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Publication Order of Soulbound Books

A Ferry of Bones & Gold (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Souls Near & Nigh (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Crown of Iron & Silver (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Vigil in the Mourning (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Wings of War (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Echo in the Sorrow (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Veiled & Hallowed Eve (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Soulbound Universe Books

Resurrection Reprise (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Soulbound Series

As an author of science-fiction and paranormal romance novels, Hailey Turner is a highly regarded author who tells entertaining and exciting stories. Known for her strong characters, she grabs the reader from the outset, keeping them there as they constantly turn the page for more. Often giving her work an LGBT friendly perspective, she’s known for her diverse and interesting stories and characters. This has seen her become hugely successful on a worldwide scale, with many readers from around the world singing her praises. Known for a number of ongoing series as well, she also makes sure that her readers carry on coming back for more when it comes to her franchises.

A collection of stories that she’s particularly well known for is that of her much loved ‘Soulbound’ series of novels. Set in the realms of fantasy they capture a contemporary feel, as they feature the ‘Supernatural Operations Agency’ in New York City. Following the character of Special Agent Patrick Collins, the books see him investigating various different case-files and mysteries.

A Ferry of Bones and Gold

Initially published in 2018 on the 9th of September, this would be the first book in the ‘Soulbound’ series of novels. Setting up the series as a whole, it manages to really establish the franchise overall, fully allowing it to come to life. Creating a strong ambiance, it’s an entertaining first mystery adventure, and a must for any fans of the genre and the author’s other books.

As part of the Urban Fantasy genre this really manages to hit all the right beats, making the most of its New York City location. The characters are also well drawn too, really coming to life off of the page for the reader, as they fully establish themselves here. Setting up the following books as well, there’s a great deal of foreshadowing, creating a dark and intoxicating atmosphere throughout.

Just three years into his career working for the ‘Supernatural Operations Agency,’ New York based special agent Patrick Collins has an immortal on the loose in the city. With the gods demanding a soul debt that he owes them, there are numerous ritual-killings being led by demons all across the city. Long without a partner he can trust, he must stand-alone against the might of the Dominion Sect, fending off the magic of mercenaries. That’s when he meets the Dominion’s next target; a werewolf that’s been thrown into his path, and he finds himself drawn to the handsome Jonothon de Vere. Will the two be able to find one another and overcome the obstacles? Can they stop the killings? Where are they heading on a ferry of bones and gold?

All Souls Near and Nigh

First published in 2019 on the 19th of March, this would be the second novel in the now much loved ‘Soulbound’ series of novels. With the series already well underway, it gets straight into the next adventure, whilst also continuing arcs from the previous book. Readers will probably want to make the most of it by reading the books in order, as they continue on from one another.

There’s a lot of exciting new elements being brought in here, as there’s plenty of action coming to the forefront throughout. Knowing the landscape well at this point, Turner is more than well versed in the characters and the world, developing and evolving it all with every page turn. Not only that, but she really pays close attention to the various different intricacies of the world overall, getting right to the heart of it.

Now Soulbound to the werewolf Jonothon de Vere, special agent Patrick Collins is attempting to navigate the new life he’s made for himself as part of the New York City Supernatural Operations Agency. Dealing with territorial disputes in the five boroughs, he must deal with all the vampires and were-creatures that reside there, but now those treaties are being pushed to the limit. There’s a new drug on the club scene called Shine and it’s available to vampires, leading to piles of bodies building up in the subways. Managing the many pack politics he now finds himself facing, Patrick and Jonothon must survive the threat that is now overcoming the city. Will they manage it and restore order to the streets? Can they prevent chaos from taking hold? What will become of all souls near and nigh?

A Crow of Iron and Silver

This would originally come out in 2019 on the 10th of September, not long after the previous novel, this being the third in the ‘Soulbound’ series. When it comes to reading these books it’s probably best to read them in order, as they feature many ongoing story strands and arcs. It also paves the way for the fourth book, which was titled ‘A Vigil in the Mourning’ and was brought out in 2020 just one year later.

The holidays are coming up and Special Agent Patrick Collins is going to reunite with his old team when there’s a missing human child. In its place a changeling is left, and the prominent and important witch family is now seeking justice, as they demand of the fae. Then there’s Jonothon de Vere who’s looking to form a pack with Patrick after being harassed by the gods, and this means there may be a civil-war within the werewolf community. Now a fae lord offers them the chance of an alliance, as he provides them with the opportunity only if they track down the Summer Lady who’s been kidnapped at Seelie Court. Will they be able to find her and form the alliance? Can they protect themselves in the process? What will become of a Crow of iron and silver?

The Soulbound Series

Making for a fun and extremely entertaining collection of stories, these are highly accessible urban fantasy novels set in the modern world. Playing with the genre, Hailey Turner knows exactly what she’s doing with this series, turning many of the tropes upon their head. With more and more fans continually discovering it each day, there’s plenty more room for this series to carry on growing.

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