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Publication Order of Soulmates Dissipate Books

Soulmates Dissipate (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Again Once More (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
He's Just a Friend (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Somebody's Gotta Be on Top (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
When Somebody Loves You Back (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
She Ain't the One (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darius Jones (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Soulmates Dissipate is a series of romance books written by an American author of literature and fiction novels Mary B. Morrison. Morrison has published over a dozen novels, and some have made it on New York Times bestseller list. Mary Morrison began the publication of Soulmates Dissipate series in 2000 when Soulmates Dissipate was published. The series has been optioned for possible adaptation to film by Lionsgate and Codeblack Entertainment.

Soulmate Dissipate

Soulmate Dissipates is the first book Mary Morrison’s popular series by the same name. This debut novel was a hit when it was self-published and went on to hit the top spot in bestsellers lists. The main character in the story is Jada Diamond Tanner, a fashion photographer who has never had any problem when it comes to getting the attention of handsome and sexy men. But not one touches her heart like the sexy, masculine Wellington Jones. Wellington is a prominent financial advisor, and in Jada’s eyes, he is the man that her heart has always yearned for.

From the first they met, Jada has also been fascinated by this man, and while the passion the two shares is mutual and extremely out of this world, they decide to explore where their relationship would take them. However their love adventures is not without obstacles, one there is a lady who is desperate enough and will do anything to get Well’s attention and then there is Jada’s mother who thinks that her daughter is not fit enough for Well’s elite social circle.

Despite all these challenges, Jada and Wellington share a feeling that they are destined to live happily ever after. However, unlike her man, Jada is a woman faced with strenuous choices and along the way she comes to learn about some tough lessons regarding trust and commitment especially when it comes to the person you are truly in love with. However, she finds strength from within to celebrate every single day whether it is with the man she truly loves or whether on her own.

Never Again Once More

The second book in Soulmates Dissipate series is Never Again Once More. This is the love story of Wellington Jones and Jada Tanner. Their romance continues but will they be able to overcome all the existing and arising conflicts that are as a result of the decisions made both in the past and present?

Jada Tanner seems unable to decide whether she is the one that chose to love the man she is in a relationship with or whether it is love itself that chose her. This is a question that she seems not to figure out the answers even though she had once thought that her choices were correct. For sure, Lawrence her ex-husband and the stepdad to her son Darius had been an excellent choice for her- but can she say the same about her current soulmate? Is Wellington her true love, the man she is destined to spend the rest of her life with or did she make a mistake from the start?

For two decades, Jada has kept her distance from the man she once considered her true love, and he has paid her in respect. However, now the cracks in her love life are starting to show. Now Darius is a young man in trouble. When his destructive/ lousy behavior threatens to destroy him ultimately, Jada hesitantly lets her man, Wellington to take more control and be the father her son needs.

With every single day back in Wellington’s company, she begins to question her past decisions and choices. The choices she made out of pride, fear, and denial. Slowly, she starts to realize that she has one fundamental choice left. Armed with courage she has been missing for decades, Jada is out to seize the opportunity she had thought she had lost- and his time round only her courage can save her or she will be doomed forever.

He’s Just a Friend

From the bestselling author of Soulmates Dissipate comes to another thrilling tale of romance in a series that delivers the authors most rewarding work to date, a new book about a young woman’s journey for the true meaning of love.

We are introduced to Fancy Taylor; she is not your average woman. After having been in a relationship with twenty-six men in just fifty-two weeks, she has finally chosen to settle down. After a year of reckless living, she has experience to know that if her man approaches her, but he is married, then he is bad news. However, this is not the case with the irresistible Byron Van Lee, a man with a big income, big ego, has a big car and something big under the pants. However, he neglects to mention about his family (wife and kids) after Fancy falls madly in love with him big time and all the way. Determined to make the man her at all cost, Fancy plots an outrageous plan to get him to divorce his beloved wife. In the meantime, Fancy also turns to Desmond for a shoulder to cry on. Desmond also known as Mr. Reliable has been in the woman’s life for over three years and has always wished to pick up the pieces or probably fill an empty Saturday night.

Since he is an auto mechanic, he can even fix her car too. His blue-collar job, however, deters Fancy from getting too attached to the man even to sniff her brown sugar. Too Fancy, Desmond is just but a good friend. However, to the love-struck Desmond, whatever Fancy desires, he is there to provide, even if it takes several paychecks.

However, soon Fancy is about to find out that her best laid out schemes will not get her laid but also will get her knocked-up (pregnant). Then suddenly she has issues, personal issues and job issues, love issues and life issues. Haunted by the fear that she will end up just like her unchaste mother, Fancy has to face the future and some tough choices. Will she reach for a falling star or her excellent friend Desmond? Seeing a therapist even twice a week is not helping her get the answers that she needs, an they can only be found in the depths of her own heart.

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