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Publication Order of Sons of Texas Books

Sons of Texas Series

Sons of Texas is a romantic suspense series by Donna Grant. If you’ve read Donna’s other books series, (for example the Reapers) you probably already know that she incorporates romance in her action-packed and suspense-filled storylines and Sons of Texas is no exception.

This series is about Loughman brothers who are called back home to help the search of the kidnapped father. It’s during their search mission they encounter women who transform their lives for the best. For example, Owen reunites with his high school sweetheart, but their relationship is swarmed with challenges that not only threaten to end it but also put their lives in danger. The Protector is about Loughman’s youngest sibling Cullen who finds love in the most unexpected ways. Each book can be read as a standalone but to get a better understanding of Loughman’s family; it’s recommended to read it in order
The Hero

The Hero is the first book in Son Of Texas series. It introduces us to Natalie Dixon meeting with Oren Loughman, the dad to Owen, the man she fell deeply in love with a few years back until he broke her heart after high school graduation. Working for the Russian Embassy, one question from Owen’s father about Ragnarok sets to open a Pandora’s Box.

Owen heads home after disappearing for six years only to find his aunt and uncle murdered. He and his two brothers strongly believe that their father’s missions are somehow to blame for the killings, just like how their mother was killed some years back.

Coincidentally, fate brings Owen and Natalie back together after a decade and by lousy luck puts Natalie the main target of danger and the very reason Owen ended their relationships with her 14 years ago.

Buckle up and prepare for a thrilling roller coaster ride that will leave you breathless and turning pages to find out what happens next. The debut novel is filled up with hand to hand action, murder, three alpha brothers, steamy sex scenes, and kidnapping, what more can you ask for?

The story nicely wraps up Natalie and Owen’s story arc, but that’s just but the start of Loughman’s family saga.

There’s no denying that Donna Grant can pull such an epic storyline together. Shortly after publishing Dark Alpha’s Claim the first book in Reapers series Donna Grant went on to publish The Hero. If you’ve read Reapers, you probably know that she is a master in integrating romance as a sub-theme in her books.
The Loughman family has had almost everything thrown at them, and killing of their family members seems to have infested this once united family tree. But that doesn’t stop Wyatt, Cullen, and Owen from going back to the family ranch after being called back to the US from different branches of the Military to investigate the abduction of their father after fleeing Russia with a bio-weapon prototype.

While there’s a huge part of the plot focusing on their father, each of the brothers has his own issues at the same time. Owen has come home to a woman he’d broken up with, and it doesn’t take long before they both realize they still have feelings for each other.

But unfortunately, Natalie’s job at the Russian Embassy puts her in dangers, and the threat against her is much weighty as the search for their kidnapped father. Unlike Reapers series where there’s the use of magic and fairy tales, Sons of Texas mixes romance with political intrigue.

The Protector

The Protector is the second novel in Donna Grant’s series The Sons of Texas. It is the story of Cullen Loughman and Mia Carter. You can read it as a standalone, but for better cohesion of the story, it’d be better to read the series in order.

Told from the third-person perspective from the three characters Orrin, Mia, and Cullen, the story picks up from where the first book left off continuing the search of Orrin and the people involved in his abduction.

Cullen is the youngest, and he was protected from his father’s early life and their mom’s murder. But regardless, he is determined to find the whereabouts of his father whom he hasn’t spoken to for a long time.

Then there’s Mia Carter a pilot and the woman whom Cullen falls madly in love. What happens next is the desperate search for Cullen’s father and Mia’s efforts to stay a step ahead of the Russian Special Forces, the Columbian Cartels and the US government.

The relationship between Mia and Cullen is an instant attraction, but Cullen is at times distracted or rather say focused on finding the whereabouts of his father. He even suspects that the woman he loves knows more than she is willing to admit to the point that he thinks she was involved in Orrin’s abduction.
The chemistry and the sexual tension is discernible, and the sexual energy is heightened with the search for Orrin. Additionally, the sexual scenes are both seductive and intimate.

The world building focuses on the biological weapon we saw in the first book but now in possession of Loughman family and the search for Orrin before it’s too late. Throughout the story, the reader gets a behind the scene glimpse to Orrin’s location as he suffers trying to protect his beloved family and country.
All the main characters in the previous storyline now take the backstage and play supporting and secondary roles. The main characters Cullen and Mia though they experience challenges in their relationship are the perfect couple. Cullen, the hero, is a perfect leading man, and it wasn’t difficult for Mia to love him. On the other hand, Mia is a great heroine and the perfect complement to her other half. She is the only child in her family, fallen foul of her dad simply because of her career path and now she finds herself in a tough situation. Having crossed paths with the ruthless, secretive organization known as the Saints, she is now on their hit list and fleeing for her life.

Overall, The Protector is a complex action-packed story with plenty of suspense, romance, and adventures involving espionage, secret agencies, government lies, and biological warfare. The premise is quite engaging, and the characters both primary and secondary are colorful and passionate. Additionally, the romance is both encouraging and provocative.

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