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Publication Order of Soul Rider Books

Spirits of Flux and Anchor (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Empires of Flux and Anchor (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Masters of Flux and Anchor (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Birth of Flux and Anchor (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Children of Flux and Anchor (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon

Soul Rider is a series of fantasy/science fiction books written by an award-winning American author of fantasy and science fiction books Jack L. Chalker. Besides writing, Chalker was also a history teacher of Baltimore City Schools in Maryland for twelve years and retired in 1978 to embark on a full-time writing career. The author was also a member of Washington Science Fiction Association and was involved in the founding of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. Chalker was born and raised in Baltimore, but some of his works claim to have been born in Norfolk, Virginia although the author later attributed that it was a mistake. He attended Baltimore City College and later earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Towson University in Maryland.

In 2003, Chalker was named as Liberal Arts Alumnus of the Year by Towson University. Chalker graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a MA in liberal studies. Initially, the author intended to be a lawyer, but due to financial problems, he opted to become a teacher. He taught geography and history in Baltimore Public Schools for eleven years from 1966 to 1978 at defunct Southwest High School and Baltimore City College. The author lectured on technology and science fiction at Smithsonian Institution, the National Institutes of Health and numerous universities in the United States. Chalker married in 1978, had two children, Steven, a computer security consultant and David, a game designer.

Jack L. Chalker’s hobbies included travel, esoteric audio, and working on sci-fi convention committees. He also showed great interests in ferryboats, and at his partner’s suggestion, their marriage was performed on the Roaring Bull boat in Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. In 1958, Chalker joined Washington Sci-Fi Association, and in 1963 he and his two friends founded Baltimore Sci-Fi Society. Jack L. Chalker awards included, The Gold Medal of the West Coast Review of Books, Daedalus Award, Hamilton-Brackett Memorial Award, and Skylark Award. He was twice a nominee of Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Award. Chalker was posthumously awarded Phoenix Award in 2005.

Jack is famously known for his series Soul Rider series and Well World series even though he wrote many other books. Chalker began publication of Soul Rider series in 1984 when Spirits of Flux the first novel in the series was published. The series ran two years lasting five novels and concluding in 986 when Children of Flux and Anchor was released.

Spirits of Flux Anchor

Spirits of Flux Anchor the debut novel in Soul Rider series turns out to also be a sci-fi book eventually. The book is set in a world that consists of many Anchors- these are isolated cities of normalcy that are surrounded by a sea of Flux where magic operates and where a wizard with a powerful will can dominate everyone and establish their own cities out of nothing. Also within the Flux are seven sealed gates to hell. The inhabitants of Hell (another dimension) want to cross the locked and sealed gates and have agents in the world who are helping them to have the gates open for them.

What makes Spirits of Flux Anchor interesting is the world building which is vividly done with almost single detail explained to the core. The world in which it is set features anchors pools of stability surrounded by Flux, sort of an ocean of possibility. Within these anchors reality is set while in the Flux those with talent and can shape it to their desire and learn how to shape the Flux makes one a wizard. Between the Anchors exist guided paths and the mysterious Fluxlands which are little demi-planes created by gods who are just super-powerful wizards. However, there is more than that, including the titular soul rider beings that can be more powerful than wizards but seem to attach themselves to human beings and guide them through concealed influence in an assault against hell.

Jack L. Chalker does focus on mind control, transformation, and byzantine plots which unfold bit by bit until the last page. The author also has an impressive viewpoint on sex, politics, and power and uses him own mix of sci-fi/fantasy. The main character is Cassie a young naïve girl living in Anchor. However, when she is tossed into Flux, she will soon discover the incredible talents she possesses. She will even have to confront a more powerful wizard who just discovered an ancient computer program that will forever change the balance of power that exists between Anchor and Flux.

Empire of Flux and Anchor

The world was gradually healing from the war between the forces evil and good. An alliance had been established in order to fight mankind’s war. However, the good had not yet won the final battle, and the rulers of hell had created their own army ready to conquer the world, with the intentions of first overthrowing humans to their unholy purposes.

The second book in the series is set a few years in the future from where the series opener left off, and so as a reader, you can really see how the social structures that were created in the past fail or stack up to. Additionally, a little more is revealed about how Anchor came to be in Flux and the true nature of the Soul Rides.

Masters of Flux and Anchor

Mervyn, Flux lord, and wizard, the leader of the Nine Guard face the biggest threat of the rival Seven Who Wait: the opening of the Hell gates. Close over two thousand years ago, these gates are the portals to unknown danger and perhaps great power.

In response, Meryvn must unite the shattered army of guardianship, scattered and lurching violently after the war with Coydt. Cassie, once a stalwart crusader and saint, is now the indoctrinated slave of a cruel male dictatorship. A mysterious Soul Rider controls both her spirit and her daughter.
The third in Soul Rider series by Jack L. Chalker is a beautiful read. Once again the story offers an in-depth look at government and religion especially regarding abuse of power and it’s still relevant even decades after it was initially published.

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