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About Sopan Deb

Using his own personal style, the American author Sopan Deb has been writing and reporting for quite some time now. Not only that but he’s also worked as a stand-up comedian, appearing on television shows and speaking regularly at public functions. Hugely gifted with his words, he reaches readers from around the world, often talking and writing about his own background. This approach to writing creates a highly personal tone, and one that’s extremely immersive, with him speaking in a direct and straightforward manner.

Prior to becoming an author full-time, he would also work as a reporter for several different outlets, providing his fresh perspective. All this made him extremely popular both nationally and internationally, really helping him to establish his own distinctive brand. Creating his own idiosyncratic style in the process, his writing is always unmistakeably his, as he’s set a brand for himself almost. Pushing the boundaries of everything that can be done with the form, he’s taken his writing in new and interesting directions as well.

Along with his memoirs and non-fiction, Sopan Deb has also written fiction as well, creating realistic and believable characters. Proving himself to be highly adept in a number of different areas, he’s really made a name for himself as an author with something to say. Covering several major news events, including the Donald Trump campaign, he’s got a lot of insight to utilize. As he continues writing into the foreseeable future, he’s got plenty more books planned on the horizon, making him a definite writer to watch.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1988 on the 15th of March, Sopan Deb would grow up with a keen passion for writing and all things literature. Raised in Massachusetts for his first three years, he grew up in a Hindu family, something which would come to shape his writing in the following years to come. After this his family moved to Howell Township in New Jersey, whereby he attended Howell High School, regularly making daily announcements there.

Attending Boston University, he would later go on to gain a degree in broadcast journalism, allowing him to develop his craft. Starting out as a reporter working for the State House News Service based in Massachusetts, he would go on to work for ‘The Boston Globe,’ and the ‘Al Jazeera’ amongst other publications. Also working as a stand-up comedian, he’s appeared on television and continues to write regularly to this very day.

Writing Career

The first book that Sopan Deb would publish was titled ‘Missed Translations,’ and it would come out in 2020. This would be a memoir based on Deb’s own personal life, as he seeks to get back in touch with his own familial roots and ancestry. Later he would go on to publish the book ‘Keya Das’s Second Act,’ which would be a stand-alone work of fiction this time.

Not focusing on any series as such, he would largely center his work around writing about his own roots with stand-alone titles. Along with his work as a reporter, he’s won various different awards, such as the ‘Edward R. Murrow Award’ in 2011. Living in New York City, he maintains his public profile both online and off, with plenty more books to come yet.

Missed Translations: Meeting the Immigrant Parents Who Raised Me

Originally published in 2020 on the 21st of April, this would first come out through the ‘Dey Street Books’ publishing imprint. A memoir of Sopan Deb himself, it’s a stand-alone book that’s not written as part of any overall series, and can be read by itself. There’s a lot to offer the reader, with it being a work of non-fiction, providing a clear sense of insight and analysis on behalf of the author.

Working as both a writer for the New York Times and as a practising comedian, Sopan Deb is facing certain issues as he approaches thirty. Using his South Asian culture for the basis of much of his comedy, he’s starting to feel that he may be using it to mask certain insecurities. One of the few minorities covering the Trump campaign, Deb decides to head to India to learn more about his roots and who his father actually is. Dealing with some major changes in life, he wants to learn more about who he is as a person and where he is in life.

Looking at the trauma of dealing with family relationships and identity, this book touches on numerous universal feelings. It really provides some clear introspection and insight from Deb, as the reader can really relate to him on multiple levels. Making his ideas and perspectives easily accessible, it’s a well written memoir that’s illuminating and intelligent in equal measure.

Keya Das’s Second Act

First released in 2022 through the ‘Simon Schuster’ outlet, this would first come out on the 5th of July as a fictional debut. Introducing Sopan Deb as an author of literary fiction for the first time, it would really set the tone of what he had to offer. With humor and wit, it’s an interesting insight into the life of an American-Bengali family, offering a touching and moving story.

Following a difficult divorce from his wife that tore everything apart, Shantanu Das has been ostracized from his Bengali community. In his fifties and living alone now in New Jersey, he hasn’t spoken to Mitali, his oldest daughter, in months, while he regrets not accepting his daughter Keya after she came out. Now the anniversary of Keya’s death approaches, and Shantanu discovers a manuscript in the attic of hers, as he calls Mitali to return home to him. Reluctantly she returns only to find that this manuscript may bring the memory of Keya back to life once again, offering a chance of redemption for the wrongs of the past.

This novel touches on some universal themes and ideas, making it an extremely emotional and engaging story. The characters themselves are all brilliantly brought to life by Deb, as he provides a real sense of humanity with each turn of the page. Creating a well established world that deeply immerses the reader, it’s definitely a story with a lot to offer in what is a great debut from Deb as an author of fiction.

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