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Sons of the Fallen Books In Order

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Publication Order of Sons of the Fallen Books

Sons of the Fallen Series

Jaclyn Osborn is a beloved author from the United States who specializes in romance. Her passion for books coupled with a love for coffee means that she’s often seen absorbed in a book or busy writing one on her laptop. The male characters she writes about are deeply important to her, bringing her joy and making her thankful for the chance to write as a career.

Osborn’s strength in character creation extends to male protagonists, making them relatable and lively. She doesn’t stop at just one genre but explores a variety, from modern and historical settings to fantasy and the supernatural. Readers can expect compelling narratives and a take-home message from her works. Her distinct writing style and commitment to producing series of stories keep her readers intrigued, always waiting for more of her work.

Jaclyn Osborn’s noteworthy ‘Sons of the Fallen’ romance series, a fascinating blend of action and romance, stands tall as a testament to her creative prowess. This gripping saga—currently encompassing seven books and an offshoot—follows the adventures of seven Nephilim warriors. Each warrior is burdened with a specific deadly sin and they must navigate the challenge of battling demons without turning on each other.

Osborn doesn’t stick with just one main couple—instead, she mixes things up by introducing a new pair in every book. Although each title brings fresh faces to the fore, the series keeps readers hooked by demanding to be read in order. Audiences can look forward to a happy ending, treated with assurance by Osborn herself.

The series, which kicked off with ‘Galen’ in 2021, continues to engage and captivate with its dynamic narrative. It’s this blend of unique storytelling and delightful character interplay that has readers eagerly awaiting the next installments.


Penned by Jaclyn Osborn, the paranormal romance ‘Galen’ was first published on June 15, 2021. It was released on the Kindle platform, marking the launch of the absorbing ‘Sons of the Fallen’ series. This book not only offers a standalone romance but also sets the stage for the fantastical world to follow.

Just as Simon was content running his antique shop, a potentially haunted box and a break-in by an attractive man wreak havoc. He becomes the target of demons with his only salvation being the tall, muscular thief claiming angelic lineage.

Galen, charged with safeguarding humanity and cursed with Wrath, finds himself bending his rule of avoiding love upon meeting Simon. With an enigmatic box and rampant demons, Simon’s peaceful existence shatters.


Jaclyn Osborn’s paranormal romance ‘Castor’ was published on August 25, 2021. It was self-published, standing as the second installment in the ‘Sons of the Fallen’ series. Similar to the first book, ‘Castor’ presents a self-contained romance while continuing to expand on the established fantasy world.

Captured by demons, Castor didn’t foresee his rescue involving a katana-wielding water dragon–his destined mate. Now, preoccupied with preventing world destruction alongside his semi-divine brothers, he unexpectedly grapples with his eminent attraction to Kyo. Their journey to Greece intensifies this soulmate connection, yet the looming war threatens it.


‘Daman’ by Jaclyn Osborn is a further paranormal romance that was published on November 22, 2021. Again it was self-published, marking the third entry in the ‘Sons of the Fallen’ series. Continuing the series’ pattern, ‘Daman’ introduces another unique romance while further expanding the overarching fantasy world.

Being alone is less complicated for Daman, cursed with Envy and forever aiding his semi-divine brothers against evil. Then comes an arranged marriage with Prince Warrin from the ice dragon kingdom. At first, it’s a simple strategic alliance, but unexpected tender gestures from Warrin stir deeper feelings. Now, Daman wonders if their obligatory union can blossom into true happiness.


The paranormal romance ‘Gray’ by Jaclyn Osborn was published on February 3, 2022. As the fourth installment in the ‘Sons of the Fallen’ series, it was self-published like its predecessors. Like the previous books, ‘Gray’ brings another independent romantic tale to the table, further developing the evolving fantasy world.

With the sin of Sloth, Gray defends humanity between naps, which changes after rescuing Mason from a demon. A former sharpshooter turned monster hunter, Mason’s life gains brightness when the black-winged half-angel enters his life. Gray feels a soulmate connection immediately, yet Mason’s distrust for the supernatural leaves him guarded. As their complicated love unfolds amid a monster onslaught, their combined force is mankind’s last hope.


‘Bellamy’ is a paranormal romance novel authored by Jaclyn Osborn, which saw its publication on April 30, 2022. This self-published work marks the fifth addition to the ‘Sons of the Fallen’ series. As with previous installments, it offers another standalone romantic storyline while continuing to enrich the series’ overarching fantasy narrative.

Facing your enemy as your destined mate prompts Anger. Denial. These are emotions felt intensely by Bellamy, burdened with Lust, now confronted with the undesired love of a demon. Yet as angels and demons wage war, the intense proximity with this demon Phoenix sparks a blazing passion, an impending beautiful disaster—or could it be?


‘Raiden,’ the sixth book in Jaclyn Osborn’s ‘Sons of the Fallen’ series, is a paranormal romance that was published on August 16, 2022. This novel, like the earlier entries in the series, was self-published. Continuing the author’s trend, ‘Raiden’ features a standalone romance while simultaneously enriching the series’ fantasy world.

Raiden, cursed with Gluttony, feels emptiness until he meets a man that quenches his hunger amidst the escalating angel-demon war. Titan, the fallen angel’s son, falls for Raiden’s infectious charm and warmth despite his soldier mindset. The compelling bond between them offers a chance at love in dark times. Still, with the world’s fate at stake, will their budding romance endure or crumble?

The Sons of the Fallen Series

Osborn’s ‘Sons of the Fallen’ series positively dazzles with its unique twists, dynamic characters, and fluid storytelling. It’s a captivating read that delivers both romance and action in equally thrilling measures. The premise remains compelling as ever, ensuring readers stay hooked with every turn of the page.

Undoubtedly, with Osborn’s talent for crafting captivating narratives, ‘Sons of the Fallen’ will continue to delight readers, pulling them into a world of celestial warriors and epic romance. Its enduring allure is a testament to this series’ timeless nature, promising enjoyment for countless future readers.

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