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Sophie H. Morgan is a bestselling general romance and paranormal romance fiction novelist who loves heart and humor in equal measure.

She published “Ashes” her debut novel and the first of the “Divided Kingdom” series of novels in 2015. She has since gone on to write several other titles and has at least three series to her name.
Over the years, she has become known for writing novels with sassy heroines, hot guys, and happily ever afters that seem impossible to attain.

When she is not writing her bestselling novels, Sophie Morgan can usually be found rambling about in the rain of the English countryside with her rambunctious spaniels.
When she does not feel like going out, she can often be found with a bag of cookies on her couch while devouring yet another romance fiction work.

Just like many novelists, Sophie H. Morgan is an author who loves to read.

She has read across all manner of subgenres and finds inspiration from just about anything from historical romance, romantic suspense, fantasy romance, and contemporary romance.

Regardless of the type of genre, she may be reading at the moment, she loves authors that have an easy writing style that makes it easy to sink into a story and forget that outside the book is a real-world separate from that of fiction.
Some of her favorite novelists in this regard include Nora Roberts, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Jeaniene Frost, Elle Kennedy, Stacey Marie Brown, Lisa Kleypas, Ilona Andrews, and Srah MacLean.

These are authors that have always pulled the emotion out of her and this is what she usually targets to do when writing her novels.

Whether it is tears or laughter, she usually tries to invest as much as she can in a story to get the real emotion out of her audience.

Since Sophie H. Morgan still works a day job and is not a morning person, she does most of her writing in the afternoons and evenings.

She also prefers to write in bursts taking an hour here and there whenever she can, so that she will not feel drained or like the day has come to an end while she has not done much.
Morgan believes that she can get her word count up faster by doing this rather than trying to write it all in one sitting.

She always tries to write something every day but sometimes she does not feel like it and will have her much-needed breaks on those days.

With a routine that works for her and a reward system that has not failed her yet, she has managed to publish at least half a dozen works across several series.

“The Witch Is Back” by Sophie H. Morgan is a fascinating romance that tells the story of Emmaline Bluewater and Bastain Truenote.

The former is a wallflower who does not mind being one. She had been born into a witch society but seven years back, she decided she was done trying to fit in when her fiance left town without a word to her or anyone else.
Emmaline could not have been happier and is living a mundane but delightful life in Chicago where she runs a very successful bar she owns.

But then Bastian Truenote comes back into her life and says he wants her back. The problem is that he will not tell her of his reasons for leaving, even though he intimates that they are important.
But to win her heart, he will have to deal with a woman who is transformed from the old humble witch into an independent and confident one.

He will also need to confront a friend who intends to hit him with a hex and make friends with Emma’s adorably goofy dog.

It is going to be tough since Emma does not intend to fall under his spell once again.

Sophie H. Morgan’s novel “Her Wish” is a riveting debut work of fiction that tells the story of Charlie and Jax Michaels.

Charlie hates genies as they are too celebrity, too sure of themselves, and too beautiful. They are also known for being too eager to entice mortals into buying tickets in their global Lottery, hoping to win their desires.
The last thing she would ever do is buy a ticket, as she would prefer to walk naked through Times Square if it came to that.

Unfortunately, her friend buys one ticket in her name and she is picked by a gorgeous and famously arrogant genie who comes to her door.

Charlie has no qualms about saying no to the man despite his sexy blue eyes. However, Jax Michaels who is known for his roguish style and sex appeal all along the East Coast will not take no for an answer.
He could get anyone he wanted by going back to the line and would find a willing woman fast. But he is intrigued by Charlie Donahue who rejects his calculated grins, and charming words and refuses to consider anything he proposes.

“His Command” by Sophie H. Morgan is all about Hailey and Ryder who live in a world controlled by the “Wishes for You” organization.

Hailey has spent the last half year isolating herself as she tried to get over the brutal ways in which she was dumped. Ethan her boyfriend was very cruel as he told her he was not ready for marriage, especially with her.

She was even more surprised when her boss told her that their company was planning a huge society wedding and Ethan was the groom. Despondent and in a panic, she decides that she will be attending a charity auction which may just change everything.
Ryder has a reputation for having a quip and smile for everyone but never got into relationships despite having too many opportunities. As such, he is reluctant to do anything when Hailey falls into his arms and they have instant chemistry.
She has a sad demeanor and this stokes his protective instincts. But she is not ready for what he offers making for some delicious tension.

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