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The Soldier's Sweetheart (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Billionaire's Baby SOS (By: Susan Meier) (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Soraya M. Lane is a Historical Fiction, Romance, Contemporary fiction author from New Zealand. She was always interested in reading and writing but when she went to college, she decided to study law. She graduated with a law degree alright but it did not take long before she realized that her future lay in writing rather than in the law. She had always been a voracious reader and a writer right from the time she first went to school. Soraya used to come up with wonderful stories that she read to the class to the delight of her teachers. Reading and writing was something that came naturally to her and as such, the desire to become a professional author is not something that was a surprise. As a university student studying the law, she started writing, as all she wanted was to publish and see her name on a bookshelf. She was about 19 or 20 at this time and got involved with the Romance Writers of New Zealand when she started writing seriously. It was at one of the yearly conferences where editors and agents from the UK and the United States were in attendance that she got her huge break. She had been pitching for several years when her contemporary romance entry in the conference contest came out on top. Laura Bradford who would later become her agent approached and signed her on. She was twenty-seven years old when she signed that first publishing contract and published “Soldier on Her Doorstep” her debut novel in 2011. Since then she has become a prolific author writing both contemporary romance and historical fiction with more than twenty-five titles to her name.

Soraya started writing contemporary romance since it was something she always loved reading. She still loves writing and reading contemporary romance but she had her biggest break when she started writing historical fiction. When she went back to college at the University of Canterbury she did an MFA in Creative Writing and a Master of Fine Arts. It was at this time that she thought that maybe she should try writing something different. Soraya M. Lane had an idea for a story set in World War II and thought she should challenge herself with just such as story. “The Voyage of the Heart” that she published in 2014 went on to become a bestseller and paved the way for her to become a historical fiction author. She never looked back since as once she graduated with her MFA, she continued writing with the 2019 published title “The Girls of Pearl Harbor” one of her bestselling and most critically acclaimed novels yet. Her novels such as “Wives of War” have gone on to top the bestselling charts on Amazon, which was one of the best moments of her writing career. Despite being one of the most promising historical fiction authors, she still writes contemporary romance fiction now and then. But she finds the challenge of starting and writing in the historical genre more enjoyable, especially given how much success she has had.

Soraya M. Lane is now living her dream life as she always dreamed of becoming an author right from her childhood. She fantasized about recreating the stories she loved reading during the day and in her bed at night. Lane is now a full-time author and spends much of her days writing her novels and parenting her two little children. She finds the inspiration for her romance novel characters from her home where she spends hours thinking of plots and character traits. When she is not doing that, she can be found watching documentaries and trawling historical books looking for stories for her next historical fiction novel. Since she writes in two genres, she has two names with her contemporary romances published under Soraya Lane while her historical fiction is released under the name Soraya M. Lane. She currently lives with her husband and children on a small farm in New Zealand and works from her small home office that overlooks a patch of grassland where her horses often graze.

“Lane’s Wives of War” is a novel set in 1944 London. Two young nurses had met at the train platform and learned that they both were hoping to help in the war effort. All Scarlet wants to do is find Thomas her fiancé who had gone to the war and in doing so, show her family and her community back home that she is stronger than what they think. Ellie her newfound friend has always desired to become a nurse though she comes from a less privileged background as compared to Scarlet who has had everything she ever needed given to her. While the girls put on brave faces, they are both nervous about what was waiting for them on the war front. When the two women land in Normandy, they make friends with Lucy, an unflustered woman who leaves them in awe of her competence and courage. But Lucy is too well aware of what awaits the two women who decided to leave home not knowing of the dangers of war. She believes that it is highly likely that Scarlet and Ellie may never make it back home. When push comes to shove in one of the most brutal wars ever fought by humanity, the three girls will have to band together if they are to survive.

“The Girls of Pearl Harbor” by Soraya M. Lane is the gruesome story of four young nurses whose lives are changed forever by the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. Poppy, April, and Grace had joined the US Army Nurse Corps for the adventure. They were delighted to be posted to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and they could not have asked for a better station. Quickly becoming fast friends, the brave but haunted April, the exuberant Poppy, and the idealistic Grace spend their time flirting with young fresh-faced soldiers, attending parties, frolicking in the sun, and becoming fast friends with Eva, an experienced nurse that had been on the island for much longer. Their future looks bright and warm just like the Hawaiian sun until; the Japanese decide to bomb their idyllic paradise. In a few hours, their hopes are transformed into black ash and rubble as they are embroiled in a war they never imagined they would have to participate in. They now have to face grief and make some tough decisions. They may have to come to terms with death but in their future is also purpose and hope. In the middle of the chaos, they learn to fight for themselves and their country’s honor and also find happiness.

“Voyage of the Heart” by Soraya M. Lane is a novel set at the end of the Second World War. Hundreds of thousands of British women had gotten married to American GIs during the war. They were now desperate to immigrate to the United States to be with their husbands after the conclusion of the war in 1945. They had made so much noise that the US has passed the War Brides Act in 1945 to allow ships to go to the UK to bring these wives to the US. This novel tells the story of four women that jumped on those ships to got to America. It tells of the loyalty, the friendships formed and the fun they had. Betty had to hide a very advanced pregnancy to be allowed onto the ship so that she could finally meet Charlie her beloved though her story would end in tragedy. But Betty soon finds out that one door opens when another closes. Margaret has always been the strong-willed member of the group until she has to deal with a cruel twist of fate in the US. Alice reunited with Ralph and nursed him back to health only to find that she now has to deal with his PTSD. Lastly, there is Jane who found a warm welcome from her lover’s family which then became a fairy tale story with a happy ending.

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    Thank you for your interest and writing of WWII. This may help many young people understand that our grandparents were heroic, saved our way of life and paved the way for today’s women. History teachers no longer teach these things and without knowledge of history it will repeat.


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