the critics and the public alike sing her many praises, as her writing career continues growing onwards and upwards.

The Lesbiana’s Guide to High School

Initially released through the ‘Balzer and Bray/Harperteen’ publishing imprint, this would first come out on the 17th of May in 2022. A stand-alone Young Adult novel, Sonora Reyes draws from her own experiences to create this fictional self-contained story that’s not a part of any series. Easy to read, it’s hard to put down, making it an engaging and intelligent novel with a lot to offer readers from across the world.

Known for her killer use of eyeliner, sixteen-year-old Mexican American Yamilet Flores is hiding her sexuality at high-school. Attending a Catholic school, she attempts to navigate the pitfalls of romance after being outed by her crush and being forced to transfer to Slayton Catholic. Not wanting to reveal she’s gay, there’s only one other openly gay girl at her school, and that’s Bo, as Yami has to hide her own true self. Will she ever be able to reveal the truth, can she find her way in this new environment, and what will be learnt in The Lesbiana’s Guide to High School?

The novel itself is extremely uplifting, providing a positive portrayal of a teenager finding herself while at high-school. It’s a great character study and offers a lot of insight for readers, with its witty and incisive analysis that really delivers. Bringing the world of the author to life, there’s so much running throughout this novel, as it operates on several different levels.

Establishing the high-school, it becomes a fully realized environment for not only Yami to explore, but for the reader to immerse themselves in as well. It’s funny, intelligent with plenty of insight that readers may not otherwise find in contemporary Young Adult literature as a whole. The story itself is well paced, making it more than accessible and easy to follow for readers of all ages, making it a fun and engaging debut.

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