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Soul Seekers Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Soul Seekers Books

Alyson Noel; the top rated bestselling author and number one in New York Times with over eight bestselling books and for a duration of two years; she has worn an award of selling over seven million printed copies to over 50 countries. She has hit the New York Times, USA Today, Publisher Weekly and Wall Street journals’ headlines for a number of times being the best seller. She has managed to snatch numerous awards such as; the national reader’s choice award, NYLA book of winter award, NYPL stuff for the teenage, Teen reads best book for 2007 and reviewers choice 2007 Top ten.

Alyson Noel was born on 3rd December 1965, grew in Orange County. She studied in Nixon Elementary school for two years. She is the third and last born in her family and among her other two sisters. She spent her live in Mykonos, Greece after completing her high school levels. In her life; she has worked in various professions before a successful writing career. She has also spent part of her life in Manhattan, New York where she worked as a flight attendant. Currently she leaves in Laguna Beach California. Before being a flight attendant she had various jobs such as sales clerk in a store department, administrative assistant, office manager, jewelry maker, t-shirt painter and front desk hotel clerk. Her writing career kicked off by writing her first book called the young-adult novel.

The soul seeker series

The series starts by the book known as the fated where Alyson Noel brings a magical New Mexican style to attention of the reader. The book starts with strange things happening in the protagonist’s life Daire Santos. Fated introduces Daire Santos, a 16 year old girl who Glamorous lived with her mother though she has not lived in any one place long enough to experience what other teens experience.

Some supernatural things are happening in her life such as crows mocking her, animals follow her, glowing people appearing from nowhere. Her life shifts to New Mexico where her mother sends her to stay with the grandmother. Many things changes when the vision that have haunted her for a long time intensify in a manner that can no longer be denied. Her grandmother discovers her vision of what they truly are – the call to her destiny as a soul seeker. She could navigate between the worlds of the living and the dead. In New Mexico she meets a beautiful boy who haunts her dreams by his unearthly blue eyes.

This book revolves around a breath taking saga combined with magic, mystery and intoxicating love story. Guided by her grandmother; Daire has to learn the art of harnessing her powers. This comes after as an emergency since Dace’s brother is an evil shape-shifter who is out to steal them. Daire has to accept her fate as a soul seeker and at the same time had to discover whether Dace was the guy meant for her. She faces a major challenge of deciding what to do if it happened that Dace allied with her main enemies of whom she’s destined to destroy. Would she destroy them even if it meant destroying the person she loved most? Was their love strong enough to sustain the storm? She is yet to uncover these challenges though she had to face them.

Character of Daire Santos

Daire is a courageous, determined and high spirited girl who faces new situations in her life with courage. She is not prepared for her new role as a soul seeker though she is determined to learn and take the call.

She is well-traveled, lonely and terribly vulnerable at the age of sixteen she gets herself cast in a life changing role which she is not prepared to take. She has a challenging relationship with her mother though she is very loyal to her grandmother who discovers her call to be a soul seeker.

2 early books in the Soul seeker series

In addition to Fated; soul seeker series has Echo and Mystic as some of the earlier books in the series. Echo which is the second book in Soul seeker series of the top selling author of the immortals Daire Santos. She has already saved her grandmother and her soul though at the peril of letting loose the Richter family in the lower world. Daire and her lover Dace must combine efforts in finding the Richter family before chaos erupt which would jeopardize the balance between good and evil. The book brings up the story of Dace’s brother whose evil power grows at an amazing pace. He leads to Daire and Dace confronting the horrifying prophecy that had brought them together. This action forces Daire to claim her true destiny of being a soul seeker. This is an unthinkable sacrifice on Daire’s side since she had fought too much to lose Dace.


Mystic is the third early book in this series. It brings up the context of the Richter’s family. The same family where Dace his boyfriend came from and whose twin brother was a shape-shifter whose main aim is to steal Daire’s powers. This poses a great challenge to Daires’ life as a soul seeker. The main dilemma is whether Daire can still fulfill her destiny without destroying her only love. Their love is put to an ultimate test since her mission is to destroy the Richter family and navigating through the world of living and the dead where Richter rules.

On March 2011 Alyson Noel brought to notice that some of her books had been optioned by summit entertainment. Later in the soul seeker’s series 4 books were optioned for film by Cheyenne Enterprises.

Her books are distributed across the globe with most having been available to over 50 countries. She is the writer whose novel are addictive such that reading one will lead to reading another until the series is over. Finishing one series leads to finding the next until you finish all. These are romantic, supernatural stories you can’t afford missing to read them.

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