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Sophia Henry is an American author.

Born in Detroit, Henry is proud to be from the city. While growing up, she had a couple of interests that she loved. They were reading, writing, and the sport of hockey. Henry fell for all three of these all before she had even become a teenager and so these hobbies have stayed with her through her early years and continued to be a source of enjoyment in her adult life.

Even though this author has a deep love for Detroit, one thing from the area she dislikes is the snow. As a result, Sophia chose to move to the state of North Carolina with all its warmth to spend winters where there is no snow.

Henry attended Central Michigan State, where she studied English. She would graduate with her degree and has put it to good use! She spends her time with her family, which includes her two sons. When she is not busy doing that, she likes to watch hockey. The author is an avid watcher of the Detroit Red Wings. When she is not reading, writing, spending time with family, watching sports, or listening to music, she enjoys concerts.

Sophia Henry wrote the Power Play series, a fictional series of novels all about the sport of hockey and more. Filled with excitement and maybe a little bit of romance, this is a series that you’ll want to check out if you love romances or hockey or both!

The series kicked off for the first time in 2015, with the publication of the debut story. Delayed Penalty would introduce writers to this intriguing fictional series and the story would be continued by Henry! She followed the first book up with the exciting sequel, Power Play, and there have been more stories coming out ever since.

Delayed Penalty is the romantic and hockey-filled first book of the Power Play series. Henry has written an engaging story that is full of relatable characters and tons of complicated yet attractive hockey players.

In this debut story, readers get the chance to meet main character Auden Berezin. Auden is a young woman that is no stranger to loss. She has lost her fair share of people that meant a lot of her in her journey through life. Many of them were members of her family and the people that she was closest to.

The hardest hit out of all of them was the loss of her dear parents, and then it was the first person that she ever fell in love with. She now has a lot of trouble getting close to anyone as she has closed the gates to her heart entirely. It is going to take a lot to get her to break them down.

She’s not going to take in just anyone as a lover. But she’s also getting used to the idea of living alone and even thinks that she might be healing. Just when she thinks that she is finally getting over all of the deep wounds that she sustained in childhood, she finds out that she has lost her chance at college.

She was supposed to get a scholarship for playing soccer. It was going to be her big ticket into college, which she couldn’t afford to pay for otherwise. Now Auden has to do something if she is going to be able to get the money to pay her tuition costs.

She is relieved when she finds that she finally has a way to earn money. The gig involves translating for a minor league hockey athlete from Russian to English and back again. She’s very happy about it until she understands suddenly that he was the guy at the previous night’s bar that wanted to go home with her.

She can’t believe that this sexy guy that she thought was a jerk is the client that she is assigned to. His name is Aleksandr Varenkov, and he has a lot of muscle as well as scar tissue. He understands trauma, perhaps all too well. Could this be what attracts him to this young woman so deeply?

Alex lost some of his family when he was young too. At first, the grief was too much. He put the pain he was feeling into hockey, then women and vodka. However, Auden is making him wonder whether he’s been going down the wrong path.

Alex may have his work cut out for him, however, as he realizes that the last thing Auden wants is some hockey player with a hot head and less than sterling reputation. He just wants her to give him one chance so he can prove himself.

However, is this asking too much? Can Alex convince Auden to give him a shot? Or is their combined trauma too great to overcome? Read this book to find out!

Power Play is the second book in the series with the same name by Sophia Henry. Pick up a copy of this book and get to meet the main character, a young lady named Gabriella Bertucci.

Gabriella may appear to be innocent, but inside, she is as guarded as they come. She doesn’t give most guys any chance at all to get close to her. It’s always been the right move for her as she’s just uninterested.

That might change when she meets Landon Taylor. Landon’s a star player on the Detroit Pilots. This team may be in the minor leagues, but he is so good that it’s only a matter of time before this muscle man gets picked for the major leagues.

Ever since she saw him at the market, she’s been feeling like she might be interested. Gaby doesn’t know if it’s worth it, but when he is there for her when she has a crisis moment, she starts to consider the fact that this guy might be more than just hockey and a handsome face.

Landon really likes Gaby, but would she ever believe it even if he told her? Has Gaby finally found someone that she can trust? She’s falling for Landon– can they live happily ever after? Read this book to find out!

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