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Sophie Anderson is a contemporary women’s fiction author best known for her debut novel “The Butterfly Garden.”

Over the years, she has made a reputation for herself writing emotional novels about personal growth, forgiveness, friendship, and secrets in families.

Her debut novel “The Butterfly Garden” was first published in 2021 and was soon after followed by “The Sapphire Cove” which came out in 2022.

Sophie currently makes her home in East Sussex in the United Kingdom, from where she lives with her husband, several children, and a coterie of animals.

When Sophie Anderson is not penning her novels, she can usually be found moving around the countryside with her children.

Sophie has said that she is a huge lover of traveling walking in the South Downs, playing the piano, having delicious food, bringing on box sets, and curling up with a good book.

Anderson also loves connecting with her fans and usually spends some time engaging them on social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

As for how she started writing, Sophie Anderson has said that books have always been something she loved to read.

When she went to college, she decided to study English Literature and then went on to work in TV Production, which was a lot of fun, even though it did not provide her with the creative itch she needed.
When Sophie got her fourth kid, she decided to leave work for a while to go study creative writing. She gave herself four years until she started school, which she believed was enough to kickstart her writing career.

Unlike most authors, she did not struggle much as soon after graduating she penned her debut and Bookouture offered her a two-book deal. “The Butterfly Garden,” tells of a mother’s worst nightmare as she loses a child.

Sophie had watched the story of the Madeleine McCann disappearance while her baby was just a few weeks old and it affected her on a visceral level. This event continued to affect Anderson over the years, even as she tried to find her path as a mother.

A decade later, she penned a story of forgiveness, grief, and motherhood in “The Butterfly Garden.” As a reader of emotional women’s fiction, she sought to write the same sort of book.

Sophie Anderson penned most of the manuscript for “The Butterfly Garden” from a shed in the garden where she used to hide from her children.

However, she also enjoys penning her works from coffee shops as she finds the background sounds inspiring and comforting.

However, it usually takes a long time before she can step inside the coffee shop given that she has to take care of her many children. Weirdly, she has found that the less time she has on her hands, the more fruitful and focused she usually is.

She penned her debut with four children in tow all under the age of 10 which meant she did not have any time to procrastinate. Her second novel only took months following the publishing of her first novel.
She did this while she was charged with homeschooling her children during the 2020 COVID lockdowns. While it was a lot of stress, she persevered in the early mornings and late nights until she published the novel in 2022.

Whenever she struggled with something, she used to take a long walk talking to herself as she fought with anything from writers’ block to unruly children.

Overall, it has been a system that has worked for her and is certainly going to bring her readers more blockbusters going forward.

“The Butterfly Garden” by Sophie Anderson is the story of Erin a 25-year-old girl that he has fled London and headed for Cornwall where she works at Hookes End. It is a huge house built high on the cliffs of Cornwall that she has heard a lot of stories about.

Maggie is the butterfly enthusiast and reclusive novelist who owns the house but has kept the place unkempt and unattended for many years. However, she believes she is about to die and Erin wants to help give her a decent standoff.
A few years earlier, Lucas who is Maggie’s only son had left town without telling anyone and went to live in the heat of the Costa Rican jungles on the other side of the world.
Maggie wants to see her son desperately as she wants to tell him some things before she dies. Erin is interested in helping Maggie find peace and heads to the tropical gardens and warm white sands of Costa Rica.

She is hoping to find her son, but it is soon clear that he may be hiding something. As she untangles the webs of deceit entangling son and mother, she comes to learn of a tragedy that had upended their lives.

Years back, a little girl has gone missing and this ripped apart a family which remained haunted by lies and guilt.
Set against the silvery sands of Costa Rica and the Cornish coast with its ravaging storms, it makes for a beautiful story of letting go, loss, and love.

Sophie Anderson’s novel “The Sapphire Cove” is the story of Romy. She is shocked and frightened by her diagnosis as she knew there was a possibility she would never recover.

For the first time in more than a dozen years, she called Joseph and he immediately said that he would be coming home to see her.

Joseph and Romy have a bittersweet reunion but slowly, they begin making up for lost time even as they start planning for the future.

Flora had left Jake her husband with two small children Olive and Toby as she went to take care of her mother who had broken her leg when she fell.

Her mother had been a nasty person and Flora had always been terrified of her. As such, Leaving was not that hard to do but when she realized that she had a sister on the other side of the globe and a dying sister, she is left at a loss at what to do.

She contacts her sister and jumps on a plane to the other side of the planet.

It is an emotional and heartfelt story about families, chances not taken, forgiveness, personal growth, and secrets.

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