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Hinch Yourself Happy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs Hinch: The Activity Journal (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Is Me (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mrs Hinch: Life in Lists (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sophie Hinchcliffe also sometimes referred to as Mrs. Hinch is a popular British influencer who is best known for her cleaning tips on her Instagram account. Her memoir and cleaning books have all made the Bestseller List in the Sunday Times.

She was born in Basildon, Essex, and was named Sophie Barker though she hardly uses that name nowadays. Before becoming an Instagram influencer she used to work as a hairdresser. According to Sophie she suffers from extreme anxiety and turned to cleaning to help her cope with it.

With more than 4 million followers, she has become the second-highest cleaning influencer in the world who makes more than nearly £6000 every time she posts. The only other person who is more popular has to be Marie Kondo, the Japanese cleaning enthusiast.

Due to Sophie’s popularity, she is now estimated to be worth more than £1 million. Over the years, she has worked with companies such as “Lenor,” “Killen,” “Very” and “I Love Wallpaper.”

However, she has made much of her money from “Hinch Yourself Happy.” The memoir was a bestseller that sold more than 160, 000 copies in the United Kingdom in three days after its release.

Mrs. Hinch had her best year in 2018, which was when she began her Instagram account due to her anxiety and her interest in interior design. She began posting on the account after she purchased her first home with her husband.
It was then that she began posting cleaning tricks, tips, and hacks and within three months she has more than 1 million followers. Through Instagram Stories and main feed posts, she has constantly been reviewing her favorite cleaning products and offering advice on how to clean.
In addition to sharing cleaning tips, she also motivates and inspires many to start doing what they have been putting off for years. While many have assumed that she is a professional cleaner, she has said that is just very passionate about ensuring things are in tip-top condition. Moreover, it helps keep her calm collected, and cool.

Given how popular she is, she would soon start attracting the attention of brands. Many brands have claimed that they achieved a substantial increase in sales when they worked with the social media star to market their cleaning products.
According to “Zoflora,” their sales rose astronomically after Mrs. Hinch shared her love for their products. They would ultimately need to up their production by nearly 30%.

Sophie Hinchcliffe got married to Jamie Hinchcliff her husband in 2018 after they had worked together for several years in sales.

The two had their fairy tale wedding at the Essex-based Gosfield Hall. It was a stunning ceremony that featured the couple’s weird quirks such as naming the tables the names of Beyonce songs such as “Love on Top” and “Drunk in Love.”
The couple now has two children with their first son Ronnie born in 2019 and their next one two years later. The happy family also includes Henry the Cocker Spaniel, who also has the honor of having her very own Instagram account.
She joined the #10yearchallenge online to provide inspiration and motivation to people struggling with weight. As it turns out, she had struggles with her weight in her teenage years. In fact, she had a gastric band fitted that helped her lose eight stone in weight.
Aside from her cleaning tips and hacks, the family frequently features on Sophie’s Instagram account.

“Hinch Yourself Happy” is a work that would have some familiar information for people that follow Mrs. Hinch. The best thing about this is that it is a fun and not too intellectually taxing work that has some hilarious takes on cleaning.
Mrs. Hinch showcases her character as a hugely likable, a bit crazy, and a bit obsessive cleaning enthusiast who makes cleaning fun and sometimes hilarious.

In addition to her cleaning hacks and tricks, she also talks about her struggles with weight and anxiety. This would make this book great for anyone that may be going through such things too.

However, it is important to note that this is not a deep dive but rather an empathetic look into issues of weight and anxiety without laying herself fully bare.

That being said it is an interesting work that has some awesome tips and is written very well as it targets the very same crowd that loves Mrs. Hinch on Instagram.
Collating all her tips into one place, this is not a literary tome but a collection of the best tips that you can refer to from time to time.

Sophie Hinchcliffe’s novel “The Activity Journal” is a little book that tells people to give themselves some time out from time to time. It is important to take time to relax, time to plan, time for a de-stress, time to plan, and for a destress.
According to Mrs. Hinch, we all live very stressful lives and sometimes it can be hard for anyone to breathe. Sophie wrote this work for her readers to have fun with as they learn how to journal and be better organized even as they have fun.
The author asserts that this book is better read on the sofa in the evenings before winding down or in the mornings before starting the day.

Through light-hearted and relaxing activities, one can get a crystal pen and have fun journaling whenever they need a bit of calm. Moreover, there are tons of pages full of all manner of “Hinching lists” that one can use to plan the week ahead.
This work may be read by dipping in randomly or from start to finish as either way will be relaxing to anyone that needs just that.

“The Little Book of Lists” by Sophie Hinchcliffe provides readers with the perfect way to organize their lives.

This is a book filled with lists and goals which can make one feel more organized. Mrs. Sophie helps one put pen to paper by putting all manner of lists of to-do in one place.

Inside the work are loads of “Fresh’n Up Fridays” and “Hinch Lists” that will be heaven to anyone that needs a little organization in their lives.

For most people, nothing feels better than having a list of to-dos and putting down the pen at the end of the day after having accomplished what they needed to.

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