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Soul Screamers Books In Order

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Publication Order of Soul Screamers Books

The Soul Screamers trilogy is written by Rachel Vincent, a resident of Oklahoma. Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Something she defines as overreactive creativity. This over-reactive creativity is the driving force behind her best-selling series, The Soul Screamer.

The Soul Screamers series is based on the life of Kaylee Cavanaugh. Her life is in a total mess, with her mom dead, her father AWOL, she has to live with her obnoxious cousin. With all these, she is doing fine apart from the strange urge to scream. And she screams in the oddest moments, when a person dies.
The tendency to scream does not do justice to her popularity, not to mention her sanity. Kaylee thinks that she is crazy, until she realises that here is a gift. She is not human, but a bean sidhe or a banshee. She can capture human souls with the screaming song and ensure that they go where the are expected to go. Things get better when a stranger comes her way and starts to teach her about her Bean Sidhe heritage. This stranger is no other that the gorgeous and popular Nash Hudson.

Even though Kaylee does not have the best life in the world, it is interesting. The books scream creativity. Vincent thought her world well. She manages to construct her netherworld and the people who move in and out of its boundaries with more stability than any other writers. Her netherworld is filled with suspense and surprises. Each time you think that you have figured out the depths of her world, you discover more. The plot is well thought out and manages to hold up next what had been revealed previously.

Anther interesting thing about the books in this is how she manages to interweave and connect plots from different books. Things from early books come back in newer books. Giving teenagers to read the books analytically and remember all the details.

Unlike other fantasy books that end with the heroine saving the day, in the Soul Screamers series, Kaylee does not save the day and then everyone gets to go home happily. Even though the day gets saved and certain value saved, the books are realistic enough to prove that there are some people and some things that cannot be fixed.This gives the series a sense of continuity. There are loose ends to be tied tomorrow; the day will be saved over and over again in newer and more horrible ways.

The relationship between the characters is interesting too. In the earlier books, there is some tension between Nash and Kaylee but in the later books, the relationship turns into a love. A romantic relationship with issues, problems and stuff that come between them that cannot be fixed.

Kaylee’s life as a banshee is very interesting, and Vincent does everything possible to involve you in the heroine’s daily struggle as she sets off to make the world a better place to live in without marauding souls.

Let’s look at some books in the Soul Screamers (Series by Rachel Vincent).

1. My Soul to Take.

This book kicks off with Kaylee not having a clue about he Banshee nature. When healthy young girls start dying for no apparent reason at all, Kaylee finds her self-screaming.later own, she discovers that the screaming is a song to their souls that guides them to their resting place.

later, she meets Nash Hudson, a male bean sidhe together with his older brother, a reaper and a bean sidhe as they try to figure out the mysterious deaths.

This is when Kayleen learns that she is not human, she his a banshee. As though this is not shocking enough, she discovers that her mother who died when she was a toddler died in her place. Now she his living in borrowed time. Borrowed from her mother.

2. With all My Soul.

What does it mean when your school is voted the most dangerous in America? Kaylee’s school has been voted as the most dangerous in the United States. When this happens, she decides that it is time to make the culprits pay. She must kick some hellion butt. For this to happen, she must find a way to turn the incarnations of Envy, Vanity, Avarice against one another and protect her friends.

Apart from saving her friends, she must also finish the war. Once and for all. In the process of fighting the Hellions, she meets Wrath who makes her understand how close to the edge she was. She also realises that she cannot save everyone she loves without risking everything when more of her close friends are taken.

3. My Soul to Save.

In this novel, Tod, Nash’s grim reaper brother, asks Nash and Kaylee’s help for help in protecting his ex-girlfriend, a pop princess Addison. The teenage singer has been tricked into selling her soul for fortune and fame, the un-holly trinity.

Because of her naivety, she fails to read her contract thoroughly. She unknowingly enters an agreement with Neth that gives him the right to torture her to eternity.

Her only hope is in Tod, Kaylee and Nash, if the fail to save her, she will spend an eternity being tortured by Neth.The book takes us through all the supernatural hurdles they must overcome before the save her soul.

The Soul Screamers series is full of suspense. It’s a rollercoaster ride, full of adrenaline. The author manages to make the reader interact and become one with the characters. Something many writers fail miserably at. The relationship between Nash, Tod and Kaylee is interesting too.

In all, it is a very fantastic series. The characters are extremely well developed, the plot and the imaginary so good that it feels real. The characters grow realistic and so much throughout the series.According to me, this is one worthwhile read. You will not get disappointed up to the last book. With this in mind, you will also need to brew yourself a cup of coffee since the ride through the book will be very rough and chaotic.

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