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Sophie Van Llewyn is a published author of fiction.

Born in Romania, she grew up in the area of Tulcea in southeastern Romania. Van Llewyn currently resides in Germany. She enjoys writing various novels, sometimes in the realm of historical fiction.

She wrote a novella (called in flash, a brief writing style and modification of the short story) that was published with the help of Fairlight Books. The book did well and made a variety of long lists for literary prizes. Her work has been well-received among readers and fellow authors alike!

Van Llewyn is an accomplished and diverse writer that has had her writing published in a variety of journals located online and in print as well. These include such publications as New Delta Review, Litro, Ambit, The Guardian, New South, The Lonely Crowd, Banshee, and more. In 2018 from September to March of 2019, Sophie also had the pleasure of being at TSS Publishing as a flash fiction author in residence.

The author has also had the pleasure of placing in various writing competitions. One of her stories made the Bath Flash Fiction Award’s short list. Her writing has also been recognized and nominated for a variety of prizes and awards, including Best Microfiction, Best Small Fictions, Best of the Net, and the Pushcart Prize.

Sophie has had her work published in the form of flash fiction anthologies and stand alone novels. Her work was featured along with several other authors in the anthology collection “Flash, I Love You!”. The book contains 34 short stories that meditate on a variety of topics. She also had her stand alone novel come out in 2018 with the release of “Bottled Goods”.

“Flash, I Love You!” is a flash fiction collection and an anthology that you will want to check out! This is the perfect read if you like to flip through and check out different stories at leisure, want to find new authors and literary voices, or enjoy very short collected works where you can read for five minutes or an hour– whatever you like!

These stories contain one by Llewyn and as a whole, the anthology features tales that focus on all kinds of themes such as life, love, going through various trials, and more. The stories are quick to read and can be started and finished “in a flash”, hence the name flash fiction.

Even though you may speed through these very short stories, some of them may speak to you and stay with you long after you’re done with them! This collection features stories from Allen Ashley, Kim Russell, Christina Dalcher, Paul Currion, van Llewyn, and more! Check it out if you’re into brief stories, different written works, or just have an appreciation for great fiction.

Bottled Goods is the first stand alone novel to come out from author Sophie van Llewyn. Readers first got the chance to check this book out in 2018 when it was published for the first time. If you’ve read more of Sophie’s work and want to check out something substantially longer or just are looking for a great book, check this enjoyable story out.

Main character Alina is going through some things. She doesn’t know what to do when out of nowhere, her brother in law decides that he is going to defect. He’s just not defecting anywhere. He’s going to the West.

This is a move that is going to have many ramifications, especially in her own life. The simple action has set into motion a domino effect where now the secret service has an interest in Alina as well as her husband. This is certainly not an ideal scenario, as they would rather be flying under the radar. However, now they are going to have to deal with the consequences of what is their unfortunate situation.

Becoming noticed by the secret service means that their lives are going to be altered now. Their careers are the first things to be removed, quickly coming to a sudden stop. It is no coincidence that they’ve lost their jobs, and only the first of many trials to come.

Alina wishes that this weren’t the case, but unfortunately it just seems like her career is dead and isn’t coming back soon. This means that the money stops coming in and they both are going to have to somehow find a way to support themselves. Getting new jobs or careers may be difficult as their status is nearly sure to get in the way of any income until that the interest in them is dropped.

Even though the two of them know that this is not their fault, it does not make the situation any easier to bear, and they know they are not safe. The stress and strain of what they are both going through is taking a very hard toll on their union. With her marriage in jeopardy, Alina is desperate to try and fix the situation and save her relationship and her quality of life with her husband.

She goes to an aunt, looking for her to help if she can. The relative is married to a local communist leader. On top of that, she follows the old ways and secretly practices folk traditions. Desperate times call for desperate measures, especially when the stakes are this high. Alina knows that if she doesn’t try to do something, her life and her marriage as she knows them may be soon be over.

Set in Romania during the communist period of the 1970’s, this is an interesting story unlike any other. Born out of knowledge and experience, Sophie van Llewyn captures a time, place, and themes drawn from a real history, culture, country, and people.

Political and emotional, daring and pushing the limits of literary magic realism, this is the story of people going through troubles that are not just able to be set down whenever they would like.

Experience all of the magic for yourself and the tapestry of information, creativity, emotions, and more in this dynamic story from an author that is definitely worth checking out. Get a copy of Bottled Goods to read this novella for yourself!

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