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Publication Order of Sons of Broad Books

Sons of Broad Series

Sons of Broad are a series of novels by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Tara Thomas. The author also writes erotic romance novels under the penname Tara Sue Me. Thomas began her Son of Broad series in 2018 when Darkest Night was published. Her standalone book The Master made it to Publishers Weekly starred review was a finalist in 2017 Rita Awards and won 2016 Best Book Awards.

Tara’s love of writing sparked from childhood, and even though she wanted to be a writer, she chose a degree in science due to its practicability. After working in the pharmaceutical firm for more than fifteen years, Tara decided to give her longtime passion of being an author a try, and she hasn’t looked back since then.

Darkest Night

Darkest Night is the debut novel in a romantic suspense series by Tara Thomas. The author published three novellas that opened up the series but featured different main characters than the main books in the series and so it’s not necessary to read these novellas even though they give a glimpse into the main series plotline.

In this first full-length book in the series, we are introduced to Keaton and Tilly Brock. Tilly Brock worked in a bar with the lead character from one of the novellas where she confessed to having a crush on Keaton but the thought of their paths ever crossing again didn’t worry her as the two were in different circles.

However one night Keaton goes into a bar where Tilly works and the two bump into each other bringing back old memories of their first kiss and how they got separated. As the two sparks, a new relationship they find themselves caught in a conspiracy were Tilly becomes the target of a deadly serial killer.
Darkest Night is a tale where the privileged are entangled in a web of danger, desire, and even death. If the steamy heat of passion doesn’t awaken you, then the deadly mystery should reel you, but be warned that threats come in all angles all forms and more than one person doesn’t want Tilly and Keaton to have a happily ever after.

The story reveals the reason why Tilly lost contact with the man she ever loved, Keaton Benedict. The story is fast paced with plenty of drama from the first page to the last. The mysterious gentleman from the novellas has devised a plan to get revenge on the Benedicts starting with those close to Tilly, and this sets the plot in motion creating more suspense, complex mystery.

Deadly Secret

Knox Benedict also known as the Saint is the son of the famous Benedict family, the family backbone who lives his life by rules and the restrictions he has created for himself. However Knox has a secret he is hiding, a secret that has unleashed the fierce hunger, intense passion that resides within him- a secret that he would live or die for. However, there exists a deadly enemy who’s willing to do whatever it takes to reveal Knox’s hidden secret, and in the process, the enemy sparks a dangerous game.

Bea was never meant to get married to Knox Benedict- the two were rivals on the opposite side of the negotiation table. However, it all changed when Bea glanced at Benedict’s smoldering eyes and right from that moment she knew that she could never love any other man as she enjoyed him. However, when her investigation into her husband results in an attack that leaves Bea for the dead, she learns that she has to stick to what she started.

As the deadly enemy strikes close to home, Bea and Knox find themselves racing against time to unravel the truth before it is too late. Picking up where Darkest Night left off, Deadly Secret is an intriguing read that’s not to be missed. Its action packed like the debut novel with strained family ties, dark secrets and bad guys hiding in shadows.

The lead character in the second book in the series is Bea, Brent’s half-sister from the novellas. From a romance perspective of the novel, Knox and Bea are well matched. Just like his nickname, Knox is like a saint, he is a loving man, and you will love how the author describes him. Just like any man, he has his flaws and secrets that he works to keep hidden even though some enemy would want to surface these secrets.

Broken Promise

The third and the last book in Sons of Broad series is a romantic story between Kipling, the eldest of Benedict brother and Charleston cop Alyssa Adams. After Alyssa’s sister mysteriously vanished over a decade ago, Alyssa focused on bringing closure to the people with missing loved ones by either solving their disappearance or bringing the lost one’s home.

Alyssa has always been determined to never leaving any case of missing persons unsolved. She has always tried to solve the mystery behind her sister’s disappearance but whatever lead she tracks she never gets closer to finding what happened to her sister or her whereabouts. All of Alyssa’s leads go cold until when finds a connection between her sister and the Benedict family.

Alyssa tries her level best to keep off from the Benedict family especially from the eldest brother, Kipling Benedict. However, despite keeping her distance and the fact that she once arrested him, Kipling has always shown interest in Alyssa. However, when Kipling discovers that Alyssa has an interest in a situation they are investigating, he gives her an offer that soon finds her doing what she swore never to do… work alongside the Benedict brothers.

Alyssa has always been attracted to Kipling but always kept that burning desire to herself. When the two starts working together, they find themselves a target of a madman and they also find it hard to ignore their deepest desires. As danger closes in with every step towards truth, both Kipling and Alyssa would have to decide on what extent they are willing to go with the disappearance case and with their hearts as well.

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